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  • Privacy Policy

    TheWiSpy Privacy Policy

    The following privacy policy shall apply to the operations of The company is referred to as “We, Us, Our, etc.” in this privacy policy. From collecting user’s data to its use, everything is thoroughly explained in this privacy policy.

    How We Collect and Process User Information?

    TheWiSpy does not ask for personal data for website visits. Users can visit and explore our website without any obligation of providing personal data. But, whenever someone buys our mobile spy app, we ask for user details. Our company collects user information through the billing method. The personal data we collect through payment procedure include name, location, house address, email address, credit card credentials.

    Note that your mode of payment forwards the details to the payment processor which we can’t access.

    After every successful purchase, TheWiSpy sends a confirmation email to the user. Our first email to the user contains a welcome message as well as a login verification link and password. After account verification, the user can access our spying app dashboard. Whenever the user makes a query or requests something, we respond to it by sending instructional messages to your email. We also offer live chat support for instant problem-solving.

    It is significant for you to know that any personal data, collected by the users, can be used for our company’s interest. User data is important for us and we can utilize it to improve our app i.e. enhancement of user experience.

    Take note that we do not share any detail of our customer’s data with third parties. Your data is significant and we protect it by all means. All your data is password protected and unreachable to third parties.

    To ensure better security, we advise our users to make sure to sign out from devices from which they opened TheWiSpy dashboard. Signing out each time ensures that your data is not accessible to unauthorized people. However, the user is solely responsible for the management of sign in and sign out activities.

    You can always opt-out from the promotional messages we send you via emails. To opt-out, you can click the given link in the footnote of the email to let us know that you are not interested in receiving commercial messages.

    How We Manage User Information?

    This is to mention that any piece of information, collected by us, is never shared with third parties to identify you in particular. We anonymously share user demographics including gender, level of education, or other details to third parties.

    Please note that whenever you click another website’s hyperlink from any of our web pages and visit that particular site, our responsibility for data protection ends as you leave our website. Your personal information will then collected and managed according to the data policy of the website you visit. We advise you to go through the privacy policy of websites you visit to ensure that how they will manage your data.

    We use network scanning and software updates procedures to encrypt user information. We also take other precautionary measurements to ensure that your data is safe with us.

    We use third-party tools to make sure that your data is secure and remains confidential. We utilize firewalls to limit your stored data. We also make sure that your data is only accessible to authorized personnel. We save the encrypted data of our users into the disc servers, which gets decrypted when the user accesses it through password-protected login.

    Legal Disclosure

    TheWiSpy may disclose your personal information to law enforcement security agencies. We comply with the court orders and judicial proceedings and disclose user data for legitimate purposes.

    Cases including deceiving act of employees, contract breaching, and to take serious actions against kid’s offenders, requires the involvement of lawful agencies and judicial proceedings.

    In the future, if we merge our business with another party, the user information would be shared according to the merger or business agreement.

    We reserve the right to remove and alter user information present on our website. Whenever we change any of our policies, we send a notification email to all our customers for their concerns. If any customer has any objection regarding our terms, he or she is free to stop further use of our services.

    Legal Age of Users

    All the users must be at least 18 years old for the use of our services. We ask every user, at the time of registration, that whether he or she is 18 years old or not. By signing up for our services, the user must verify that he or she fulfills the legal age criteria.

    This is to mention that we do not extend our services to children or minors. All the users are responsible for keeping their kids away from accessing our website or control panel.

    For parental monitoring, the user must provide us with permission to collect their kid’s personal information. Users must tell us if they are using our website as parental control software. So that we can inform them how we process the children’s data at TheWiSpy. We do not leak your kid’s data to any other party.

    International Law

    Our privacy policy complies with the general law of data protection and applies under international law to all autonomous nations of the world.