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View Wi-Fi Logs

Remotely View Wi-Fi Logs and View Connected Internet Hotspots of Your Target Device

  • Discover the Name of Wi-Fi Connection
  • Find out if the Connected Wi-Fi Network was Local or Protected
  • View Date, Time, and Duration
  • Identify Frequently Visited Places
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Why Should You Monitor

Wi-Fi Logs of Your Teen’s or Employee’s Devices?

The Internet is a need. Our mobile phones are incomplete without an internet connection. Wi-Fi Tracking App can help you find places where your targeted device used hotspot internet. You can find out the most visited locations with Wi-Fi monitoring.

TheWiSpy Wi-Fi tracker enables you to view Wi-Fi history. The app lets you find out places where your target device connects itself to public internet networks.

Why Should You Monitor Wi-Fi Logs of Your Teen’s or Employee’s Devices?

What Can You Reveal with TheWiSpy Wi-Fi Monitoring Feature?

Discover the Name of Wi-Fi Connection

Discover the Name of Wi-Fi Connection

TheWiSpy enables you to monitor connected Wi-Fi connections to your target device. You can view the names of all the connected networks remotely with TheWiSpy.

Find out if the Connected Wi-Fi Network was Local or Protected

Find out if the Connected Wi-Fi Network was Local or Protected

Discover local and protected Wi-Fi networks connected with your target device. You can track connected hotspots with TheWiSpy Wi-Fi tracking app.

View Date, Time, and Duration

View Date, Time, and Duration

Monitor the date, time, and duration of a connected network. Spy on Wi-Fi logs and find suspicious internet networks.

Identify Frequently Visited Places

Identify Frequently Visited Places

Keep eyes on connected internet networks and identify frequently visited places based on connected Wi-Fi networks.

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Monitor Wi-Fi History & - Locate Your Kids by Tracking Connected Networks

Monitor Wi-Fi History &

Locate Your Kids by Tracking Connected Networks

With the internet being standard, it is effortless to find a public network and connect your device to enjoy free Wi-Fi. However, public Wi-Fi connections can harm your device in multiple ways. Teens often overlook the red flags and connect their cell phones to free Wi-Fi networks. TheWiSpy Wi-Fi monitoring allows you to identify public networks and locate your target device by tracking the connected Wi-Fi details. It delivers subtle information of Wi-Fi logs along with dates and timestamps.

Spy Through Wi-Fi Router App & - Track Employees Whereabouts in Seconds

Spy Through Wi-Fi Router App &

Track Employees Whereabouts in Seconds

Public network connections can steal corporate details from company-owned devices. Also, unprotected networks can become the primary source of cyber attacks on businesses. TheWiSpy app enables enterprises to utilize the Wi-Fi spy app and track employees’ whereabouts with a few clicks. TheWiSpy is a robust Wi-Fi spy software to empower businesses to track connected Wi-Fi networks of work phones. It also help employers to discover their employees’ whereabouts during shift hours. A Wi-Fi spy app can do more than just location tracking; it delivers a complete report on network usage and Wi-Fi history in real-time.

Spy Through Wi-Fi Router App & - Track Employees Whereabouts in Seconds
Track Wi-Fi History with - The Best Wi-Fi Networks Log Monitoring App

Track Wi-Fi History with

The Best Wi-Fi Networks Log Monitoring App

Monitor Wi-Fi logs by tracking the connected networks on your target device in real-time. Using the Wi-Fi monitoring software, you can spy on secret hangouts of kids and employees and find out where they frequently go without informing you.

FAQs – Wi-Fi History Tracker

If you want to view Wi-Fi history logs, here are two possible ways to do it:

Check Browsing History:

Open your browser and go to more options. You’ll see history, click on it and view browsed websites and online activities.

View Router Logs:

Sign in to your router. From the administration page, click on Logs. You can see the router history and monitor your internet activities.

Yes! To delete your Wi-Fi router history, follow these steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Type Your Router IP Address into the Search Bar and Press Enter
  • Log in to Your Router by Entering Username and Password
  • Once Logged in, Click on Status from Navigation Bar
  • Go to System or Administration Logs
  • Click on Clear Log Option

You’ve Done It!

Of course! Parents can monitor Wi-Fi logs by either of the following ways:

  • Browsing history monitoring
  • Router logs monitoring
  • With the help of TheWiSpy Wi-Fi tracker

To spy on your company’s Wi-Fi history, you can check the browser and router history of your work devices with Wi-Fi tracking app. These methods are quite tiresome because you cannot monitor every work device individually.

For efficient Wi-Fi monitoring, TheWiSpy is a complete packaged app for enterprises. The app allows business owners to monitor Wi-Fi history of work devices without much effort.

All you have to do is:

  • Purchase TheWiSpy License
  • Install and Set up TheWiSpy in Work Devices
  • Start Monitoring Wi-Fi Logs

Yes! You locating your kid with the help of Wi-Fi logs monitoring is possible. You can spy on Wi-Fi logs and find possible places where your kid connected his or her smart device. If you monitor Wi-Fi logs with the help of a third-party tool like TheWiSpy, then you can remotely view connected places to locate your children.

TheWispy Helps You to Protect, Monitor, and Manage

Get help fast. TheWiSpy app assist you to access calendar activities to make sure online safety of your loved ones.

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What is TheWiSpy Wi-Fi Monitoring Feature?

TheWiSpy Wi-Fi monitoring feature allows you to secretly monitor the connected local or private networks on your target device. The Wi-Fi monitor fetches network history logs from the target device and uploads it on your web-based dashboard. By this, you can view Wi-Fi history remotely and efficiently.

How Can Spying on Wi-Fi Logs Be Useful?

The internet is a basic requirement to do multiple tasks nowadays. From kids to elderly persons, everyone knows how to browse the internet. Educational systems utilize the internet so that they can deliver effective learning to the children. Companies, on the other hand, provide internet access to their employees to keep their work going.

As a parent, you must spy on your kid’s mobile and monitor Wi-Fi logs to discover places where they go mostly. With Wi-Fi history, parents can actively trace the locations visited by their children.

Employee surveillance with Wi-Fi history tracking enables companies to keep tabs on their staff’s activities. Employers also monitor the work phone’s Wi-Fi history to know the location of their resources.

Parental Control

Remotely Monitor Your Kid’s Activities with TheWiSpy Wi-Fi History Tracker

Employee Monitoring

Ensure Your Company’s Productivity by Monitoring Work Phones Wi-Fi History

TheWiSpy Wi-Fi logs monitor helps you find out if your child is in the classroom or not by remote internet connection spying.

How to Set up TheWiSpy Wi-Fi Monitor in Your Target Device?

TheWiSpy Wi-Fi logs monitor allows easy access to Wi-Fi logs of your kid’s and employee’s mobile phones.

Here is how to start with TheWiSpy:

  • Sign up with TheWiSpy
  • Choose Operating System
  • Click on Wi-Fi logs History from Dashboard
  • Monitor Wi-Fi Logs
  • Rooting or Jailbreaking not required

TheWiSpy works under 100% stealth mode and facilitates parents and employers to spy on the mobile phones of their kids and staff.
Top Benefits of TheWiSpy Wi-Fi Logs Monitor:
TheWiSpy offers premium quality features to track the Wi-Fi history of the target Android devices. Being a Wi-Fi spy software, the TWS app extracts all Wi-Fi logs (public & private). It allows the end-user to monitor connected networks via remote online dashboard access.
TheWiSpy Wi-Fi monitoring app allows you to:

  • Monitor the name of connected Wi-Fi networks.
  • Identify network connections as open or protected types.
  • Track dates and timestamps of connected networks.

TheWiSpy app ensures data safety and reports immediately when your target device gets connected with a new network connection. The end-user can monitor network logs and discover the places visited by the target user through an online dashboard.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews 1 Kelly Mulvihill
Kelly Mulvihill

“ TheWiSpy has helped me in monitoring my kids. Being a working woman it’s hard to keep eye on every digital activity of your children especially teens. TheWiSpy has also provided me easy and remote access to my daughter’s phone. ”

Customer Reviews 2 David Spinks
David Spinks

“ I must say TheWiSpy has proven to be the best employee monitoring software I’ve ever used. Great features, functionality, and user-friendliness. It helped me monitor the staff team of my company more efficiently. ”

Customer Reviews 3 Cary Alard
Cary Alard

“ Impressive parental control features. I always wondered how can I listen to calls my child receives which I can surely do with TheWiSpy. It has enabled me to remotely monitor and control my kid’s online activities. ”

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