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EULA – TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy End User License Agreement

Please attentively read our End User License Agreement or “EULA” before purchasing TheWiSpy licensed software. The “EULA” or user agreement holds terms and conditions that comply with our company’s regulations. By purchasing or installing TheWiSpy licensed app, the user agrees to the terms and conditions attached to TheWiSpy proprietary software and application.

The “EULA” is an agreement that binds users with the company. The end-user license agreement complies with the criteria of litigation and legal processes.

This EULA explains the details of TheWiSpy terms. If you are not willing to agree with those terms, we advise you not to install or purchase TheWiSpy software.

Note, you are responsible to alert the device owner that their phone or tablet hosts TheWiSpy app. Putting TheWiSpy app to a device whose owner does not know about the presence of the tracking software may result in legal consequences.

TheWiSpy tracking app is only designed for legal use. We disclaim the use of our app for illegal activities.

Any Installation, of TheWiSpy App, is bound by the Following Conditions:

Coverage of the License

TheWiSpy provides limited license access to the user after buying the software. Users must agree to the terms while buying this app.

Note, agreement to the terms of use will not be transferred or revoked upon the user’s request, once the software is purchased.

As a user, you should:

  • Install TheWiSpy software on devices you own according to the license agreement type you have acquired.
  • Put the data made accessible to you by the app to use after review.
  • Set the software to use so that you can track a certain app or cloud-based data.
  • Avoid using TheWiSpy for monitoring any account, app, or program, for which you do not have a legal right.
  • Avoid using TheWiSpy for cloud-based platforms that allow virtual access to multiple devices. Make sure to use TheWiSpy under the terms of the license you obtained.
  • You are personally liable to determine that you have the legal right to any account, app, or program to which you are subjecting TheWiSpy software.

Legal Use Designation

We stated clearly that our license to TheWiSpy software is available only to those people who have a legal right to the target device, app, account, or program.

If anyone installs our software to a device, program, or app that is not legally owned by them, then we consider this act like an immoral act of breaking our terms. In that case, the user will be responsible in the event of any legal proceedings. Legitimate criminal or legal sanctions will be applied to the offender accordingly.

Wrong Use of the Software

By accepting and agreeing to our terms of use, you have acknowledged that you will not use TheWiSpy software to threaten, blackmail, defame, harass, abuse, stalk, or breach the personal privacy of anyone under any circumstances. As a user, you are responsible to prevent the software provider from any type of damage caused by your improper use of the app.

Whenever we find out that our app is being used by you without the consent of the device owner, we reserve the right to provide the complainant with the instructions to uninstall the app. We make sure that the account of the violator is permanently blocked so that we can prohibit the wrong use of TheWiSpy software.

This is to mention that all the data present in certain accounts of TheWiSpy is encrypted and not accessible to third parties. But, in the case of the intervention of law enforcement, we shall disclose the user’s personal information for legitimate purposes.


TheWiSpy software is secured by intellectual property rights. We grant the right to the licensed user only to hold, install, and use TheWiSpy software for personal use.
All the users must obey the following restrictions;

  • Selling, renting or leasing the software.
  • Redistributing, licensing, or granting the software.
  • Dissembling or recompiling any part of the licensed software.
  • Modifying or changing in source code. Deriving code or developing the derivative app from the licensed software.
  • Disclosing or making available TheWiSpy app to third parties, without our consent.
  • Duplicating or copying this software for any reason.

Initiating any of the above-mentioned activities is considered the violation of user agreement. Breach of any terms and conditions, elaborated in the user agreement, exposes the offender to legal, civil, or criminal sanctions.

Terms and Termination

This is to mention that the license of use of TheWiSpy software is limited to a subscription plan for which the user signed up and paid. The access and usage of this software get ceased once the subscription is expired, although users can renew the subscription of the software. Failure to renew the subscription constraints that the user uninstalls the software from the target device.

Our terms and conditions will also be alleviated by the following:

Limited Warranty

TheWiSpy offers a limited warranty of the software license, which expires at the end of the subscription plan. If the user receives replacements, updates, or supplements software during that time then the limited warranty will be extended till the end date of the subscription plan. To the scope authorized by the law, this implicated warranty lasts only during the terms of the limited warranty.

Exclusions from Warranty

The warranty provided by TheWiSpy will immediately be excluded by an act of negligence by the user or any other parties under any circumstances.

Limitations of Liability

By installing TheWiSpy software, the user acknowledges that he or she has read, understood, and consented to the fundamental terms and conditions of the use of TheWiSpy software. Every user is bound to the expressed and implied terms and conditions.

No third party shall be allowed to compel the terms and conditions of this software license. This user license agreement shall be prosecutable under common law and jurisdictions across the globe.

International Use

TheWiSpy software is open to use globally except USA Treasury, Homeland Security, or Commerce restricted countries or their nations.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you confirm that you do not belong to any restricted region or territory in the foregoing list.