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Spy Microphone

Stay Hidden & Listen to The Surround
Voices of Your Precious Ones

Always be vigilant about the surroundings of your loved ones when they are away. Approx 2300 children go missing every day in the US alone. A spy microphone surroundings app like TheWiSpy is always helpful in combating such situations. Ambient recording helps find what happens in target device surround recordings.

Spy microphone surroundings Spy microphone surroundings

Turn on the Mic of Cell Phone to Spy Microphone
Surround Voices

Remotely spy microphone

Remotely Spy

You can record voices remotely near the target Android device secretly.

Live microphone recording

Live Microphone

Listen surround voices & noises from remote location in real-time.

Spy error free microphone surrounding

Spy Error-Free
Microphone Surrounding

Listen to phone surroundings remotely with 0% distortion and 100% accuracy.

How to Spy on a Phone’s
Surroundings With TheWiSpy?

Find out the details in the comprehensive video.

To monitor mobile surround recordings is possible now

To Monitor Mobile Surround
Recordings Is Possible Now

TheWiSpy is the number one choice to use the microphone as spying tool.

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90% of our user are totally satisfied


90% Of Our User Are Totally Satisfied

Thewispy is rated great based 5,975 reviews

Thewispy is Rated Great Based on 5,975 Reviews

What Is TheWiSpy Surround
Recording App?

If you are looking for a magical tool to spy microphone surround voices, then TheWiSpy is a must have. Actively Monitor Microphone Surroundings.

  • What is thewispy surround recording appMonitor microphone surroundings remotely
  • What is thewispy surround recording appRecord and listen to ambient recordings later
  • What is thewispy surround recording appGo undetected and monitor mobile surround recordings
What is thewispy surround recording app
How to spy on surroundings with thewispy

How to Spy on Surroundings
With TheWiSpy?

Target device surround recordings are a blessing for worrying parents of young teenagers. Initiate surround recordings to listen to chats, voices, sounds, etc.

  • How to spy on surroundings with thewispyUse an online dashboard from anywhere to listen to all surrounding sounds.
  • How to spy on surroundings with thewispyNo rooting is required to install TheWiSpy on your target device.
  • How to spy on surroundings with thewispyIts secretive qualities make it more beneficial to spy microphone surroundings.

Why Do You Need TheWiSpy App to
Spy Microphone Surroundings?

  • Why do you need thewispy app to spy microphone surroundingsIn 2021 337,195 children were reported missing in the US. Don't lose your child or hope; install TheWiSpy to stay aware of their surroundings.
  • Why do you need thewispy app to spy microphone surroundingsOver 1.5 million children ran away from their homes in 1999. Luckily these days children don’t leave their mobiles at home when they leave. Track their surroundings with TheWiSpy to locate them.
  • Why do you need thewispy app to spy microphone surroundingsA sign of depression may indicate that your child may be exposed to sexual exploitation. Use a spy app for the listening environment to identify anything suspicious.
  • Why do you need thewispy app to spy microphone surroundingsMonitor microphone surroundings to know how your employees interact with third-party contractors to ensure company assets are secured.
  • Why do you need thewispy app to spy microphone surroundingsYou can spy microphones surrounding; the voices of your employees directly involved in customer interactions. It enables you to be sure of their good behavior.
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Why do you need thewispy app to spy microphone surroundings

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Compatibility is one of the major factors in selecting your monitoring app. All supported phone brands and models are mentioned in this section.

Istallation guide

Installation Guide

Installation of TheWiSpy is uncomplicated and easy to use. However, all steps are mentioned in this section for the ease of our valuable consumers.

Dive into faqs

Dive Into FAQS

Are more questions popping in your head regarding TheWiSpy? Go ahead and enter this section as it holds multiple frequently asked questions.

Troubleleshooting guide


Are you stuck at a point while installing the software? Or do you need any technical assistance? Our troubleshooting guide will help you at every step.

Connect with customer support

Connect With Customer

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Thewispy operations


TheWiSpy is the easiest and most seasoned app in the market. Know everything about TheWiSpy’s functionality and uses.

Monitor Microphone Surroundings Remotely

TheWiSpy is a complete system to monitor mobile surround recordings of your loved ones. It authorizes you absolute control over the target mobile. Remotely spy the microphone of the cellphones to record and listen to all voices, chats and noises.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Easy steps to get started
Easy steps to get started

Register for FREE

Create a free user account on TheWiSpy website. Set up your TheWiSpy account and get registered.

Choose Your Favorite Plan

Opt for a subscription package that matches your needs. Pick from basic, premium, and platinum plans to start monitoring.

Monitor & Protect

Once you subscribe, you can log in to TheWiSpy control panel and start using mobile monitoring & parental control features.

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We Care About Your Privacy

We don’t leave our customers hanging in a blank space. TheWiSpy is here at every step for support. Our team guarantees your satisfaction and, at the same time, keeps your data safe and secure.

Hidden and concealed

Hidden & Concealed

100% Trustable

100% Trustable

Live chat support

Live Chat Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surround recording is taping surround noises of mobile devices. With the help of surround recordings, you can listen to the verbal conversations held around your target device even if you are not physically present around.
TheWiSpy remote spy microphone app help you listen to the verbal conversations held around your target device. You can also listen to the surrounding music or any other type of noise around the target phone or tablet.
Yes. Surround recordings help you listen to the surround voices of your target device. You can locate your kids by listening to the surrounding noises and assume the possible location of your child.