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    How to Monitor Android Phone Without Physical Access

    Posted in Android Spy by Julie


    Do you want to know the ways to monitor Android phone of your child’s without touching it?

    Are you willing to track your employee’s work phones remotely?

    Many people find monitoring cell phones complicated because of tricky hacking ways. We must admit that hacking into someone’s phone was once a difficult task because it would require coding and programming.

    But now, things have changed.

    Well, if we look at the present times, progressive technology has made it so easy to monitor Android devices. There are hundreds of Android monitoring and tracking apps available in the online spy app market that gives complete access to the target mobile phones.

    And the incredible thing is, you can track Android devices despite having physical access.

    Incredible, isn’t it?

    Let’s find out 5 Possible ways to monitor Android devices without physical access.

    Effective Ways to Monitor Android & Track Devices Remotely:

    A person can have multiple reasons to spying Android phone and track digital activities. The reasons can vary from person to person and might include security threats, infidelity, cyber dangers, etc. Although using an Android spy app with the consent of the target user is a legitimate activity. But, if you do spy on someone without their permission, then it might cause you legal penalties.

    So, be sure that you have legal reasons to monitor an Android phone or tablet of someone,

    Here are some possible ways to track Android devices without even touching them.

    1- CocoSpy:

    Cocospy is an ultimate Android monitoring solution that can be used for multiple purposes. Parents can use this tool to spy on Android devices of their kids while employers can track their employees with such an app. Cocospy offers advanced features to ensure that you get every little detail on the mobile activities of your target device.

    CocoSpy Prices

    CocoSpy prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    Starting from $39.99, CocoSpy provides undetectable and remote monitoring of Android devices. From call recordings to GPS tracking, you can spy on anything with this app.

    2- FlexiSpy:

    FlexiSpy is a robust Android monitoring tool that provides the latest features to spy and track mobile phones and tablets. It is a secure and reliable app known to be the best spyware in the market. Moreover, FlexiSpy offers state-of-the-art Android spy features that no other app provides within affordable rates.

    FlexiSpy Prices

    FlexiSpy prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    FlexiSpy offers a yearly subscription package starting from $99. The features include call recording, surround recording, keylogging, location tracking, and many more.


    Spyera is one of the intense Android monitors that enable advanced spying and tracking of mobile devices. Moreover, the app remains hidden and records all the information from the target device secretly. You can always hide the app icon to ensure stealth monitoring.


    SpyEra prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    Spyera price starts from $31.99. Within such affordable rates, you can get cutting-edge Android spy features such as call recordings, text messages tracking, multimedia access, browsing history tracking, and many more.


    XnSpy is a complete monitoring tool for Android devices. However, to avail all the features, you need to buy its premium subscription. They offers ultimate solutions to track any Android device you want. For parents and businesses, The XnSpy app is a decent option to track every digital activity of mobile devices.

    XNSpy PRICEs

    XNSPY prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    The XnSpy basic version starts $49.99 per month. The incredible features of XnSpy include; call recording, surround recording, SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, social media monitoring, and many others.

    Google Family Link:

    Google Family Link is an absolutely free option to track Android and iOS devices. Parents can leverage this app as a parental control solution. Furthermore, this app offers basic features that let you know about the standard mobile activities of your target device.

    Google Family Link app can help a lot to block inappropriate content from the screens of kids. And using this app, parents can create a secure online space for children.

    BONUS – TheWiSpy Android Monitoring App:

    Parents who are worried about the online friend circle of their kids and want to know everything about their kid’s life can have no better option than TheWiSpy app. When it comes to Android monitoring, TheWiSpy is a power-packed spy tool that not only provides instant tracking reports but also enables parents to monitor their kid’s phone in real-time.

    Here is a glimpse of some exclusive Android monitoring solutions of TheWiSpy app:

    Android Spying:

    Android OS is ever-evolving, and TheWiSpy Android spy app has the solution to track even the updated versions of Android devices. From standard to advanced mobile phone features, TheWiSpy can track everything that happens on your target Android phone or tablet.

    Mobile Phone Tracking:

    With the advanced feature of mobile phone tracking, parents, even employees, can trace the real-time location of their kid’s or employee’s phone. Not only this, but TheWiSpy also provides detailed reports on active pinpoints and complete location history.

    Kid’s Monitoring:

    TheWiSpy kid’s monitoring solution is the best option for parents to keep records of the online space of their teens and tweens. You can allow and restrict content from the screens of your children and have a peace of mind regarding cyber dangers.

    Parental Controls:

    TheWiSpy parental controls allow parents to limit the mobile and tablet usage of their kids. App blocking, web filters, screen lock, etc. are some of the efficient features of this solution.

    Employee Monitoring:

    Now, employers can easily track the mobile phone activities of their workers. TheWiSpy employee monitoring software enables business managers to discover whether their staff is working or wasting time using their cellphones.

    The Final Words:

    Monitoring Android phones and tablets have now become a usual activity, especially among parents and employers. Everyone is looking for an easy solution that enables them to track and spy on Android devices without having physical access to the target device. Fortunately, technology has made it simpler to spy on Android devices remotely.

    Do you want to monitor someone’s Android phone?

    We have discussed the top 5 possible ways to monitor Android devices remotely.Hope that this piece of article will help you find the suitable Android spy tool that will meet your requirements.


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    Buy Andriod spy app on
    TheWiSpy as low as $0.4 per day

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    Buy Andriod spy app on
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