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  • Employee Monitoring

    Employee Monitoring

    Monitor Employee Activities During Work Hours

    • Remotely Monitor Your Employee Performance
    • Catch Deceiving Employees
    • View Employee Activities on Company-Owned Devices
    • Non-intrusive Employee Tracking
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    High-Tech Employee Surveillance Solution


    Employee Surveillance Solution

    • Track Employee Productivity Remotely
    • Read and Monitor Work Emails and Other Files
    • Monitor Employee Internet Usage
    • Track GPS of Work Phones to Discover the Whereabouts of Employees

    TheWiSpy Business Tracking App Enables Companies to Effectively Execute Employee Surveillance for Better Productivity

    Monitor Employee Mobile Usage

    Monitor Employee

    Mobile Usage

    TheWiSpy employee tracking app is the best tool businesses opt for workforce tracking. Unlike other staff surveillance apps, TheWiSpy enables company managers to monitor the cyber activities of employees with precise and robust mobile/tablet monitoring tools. Track company-owned devices to detect inactive employees in real-time.

    Monitor Employee Mobile Usage

    What Makes TheWiSpy Top Android Spyware?

    • Social Media Conversations
    • Call logs and Recording
    • Spy Text Messages
    • Spy Front/Back Camera
    • Spy Multimedia
    • Location Tracking
    • Screen Recording
    • Monitor Browser History
    • Keylogger
    • Password Chaser
    • Social Media Calls
    • Youtube Monitoring
    • iOS Monitoring
    • Desktop Monitoring
    • Remote Installation
    • Remotely Wipe Data

    Avail 30+ Employee Surveillance and Tracking Features

    TheWiSpy is an exclusive employee monitoring app offering multiple spying features.

    Track Call History

    View every little detail of incoming & outgoing call logs. Monitor call history remotely.

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    Strong Spying Features of TheWiSpy Contacts and Logs

    Monitor Phone Contacts

    See who contacts your teens. Find out suspicious contacts list from phone book logs.

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    Spy messages

    Read Text Messages

    Explore what your kids and employees are up to by reading their SMS chats.

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    GPS Location Tracking

    Actively track your kid’s current geographical location. Monitor location history.

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    Surround Recording

    Control phone’s microphone remotely and listen to surround conversation.

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    Monitor Saved Photos

    Check out photos, videos, and other multimedia files.

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    Remote Access to Target Phone

    Remotely track your kid’s digital activities without physical access to the phone.

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    App Monitoring

    Monitor installed apps names, details and track app activities.

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    Wi-Fi Logs

    Monitor Wi-Fi logs concerning the date, time, and address stamps.

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    Photo Capturing

    Remotely Capture Photos and Snaps of Your Target Device front/back Camera.

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    Monitor Calendar Dates

    Discover your teens calendar activities, planned events and schedules.

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    24/7 Instant Alerts

    Receive notification and updates on digital activities of your target phone.

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    Memos Reminder

    Check the Date & Time Stamps of Notes, Memos, and Reminders instantly.

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    Video Recording

    Watch all the videos saved on your target Android device.

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    Voice Message Recording

    Record and listen to the voice notes, music saved on target device.

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    Monitor Browser HistoryNew

    View and monitor web browser history of the targeted device.

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    WhatsApp MonitoringNew

    Easily monitor and track WhatsApp conversations remotely.

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    Viber Spy

    Viber MonitoringNew

    Read Viber conversations & monitor Viber messenger in secret mode.

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    Snapchat MonitoringNew

    Track Snap Steaks & monitor Snapchat messages with remote access.

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    Gmail MonitoringNew

    Monitor Gmail accounts & read sent, received, and draft emails.

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    Facebook MonitoringNew

    Monitor Facebook messenger & read FB conversations in real-time.

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    Instagram MonitoringNew

    Check Instagram DM & monitor all chats with secret IG tracking.

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    Track Employee Cyber Activity & Get Real-Time Insights

    Track Employee Cyber Activity &

    Get Real-Time Insights

    • Monitor work phone call history and listen to all dialled, received, missed calls.
    • Read text messages sent or received from company-owned cell phones.
    • Set alerts for specific text or contacts.
    • Track real-time location of employees.
    • Receive screen usage stats.
    • Geofence office location as allowed zone during work hours.
    • Monitor browsing history and track overall productivity.
    • Track work phone social media activity remotely.
    Boost Employee Productivity & Stop Procrastination

    Boost Employee Productivity &

    Stop Procrastination

    Skyrocket your business productivity by monitoring employees’ cell phone activities with TheWiSpy app. It is the best employee surveillance app to catch employees underspending your business’s valuable assets. TheWiSpy is a popular app to spy on employees remotely. Employees who know that their managers are monitoring their every move work more dedicatedly and avoid procrastination.

    Boost Employee Productivity & Stop Procrastination
    Non-Intrusive Employee Tracker to Monitor Android Work Phones

    Non-Intrusive Employee Tracker to

    Monitor Android Work Phones

    • Monitor work devices under complete stealth mode.
    • Control company-owned phone activity with remote commands.
    • Follow your employee GPS location anytime you want.
    • Track digital footprints of all your work devices.
    • Limit work phone usage and restrict online media.
    Do More Than Time Tracking

    Do More Than

    Time Tracking

    Excessive cell phone or tablet usage indeed drains working hours. TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring software to empower businesses to keep a closer look at workforce mobile activities remotely. Using TheWiSpy employee monitoring app, employers can define specific words, contacts, websites and get instant updates when they get triggered. TheWiSpy employee mobile tracking makes staff more responsible for their duties, making them aware that the company managers monitor their every move.

    Do More Than Time Tracking

    FAQ’s Employee Monitoring

    You can either track employee attendance by using excel sheets or with a mobile & desktop monitoring app. Using excel for employee attendance is quite an old approach. If you want to efficiently monitor employee attendance, give TheWiSpy app a try.

    With TheWiSpy you can:

    • Monitor employee attendance
    • Spy on work phones
    • Get active GPS location and many more

    TheWiSpy is an effective mobile and desktop monitoring app enabling enterprises to keep their employee surveillance game strong.

    To monitor sent and received emails from your employee work computer or cell phone, follow these steps:

    • Purchase TheWiSpy Desktop & Mobile Monitoring License
    • Preinstall and Set up TheWiSpy software in the company-owned devices
    • Assign mobile phones and desktops having spyware to your employees
    • Remotely and secretly read all the received and sent emails without any hassle

    If you are concerned about what your employees do on the company’s desktops, TheWiSpy Employee monitoring software is the ultimate solution to solve this misery.

    Just follow these steps:

    • Buy TheWiSpy Licensed Software
    • Install it in the Company-owned Desktops and Laptops
    • Log in to your TheWiSpy Account Dashboard through any browser
    • Monitor Every Computer Activity of Your Employees; Read Emails, View Browsing History, Monitor Social Media Activities, and many more.

    Phones given to the employees by the company can be monitored for business security purposes. Enterprises often mention in the employee contract that the company-owned devices can be monitored if required. So, yes! Employers or company heads can monitor cell phones given to the employees by their workplaces.

    You can monitor remote employees by installing TheWiSpy app in their company-owned laptops and smartphones. TheWiSpy enables you to monitor your remote working employee screen time and activities.
    Just follow these steps:

    • Register – Get TheWiSpy License
    • Install – Set up the Spyware in Company-Owned Devices
    • Sign in – Open Your TheWiSpy Dashboard
    • Monitor – View Every Mobile & Desktop Activity of Your Remote Employees

    To ensure that your employee is working from home, set up TheWiSpy mobile and desktop monitoring software in all the company-owned devices. TheWiSpy allows you to spy on the digital activities of your employees.
    TheWiSpy offers GPS tracker feature, phone call recorder, social media monitor, and many other features to ensure your employee’s activities.
    With TheWiSpy, you can find out if your employee is working remotely or just wasting the work hours on social media or partying at a club.

    TheWiSpy Helps You to Protect, Monitor, and Manage

    Get help fast. TheWiSpy app assist you to access calendar activities to make sure online safety of your loved ones.

    Instant Installation

    Robust Features

    High-End Performance

    Antivirus Proof

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    An Advanced Approach to Monitor Work Phones & Tablets

    With businesses shifting to digital media, it is significant for companies to employ staff surveillance. Employee monitoring in companies is becoming prevalent with the increase of business security threats.

    Businesses nowadays utilize technology to develop a robust online presence. The virtual world has too much to offer, including; both security and trouble. The internet has made ventures to employ business techniques more smoothly. There is still a space holding security threats, malware attacks, data breaches, and other business risks. Studies have shown that employee negligence is the leading cause of data breaches among businesses. Moreover, corporate cybersecurity is primarily threatened by business insiders or employees.

    TheWiSpy employee monitoring software actively tracks employees’ work phones and keeps the business management updated with ongoing work phone activities. TheWiSpy is a remote employee monitoring tool allowing robust work phone tracking in real-time.

    TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring App – A Leading Staff Surveillance Software:

    Corporate cybersecurity threats are getting common. The internet and digital media act as a primary source to leak confidential business information.

    Businesses are now independent of extended paperwork as computers have replaced the conventional dealing approaches among enterprises. But, unrestricted access to digital devices can benefit fraud employees to attempt security breaches. Deceiving employees can sell your corporate data to rivals or misuse your company details, causing legal penalties.

    As per reports;

    • 68% of the organizations feel vulnerable to insider security attacks.
    • 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.
    • 6 in 10 firms have no defence plan against cyber attacks.
    • On average, business security threats cost companies $200,000.
    • Only 14% of companies defend against cybersecurity attacks.
    • 45% of businesses use employee monitoring tools for staff surveillance.

    Companies can secure corporate information by utilizing employee monitoring tools. Employee surveillance is a practical approach to discover what your staff members do on work phones during duty hours. TheWiSpy employee monitoring app is a leading staff surveillance software that keeps businesses notified about the malicious activities of employees.

    What is an Employee Monitoring App?

    Employee monitoring software helps organizations track the digital activities of recruits with mobile, tablet, and computer surveillance. Employee monitoring apps are designed to track work phones remotely. Business management can install employee tracking apps on company-owned devices and monitor the virtual activities of employees remotely. Top employee surveillance software like TheWiSpy provides employers with complete remote access to work phones. TheWiSpy employee monitor allows the management to record phone calls, read messages, track location, and legally watch other virtual activities. No one would like security threats damaging the credibility of their business. Using TheWiSpy employee monitoring app, ventures can safeguard their corporate details before any outside or inside threat can harm the company.

    What Can Employee Monitoring Tool Do?

    A trusted and reliable employee tracking tool is efficient enough to deliver all the details regarding working employees’ online/offline activities.
    Using an employee monitoring tool, you can track your workers by the following means;

    Listen to surround recordings
    • Record incoming and outgoing calls
    • View app activity
    • Read text chats
    • Track GPS Location
    • Control mobile usage
    • Geofence safe and unsafe localities
    • And many more.
    Staff surveillance is an advanced approach to discover which things impact employee performance. In-house monitoring via security cameras is somehow sufficient. But businesses nowadays monitor the work phones of employees to protect the company from invaders.

    For transportation companies, work phone tracking is a practical way to track the whereabouts of workers. Likewise, field visiting jobs also require employee tracking to ensure the reliability of staff members.

    With employee monitoring apps, you can track the internet activities and the physical location of your workforce in real-time.

    TheWiSpy employee monitoring tool helps organizations to keep track of their employees by the following means:

    • Develop a protected online environment.
    • Help employers to develop cyber etiquette among staff members.
    • Assist managers track down the location history timeline of company-owned devices.
    • Enable employers to restrict employees’ screen usage.
    • Empower company management to control work phones with remote access.

    To start employee surveillance with TheWiSpy staff monitoring app, you require installing it on all work phones. Ensure that your target work device has a stable internet connection and sufficient battery percentage. So that TheWiSpy can function properly and keeps you updated with online activities in real-time.

    When Should You Start Tracking Your Employees?

    The internet space is immense. From holding big data to serving as a communication medium, the online world is practical. Intrusion and data breach is the most common business threats. It takes a few seconds to leak a venture’s confidential details. Besides internal frauds, businesses are vulnerable to malware attacks, phishing, ransomware, etc.
    Corporate information in the wrong hands can cause extensive damage. Competitors or business rivals can misuse corporate details to defame a company. Likewise, hacking attacks can cost millions to a business.

    According to the 2020 corporate statistics, 39% of the ventures experienced cyber threats globally. A security breach can take place due to the negligence of staff members. That is why monitoring your business against security threats is the first line of defence.
    Here are red flags that might help you catch a deceiving employee;

    • Sudden change in employee lifestyle.
    • Gambling addiction.
    • Refusal to take paid leaves.
    • Close relations with business rivals.
    • No search history on work devices.
    • Secret social circle.
    • Suspected whereabouts.

    If you find any of the points above mentioned among particular employees, it’s time to check their work phones. Businesses only concern regarding the security of their corporate details. Employers must mention staff surveillance subjects in the recruitment contract so that every employee can acknowledge that the company reserves the legal right to monitor them. Step forward and start employee surveillance with the world’s best employee tracking solution TheWiSpy.

    Why is TheWiSpy Best Employee Tracking App?

    TheWiSpy is an advanced employee tracking solution for Android phones and tablets. It empowers businesses to keep track of work phones remotely. Utilizing TheWiSpy app to track employees is a progressive approach to staff surveillance.
    TheWiSpy employee tracking app has a user-friendly interface. Companies do not have to go through lengthy installation processes to get started with TheWiSpy staff monitoring.
    You can get a customized business plan by contacting TheWiSpy customer support.

    Why Should You Get TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring Software?

    Employees indeed browse non-work-related content during their duty hours. It is estimated that 40% of the work productivity decreases when employees use the internet for activities other than their assigned tasks. Another disturbing fact is that porn websites receive 70% of traffic during working hours.

    TheWiSpy is a robust android monitoring app to spy on employees remotely. It delivers cutting-edge employee tracking tools that every business needs to sustain work operations.

    • TheWiSpy employee tracker records every cyber activity without any intrusion.
    • It offers 30+ tracking features for employee surveillance.
    • TheWiSpy remote controls enable employers to block specific apps and websites from work phones/tablets.
    • The subscription plans are very cost-effective, starting at only $9.99.
    • The TWS installation procedure is straightforward

    Inactive employees not only decrease business productivity but also smear company reputation in the corporate industry. To protect businesses from potential dangers, 77% of U.S. companies now monitor their employee activity using staff surveillance apps.

    What Do You Need to Install TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring Tool on Work Phones?

    Legally, employers can track the work phone activities of their staff. Businesses can even control the work phones and restrict specific content using TheWiSpy app.
    Employers must develop digital discipline among staff by tracking their mobile/tablet usage.

    Before you install TheWiSpy on your company-owned devices, here are a few things to acknowledge;

    • You must install TheWiSpy employee monitoring solution on work phones before handing over the devices to the staff.
    • The target work phone/tablet is connected with a steady and stable internet connection.
    • The device from which you access the dashboard has a stable internet connection.
      TheWiSpy is an undetectable employee tracking tool empowering businesses to track staff activities remotely. It delivers reporting on-screen usage, GPS location, chats, and calls of your kids.

    To get started with TheWiSpy, here are the simple steps to follow;

    • Purchase TheWiSpy License
    • Set Up TheWiSpy on Your Kids’ Phone/Tablet
    • Access TWS Dashboard and Start Monitoring Your Kids Remotely

    Don’t let idle employees procrastinate work tasks and start monitoring their online activities with TheWiSpy app. If you are still confused about whether or not to invest in an employee tracking app, test the live demo of TheWiSpy from the official website to get an idea about how employee surveillance works.

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    Monitor Phone Remotely

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews 1 Kelly Mulvihill
    Kelly Mulvihill

    “ TheWiSpy has helped me in monitoring my kids. Being a working woman it’s hard to keep eye on every digital activity of your children especially teens. TheWiSpy has also provided me easy and remote access to my daughter’s phone. ”

    Customer Reviews 2 David Spinks
    David Spinks

    “ I must say TheWiSpy has proven to be the best employee monitoring software I’ve ever used. Great features, functionality, and user-friendliness. It helped me monitor the staff team of my company more efficiently. ”

    Customer Reviews 3 Cary Alard
    Cary Alard

    “ Impressive parental control features. I always wondered how can I listen to calls my child receives which I can surely do with TheWiSpy. It has enabled me to remotely monitor and control my kid’s online activities. ”

    Install TheWiSpy Monitor App Now and Start Exploring Your Kid’s and Employee’s Digital Space

    • Protect Your Kids
    • Secure Your Business
    • Backup Personal Data
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