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  • Parental Control

    Parental Controls

    World’s Leading Parental Control App to Watch and Control the Digital Activities of Your Kids

    • Control Screen Usage
    • Block Inappropriate Apps and Webs
    • Restrict the Use of Addictive Games
    • Monitor Every Mobile Activities
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    Protect Your Children Even
    In Your Absence

    Parental Control App

    Keep tabs on your kids’ online activities and block inappropriate content from their screens to ensure their digital safety.

    Track everything in your kids mobile Track everything in your kids mobile
    TheWiSpy Phone Call History Tracker Enables You to Monitor Call Logs.

    What Is TheWiSpy Android
    Parental Control App?

    TheWiSpy is a child monitoring app with remote tools empowering parents to control what their kids browse and scroll online. Parental control software, TheWiSpy, offers remote features that help parents view their children's mobile activities without touching their phones. Moreover, it enables parents to limit internet usage by filtering malicious content online. In easy words, parents can block inappropriate apps, games, websites, and other media that may harm their teens or tweens. The best Android parental control app lets parents track their teenagers’ whereabouts with a few clicks. In addition, the geofencing features keep kids safe from danger zones as it immediately alerts parents whenever their kid enters a boundary marked as an unsafe locality. All you need to do is buy parental control app TheWiSpy to monitor child’s phone remotely and discreetly.

    Let’s Find Out Why Do You Need TheWiSpy
    Child Monitoring App?

    Adult Websites

    The majority of the online websites are not child friendly. Even a simple blog can hold information that is age-inappropriate for kids. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of teens, out of curiosity, access adult websites when their parents are not around. As the internet is accessible to everyone, kids can easily bump into adult websites that may harm their mental wellbeing.

    Internet Trolling

    Unsupervised internet access can turn your child’s life upside down. 38% of online trolls use social media to target vulnerable kids. A child loses self-esteem and confidence when victimized publicly on social media. Internet trolling includes bullying, body-shaming, hate comments, and other triggering actions that may hurt the sentiments of the victim.

    Cyber Harassment

    Online predators are all over the internet. And if you don’t monitor kid’s phone, then chances are high that your child might befriend a sexual predator online. Cyber harassment is common, and over five hundred thousand online predators are online daily, making the internet unsafe for juveniles. Without parental controls, kids can get harmed online.

    Filtered Browsing

    With the best parental control app TheWiSpy, parents can remotely manage their children's mobile and tablet activities. TheWiSpy helps you filter harmful content and restrict adult websites’ digital screens. Moreover, the screen recording feature enables parents to watch their children's cyber actions and detect cyber dangers in real-time.

    Kids Friendly Online Space

    TheWiSpy Android parental control app provides parents an edge to create child-friendly cyberspace for their tweens and teens. Parents can use TheWiSpy as a children’s safety app to locate their kids and monitor their surroundings. In addition, it helps busy moms and dads to monitor their kids’ cell phone activities and control their digital actions to boost positive digital interactions.

    Cyber Predator Detection

    TheWiSpy is a safety app for children’s phones, allowing parents to spot the evil intentions of cyber predators and block them before they harm kids. Installing parental control on an Android phone lets parents record incoming and outgoing calls and view social media. Parents can watch other online and offline activities via an online dashboard.

    Check If Your Target Device is Compatible

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    Note: This checker box is to verify the compatibility of your target device. Parents can check the target device's compatibility through Android, iOS and Windows platforms too.

    Monitor Your Teen’s Social Circle

    Knowing your teen’s online social circle is as important as being familiar with their real-life friends. The online space is immense and limitless. If you’re a busy parent, you can easily track your teen’s social circle with TheWiSpy family monitoring app. Protect your kids from online/offline threats with TheWiSpy.

    TheWiSpy Phone Call History Tracker Enables You to Monitor Call Logs.
    TheWiSpy Phone Call History Tracker Enables You to Monitor Call Logs.

    Block Porn Websites Right Away

    Porn addiction is a severe threat that ruins teens’ mentality and intimidates the idea of a healthy relationship. Kids can easily access adult websites, and the only way to limit kids browsing such content is using the best parental control app - TheWiSpy. Block improper websites and encourage safe internet surfing.

    Prevent Screen Addiction

    TheWiSpy app records screen activities so parents can check what keeps their kids busy on their phones. The app monitoring feature helps parents detect addictive mobile applications. With TheWiSpy, it is easy to combat screen addiction among children. Control your teens’ phone activities using parental control software TheWiSpy.

    Cyber Threat Safety

    Cyberbullying, body-shaming, and other digital menaces can overturn the innocence of a child. Before your child gets lured into any online threat, control their digital space with safety apps for children’s phones. Parental monitoring with TheWiSpy gives parents the authority to manage and control kids' online interactions remotely.

    Best Android Parental Control App

    • Control and Manage your Kid’s Device Remotely
    • Get Instant Alerts on the Digital Activities of Your Teen’s Phone
    • Remotely Observe the Online Space of Your Child
    • Create a Safe Digital Environment for Your Kid by Limiting the Screen Time

    Beware of cyber threats and start monitoring your kid’s digital activities with the
    parental control app.

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    TheWiSpy Phone Call History Tracker Enables You to Monitor Call Logs.
    TheWiSpy Phone Call History Tracker Enables You to Monitor Call Logs.

    Track Your Kids' Whereabouts
    Anytime Anywhere

    TheWiSpy is a robust kids’ tracking app to help parents locate their children with premium location tracking features. Get instant alerts on live location and track the location history of your kids remotely.

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    Adapt smart parenting and monitor your kids’ cell phones and tablets remotely.

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    • Call Logs / Contacts
    • Messages
    • Location Tracking
    • Multimedia
    • Social Apps Monitoring
    • Call Recordings
    • Spy Camera
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    • Call Logs / Contacts
    • Messages
    • Location Tracking
    • Multimedia
    • Social Apps Monitoring
    • Call Recordings
    • Spy Camera
    • Spy Browser History

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