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    Ensure work efficiency and enhance staff productivity by monitoring company-owned devices with TheWiSpy app.

    Employee monitoring app Employee monitoring app
    What is thewispy employee tracking software

    What Is TheWiSpy Employee
    Tracking Software?

    TheWiSpy employee surveillance software is a robust app helping employers track company-owned smart devices in real-time. Employers can easily track corporate calls, read text messages, and view other smartphone activities of staff members. Monitoring employees in the workplace is legal and tracking their cell phone activities and physical locations is also legitimate with employees' consent. An employee tracking app is a necessity nowadays. As the rate of internal frauds and corporate scams is increasing, keeping an eye on emails, calls, and messages your employees receive on work phones is vital. TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring software to optimize workforce performance during office hours. Installing TheWiSpy on your company-owned smartphones takes only a few minutes.

    Employee Monitoring - Just a Few Clicks Away

    TheWiSpy helps you monitor Android cell phones and tablets discreetly. It is a feature-enriched app to reveal secrets
    hidden in smart devices.

    Let's Find Out Why Do You Need TheWiSpy
    Employee Tracker App?

    Online scams

    Online Scams

    Businesses are never free from scams. Online phishing attacks now affect more than 50% of enterprises nowadays. Companies worldwide face malware threats that jeopardize the business's reputation in the industry. Online scams not only endanger a company's reputation but also result in monetary damage that can permanently negatively impact the overall productivity of a venture.

    Internal frauds

    Internal Frauds

    Employees are the cornerstone of enterprises. Unfortunately, a single disloyal employee can damage a business to its core. Internal frauds happen due to deceitful actions of con staff members. A fraudster can leak or sell confidential details of a business in no seconds. Due to such threatening reasons, employers install cameras and staff tracker software to monitor employees and other corporate staff members.

    Data breach

    Data Breach

    The most important property of a company is corporate data and information. Security breaches always result in severe revenue damage that crushes the stability of a business. The Internet is the facilitator of the data breach. With easy internet access and tech knowledge, hackers bug corporate systems and steal data. To ensure every employee is working dedicatedly, ventures utilize employee monitoring solutions.

    Enhanced productivity

    Enhanced Productivity

    TheWiSpy employee monitoring solutions speed up your company's productivity by making sure your employees are not underspending time on their cell phones. TheWiSpy employee tracker app is designed to monitor work phones - enabling employers to track the digital footprints of work devices. Secretly monitor emails, calls, and other mobile activities and boost work productivity with TheWiSpy.

    Business security

    Business Security

    Software for employee monitoring empowers businesses to take the smart route and track their staff members beyond CCTV cameras or location tracking approaches. TheWiSpy offers the best employee monitoring tools so businesses can protect their corporate information and keep track of their workforce remotely and efficiently. If you want a top employee monitoring software, get TheWiSpy.

    Impostor detection

    Impostor Detection

    It isn't easy to judge the true intentions of your employees towards your company. Businesses' reputations can go upside down if an impostor leaks a minute detail in the outside world. TheWiSpy employee tracker is a handy tool to help businesses track GPS location, contacts, messages, calls, and work phone emails to ensure none of the staff members is involved in any fraudulent activity behind the management's back.

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    Pinpoint Employees During
    Work Hours

    It is challenging for employers to keep tabs on each staff member's location. To make sure management can't just call and ask each employee about their whereabouts. Instead, companies can use employee monitoring software to pinpoint the exact location of their resources, ensuring they are at the workplace with a few clicks.

    Pinpoint employees during work hours
    Dodge procrastination & boost productivity

    Dodge Procrastination & Boost

    Employees kill time using cell phones, but too much mobile usage can impair business productivity. That is why companies buy employee monitoring app for Android to keep tabs on their workforce's digital activities. TheWiSpy employee surveillance software gives businesses an edge by monitoring resources remotely and more efficiently.

    Know All The Secrets

    Monitor all the workplace chit-chats and gossip to ensure a healthy and productive work environment. Reveal secrets and save your company from frauds, scams and other mishaps. Staff tracking software is an ultimate approach to revealing who is loyal to your company and who is deceiving behind your back.

    Stay Attentive

    Keep tabs on your employees' work routine and consistently stay attentive with top employee monitoring software TheWiSpy. Detect security threats before they harm your business. Make sure your corporate data is in safe hands with email monitoring, text message monitoring, and other employee monitoring features.

    The Best Employee Monitoring

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    TheWiSpy Business Tracking App Enables Companies to effectively
    execute Employee Surveillance for Better Productivity

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    The best employee monitoring software
    Monitoring employees in the workplace

    Monitoring Employees In The

    TheWiSpy employee tracking app is the best tool businesses opt for workforce tracking. Unlike other staff surveillance apps, TheWiSpy enables company managers to monitor the cyber activities of employees with precise and robust mobile/tablet monitoring tools. Track company-owned devices to detect inactive employees in real-time.

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    • Call Logs / Contacts
    • Messages
    • Location Tracking
    • Multimedia
    • Social Apps Monitoring
    • Call Recordings
    • Spy Camera
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    • Call Logs / Contacts
    • Messages
    • Location Tracking
    • Multimedia
    • Social Apps Monitoring
    • Call Recordings
    • Spy Camera
    • Spy Browser History

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