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  • Parental Control

    Parental Controls

    World’s Leading Parental Control App to Watch and Control the Digital Activities of Your Kids

    • Control Screen Usage
    • Block Inappropriate Apps and Webs
    • Restrict the Use of Addictive Games
    • Monitor Every Mobile Activities
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    A Powerful Parental Control App

    A Powerful Parental Control App

    to Secure the Online Space of Your Kids

    • Control and Manage your Kid’s Device Remotely
    • Get Instant Alerts on the Digital Activities of Your Teen’s Phone
    • Remotely Observe the Online Space of Your Child
    • Create a Safe Digital Environment for Your Kid by Limiting the Screen Time

    Beware of cyber threats and start monitoring your kid’s digital activities with the parental control app

    Track Your Kids

    Track Your Kids

    Whereabouts Anytime Anywhere

    TheWiSpy is a robust kids’ tracking app to help parents locate their children with premium location tracking features. Get instant alerts on live location and track the location history of your kids remotely.

    Track Your Kids

    What Makes TheWiSpy Top Android Spyware?

    • Social Media Conversations
    • Call logs and Recording
    • Spy Text Messages
    • Spy Front/Back Camera
    • Spy Multimedia
    • Location Tracking
    • Screen Recording
    • Monitor Browser History
    • Keylogger
    • Password Chaser
    • Social Media Calls
    • Youtube Monitoring
    • iOS Monitoring
    • Desktop Monitoring
    • Remote Installation
    • Remotely Wipe Data

    Avail 30+ Parental Control and Spying Features

    TheWiSpy is an exclusive parental control software for Android offering multiple spying features.

    Track Call History

    View every little detail of incoming & outgoing call logs. Monitor call history remotely.

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    Strong Spying Features of TheWiSpy Contacts and Logs

    Monitor Phone Contacts

    See who contacts your teens. Find out suspicious contacts list from phone book logs.

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    Spy messages

    Read Text Messages

    Explore what your kids and employees are up to by reading their SMS chats.

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    GPS Location Tracking

    Actively track your kid’s current geographical location. Monitor location history.

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    Surround Recording

    Control phone’s microphone remotely and listen to surround conversation.

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    Monitor Saved Photos

    Check out photos, videos, and other multimedia files.

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    Remote Access to Target Phone

    Remotely track your kid’s digital activities without physical access to the phone.

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    App Monitoring

    Monitor installed apps names, details and track app activities.

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    Wi-Fi Logs

    Monitor Wi-Fi logs concerning the date, time, and address stamps.

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    Photo Capturing

    Remotely Capture Photos and Snaps of Your Target Device front/back Camera.

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    Monitor Calendar Dates

    Discover your teens calendar activities, planned events and schedules.

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    24/7 Instant Alerts

    Receive notification and updates on digital activities of your target phone.

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    Memos Reminder

    Check the Date & Time Stamps of Notes, Memos, and Reminders instantly.

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    Video Recording

    Watch all the videos saved on your target Android device.

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    Voice Message Recording

    Record and listen to the voice notes, music saved on target device.

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    Monitor Browser HistoryNew

    View and monitor web browser history of the targeted device.

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    WhatsApp MonitoringNew

    Easily monitor and track WhatsApp conversations remotely.

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    Viber Spy

    Viber MonitoringNew

    Read Viber conversations & monitor Viber messenger in secret mode.

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    Snapchat MonitoringNew

    Track Snap Steaks & monitor Snapchat messages with remote access.

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    Gmail MonitoringNew

    Monitor Gmail accounts & read sent, received, and draft emails.

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    Facebook MonitoringNew

    Monitor Facebook messenger & read FB conversations in real-time.

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    Instagram MonitoringNew

    Check Instagram DM & monitor all chats with secret IG tracking.

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    An Ultimate Kids Monitoring App for Android

    An Ultimate

    Kids Monitoring App for Android

    • Secretly monitor SMS, calls, and contact list of your teen’s phone.
    • Remotely access the multimedia files.
    • Track the GPS location and monitor live pinpoints and location history remotely.
    • Record incoming and outgoing calls without touching your child’s phone.
    • Secretly record phone surroundings.
    • Spy on your kid’s phone camera with remote commands.
    • Record screen activities and monitor all the digital activities remotely.
    • Monitor installed apps usage and detect suspicious or improper apps.
    An Extensive Range of Features to Monitor Your Kids’ Online Activities

    An Extensive Range of Features to

    Monitor Your Kids’ Online Activities

    Take notes on your kids’ online activities with the world’s leading child phone monitoring app. TheWiSpy is the best child monitoring software to monitor your kids’ phones, especially their online activities. Monitor screen activities, contact details, calls, and surround recordings secretly with TheWiSpy kids’ monitoring app.

    An Extensive Range of Features to Monitor Your Kids’ Online Activities
    Keep an Eye on Your Teen’s Activities and Monitor Their Digital Space

    Take Complete Control of Your Kids’ Phones and

    Protect Their Online Space Remotely

    • Monitor all the installed apps.
    • Block inappropriate apps and websites.
    • Record surrounding chats and other sounds.
    • Control front and back camera.
    • Get instant keystroke alerts.
    Monitor and Block Inappropriate Apps Remotely

    Monitor and Block

    Inappropriate Apps Remotely

    TheWiSpy is the best app to monitor kids’ phones remotely. Using its high-end parental control features, parents can allow and forbid apps that their kids can and cannot use. TheWiSpy parental controls deliver perfect solutions to control and monitor your child’s phone with remote access.

    Monitor and Block Inappropriate Apps Remotely

    Parental Controls FAQs?

    To monitor your child’s phone, you must install a parental controls app in it. TheWiSpy is an efficient parental control app that allows you to monitor the screen time and app usage of your kid’s smartphone or tablet.
    Here is how you can start monitoring your kid’s phone:

    • Get TheWiSpy App License
    • Install TheWiSpy in Your Kid’s Smart Device
    • Log in to Your TheWiSpy Account & Open Dashboard
    • Monitor App Usage, Social Media Accounts, Messages, Calls Logs, and many more

    With TheWiSpy, you don’t have to ask for your kid’s phone to ensure that they are not getting exploited by the internet. You can remotely monitor your child’s phone from anywhere at any time.

    You can monitor and read your child’s text messages by installing a mobile monitoring app on the target device. TheWiSpy lets parents monitor their kid’s phone without letting them know. With TheWiSpy, you can read sent and received text messages with contact info and date & time stamps.
    Here is how to get TheWiSpy:

    • Purchase TheWiSpy License
    • Install TheWiSpy in Your Kid’s Phone
    • Open Your Account Dashboard from any Browser
    • Choose Text Messages from the Sidebar Menu
    • Read Text Conversation of Your Kid. Access & Read the Deleted Messages as well

    Geo-fencing is a practice to create geographical limitations on a map. Parents can set up geographical boundaries on their kid’s mobile devices and get instant alerts whenever their kids enter the marked zone.

    TheWiSpy provides an efficient geofencing feature that allows parents to keep track of their kid’s location. Parents can create a safe zone for their kids by marking dangerous or unsafe localities on the map and get instant alerts when their kids enter the boundaries with TheWiSpy.

    The easiest way to set parental controls in your kid’s phone or tablet is to install mobile monitoring software in it. TheWiSpy offers the world’s best parental control features with a simple installation process.

    • Purchase TheWiSpy License
    • Download TheWiSpy Parental Control App on your Child’s Phone
    • Monitor and Control Your Child’s Digital Activities

    Just sign up for TheWiSpy app and install it on your kid’s smart device. You can monitor every activity happening on your child’s smartphone or tablet. Also, TheWiSpy lets you create a safe digital environment by allowing you to block inappropriate apps. Last but not least, you can mark safe and unsafe zones with the help of geofencing features.

    A parental control app fetches and records data from the kid’s mobile phone or tablet and uploads all the information safely to the spyware control panel. Parents who install a mobile monitoring app on their child’s phone or tablet can view all the information from the authorized dashboard.

    TheWiSpy parental control app runs as an intercepting utility which makes it work efficiently in the background of the operating system. Parental control apps, including TheWiSpy, gives full access to kid’s phones and tablets to parents so that they can block any inappropriate app or spy on their digital activities.

    These apps are specifically designed for the protection of kids and ensure data safety with password protection.

    Yes! Parental control software is an effective tool to manage and monitor your kid’s digital space. TheWiSpy is the best app to monitor child’s phone. It enables parents to monitor everything happening on their child’s smartphones. As a parent, you can spot cyberbullies, sexual predators, and other internet dangers and threats with the help of a parental control app.

    Yes! In the present time, where the internet is easily accessible to everyone, a parental control app is what makes you aware of your child’s activities. With TheWiSpy parental control app, parents can monitor the social media accounts, messages, call logs history, GPS location, etc., of their kid’s phones. Parents can block inappropriate apps and mark geofencing for their child’s safety using parental control software.

    A parental control app is important because the digital world out there is full of cyber threats. Parental control apps ensure kid’s safety with exclusive mobile monitoring features. For instance, TheWiSpy parental control app allows parents to actively monitor their children’s phones and tablets. Parents can create a safe digital environment by monitoring and managing their kid’s digital activities.

    To control and manage your kid’s social media, follow these steps:

    • Get TheWiSpy Licensed App
    • Install it in Your Kid’s Smart Device
    • Sign in to Your Account & Open Dashboard
    • Start Monitoring and Managing Your Kid’s Social Media

    TheWiSpy Helps You to Protect, Monitor, and Manage

    Get help fast. TheWiSpy app assist you to access calendar activities to make sure online safety of your loved ones.

    Instant Installation

    Robust Features

    High-End Performance

    Antivirus Proof

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    You are only 3 steps away

    To monitor and protect your children & employees

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    Purchase TheWiSpy License

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    Install & Set-up the App

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    Monitor Phone Remotely

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    Advance Your Parenting with TheWiSpy Parental Control Solutions

    As a parent, you must worry about the digital and physical well-being of your children. Parents are aware of the challenges that come forward while keeping track of the mobile activities of children. Children are becoming cell phone addicts, and that haunts parents. Being a parent, the only thing you can do to save your child from overusing mobile phones is restricting their screens. Trustworthy affordable and top leading parental control apps allow parents to monitor the screens of their kids. TheWiSpy, being the premium parental control app, empowers parents to manage the screen activities of their children remotely and stealthily. Furthermore, using TheWiSpy parental control, you can watch every ongoing mobile phone task. Parents can set restrictions if they find any inappropriate app or content in the phone/tablet of their children. All you need is a software to monitor children’s internet usage; TheWiSpy.

    TheWiSpy Parental Monitoring Solution – World’s Best Parental Control App

    Every parent is curious about what their kids do online. Mobile phones and tablets offer unceasing digital activities, including; explicit content, dating apps, violent games, etc. Using social media and connecting with strangers has become a usual activity. With such an immense space, kids can explore everything online and may encounter online dangers. Sexting, cyberbullying, online predation, adult apps, inappropriate content, and many other digital threats can harm children. The only effectual way to filter indecent content from kids’ screens is using a parental control app. TheWiSpy parental monitoring app enables parents to restrict the inapt content from their children’s mobile phones and tablets.

    What are Parental Controls?

    Parental controls are digital tools that authorize parents to limit the virtual space of their juveniles. As the name indicates, parental control tools give parents the authority to monitor and limit access to content from their kids’ screens. Parents can monitor mobile activities, block apps and games, restrict screen time using the parental control software. TheWiSpy is a world-class parental control app that enables parents to take charge of their kids’ phones/tablets without them knowing. With complete remote phone access, parents can filter any content that they find unsuitable for their children.

    What Can Parental Control Software Do?

    A trustworthy and reliable parental monitoring software empowers parents to read text messages, listen to call recordings, monitor social media, Spy WhatsApp, Ambient listening to hear surround recordings, track GPS location, geo-fence safe/unsafe zones, and control app activities without touching the target device. Parental monitoring software is developed to allow parents easy access to the smartphones and tablets of their kids. Keeping up with work and personal tasks can be tiresome. Parents can use advanced tech solutions and parental control tips to boost parenting. Among kids, most of the children are Android users having smartphones and tablets. Modern parents seek digital solutions to restrict the online exposure of their children. By installing a child monitoring app for Android, you can manage every ongoing activity happening on your kid’s phone. You can view the phone screens of your kids, no matter if they are sitting near you or at school. Despite taking risks, parents can get armed with top parental monitoring app TheWiSpy and rescue their kids from the dangers of the internet space. Here are some attributes of the best Android parental controls;

    • Help parents to develop good digital habits among kids.
    • Create a secure digital environment.
    • Monitor whereabouts anytime, anywhere.
    • Limit screen usage of teens and tweens.
    • No Rooting or Jailbreaking is required

    To control your kids’ Android devices, you have to download and configure the authentic parental control app on your desired phone or tablet.

    Who Should Get a Parental Control App?

    Working parents, especially those who can not keep track of their kids’ routine, truly need a reliable parental control app. Children have become tech-savvy. Parents find it complicated to track a child’s phone without them knowing the online presence. For parents of a teen, tween, or even a toddler, here are some questions that will help you decide on getting a parental monitoring application.

    • Do you acknowledge where your child spent the entire day?
    • Are you aware of the location history of your kid?
    • What your kid searches on the internet?
    • ● Which web links have your child clicked or what pictures he/she searched?
    • Who are the online friends of your child?
    • What kind of mobile apps your child installs?

    If any of these questions mentioned above triggered you, you surely need an app to track kids’ phones. The parental concerns regarding the digital security of kids are valid. Cyber threats are relentless, and only the best Android parental control app can guard kids.

    Why is TheWiSpy Best Parental Control & Kids’ Monitoring App?

    TheWiSpy is a powerful app for parental controls and screen monitoring. It provides parents with an ultimate approach to access and control the screens of their children. With a convenient interface, great user-friendliness, and incredible functionality, TheWiSpy delivers tailored solutions to manage and control kids’ phone and tablet screens. Furthermore, TheWiSpy app has been endorsed by parents as the genuine parental monitoring app worldwide. Parents can avail of the free parental control tools offered by TheWiSpy. However, free parental monitoring features are limited and do not give full access to the target device. You can always sign up for TheWiSpy subscription and avail of its premium features. There are no tricky steps to install TheWiSpy app. Register, configure, and control via the dashboard. Parental control features like TheWiSpy have, are limited in the online market. Due to such reasons, the exquisite parental control tool TheWiSpy is much demanded by parents.

    What You Require to Install TheWiSpy Parental Controls on Your Child’s Phone?

    Parents reserve the right to monitor digital activities of their juveniles. Even, parents of minors can control the virtual tasks of their kids legitimately. Parents with stubborn and digital maniac children face many challenges in parenting. Hence, the best of all solutions to keep kids in line is using a parental control and monitoring app. When installing TheWiSpy parental control solution, here are some points every parent must acknowledge.

    • You must physically access your kid’s phone/tablet for the one-time installation and configuration process of TheWiSpy app.
    • Your target device has a strong internet connection.
    • The computer/laptop from where you open the dashboard must have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, you will find difficulty controlling your kid’s phone.

    The minute TWS app starts working on your target device; you no longer need to touch your target device. You can block and restrict anything remotely without nagging your child. To begin with TheWiSpy app, here are the main steps to follow;

    • Buy the License
    • Configure TWS App on Target Device
    • Open Dashboard and Start Controlling Your Teens’ Phone/Tablet

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews 1 Kelly Mulvihill
    Kelly Mulvihill

    “ TheWiSpy has helped me in monitoring my kids. Being a working woman it’s hard to keep eye on every digital activity of your children especially teens. TheWiSpy has also provided me easy and remote access to my daughter’s phone. ”

    Customer Reviews 2 David Spinks
    David Spinks

    “ I must say TheWiSpy has proven to be the best employee monitoring software I’ve ever used. Great features, functionality, and user-friendliness. It helped me monitor the staff team of my company more efficiently. ”

    Customer Reviews 3 Cary Alard
    Cary Alard

    “ Impressive parental control features. I always wondered how can I listen to calls my child receives which I can surely do with TheWiSpy. It has enabled me to remotely monitor and control my kid’s online activities. ”

    Install TheWiSpy Monitor App Now and Start Exploring Your Kid’s and Employee’s Digital Space

    • Protect Your Kids
    • Secure Your Business
    • Backup Personal Data
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