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    Find Out How to See Secret Viber Chat

    Posted in Parental Control by Sam Adams

    Secret Viber Chat

    Messaging apps are free and provide features that help to hide your messages from others. With the help of these messaging apps, everyone can easily communicate with people all over the world. These apps are not adequate for your kids. Your kids may also interact with strangers or online predators through these messaging platforms. These online predators can damage your kids’ digital presence. If your kids use Viber for messaging, they may hide something from you. Do you want to know how to see Kids’ Secret Viber Chat? This blog will help you to understand how to see secret Viber chats.

    What Is Viber? 

    Viber is a messaging app that provides advanced features that help you keep your chats safe and private. It has many features, such as:

    • Block and unblock Viber Chats
    • Free Caller ID
    • Viber Pay
    • Messenger 
    • Video calls 
    • Hidden Chats

    Viber is also a platform where children may get involved in sexting with their online buddies without fear of being detected by their parents.  They may also share inappropriate pictures or videos with online predators. Later, these online predators can blackmail your children with their nude snaps. 

    Why Parents Want To See Their Children’s Hidden Viber Chats?

    Viber was introduced in 2010, and it is an application that allows you to make free calls, and send texts, images, videos, and documents. One billion people use Viber regularly. Where Viber has made communication easy, it also is a platform where kids are being easily targeted to commit cybercrimes.  

    The following are the reasons why parents want to see their kids’ hidden Viber chats without knowing them:

    Increase Cybersecurity:

     It is crucial to monitor what kids are doing on social media platforms like Viber for their digital safety. That’s why parents want to see their kids’ hidden Viber chats.

    Prevent Them From Sexting:

    Viber is popular among teenagers for its hidden chat feature. Kids easily sext, flirt, and exchange inappropriate content with their friends on Viber without any worries that their parents can know about this. This is not right for your kids, so you should have to see their hidden chats on Viber. 

    For Making a Safe Online Environment: 

    It is also possible that your kids may be victims of online threats. That’s why parents want to make a safe online environment for their kids. For this, parents want to keep check and balance on their social media apps.

    To Ensure Their Friends’ Company: 

    Kids often hide their online friends from their parents, which may increase the risk of their online security. For their better development, it is essential to ensure who are friends of your children.

    These are the reasons why parents want to see their secret Viber chats, and it is not illegal. 

    Does TheWiSpy Help To Track Hidden Viber Chats?

    If you want to see your kids’ hidden Viber chats without intrusion into their privacy, TheWiSpy parental control app is the best option. TheWiSpy is one of the most popular app and trustworthy spy apps. It has various features that allow you to safeguard your children from possible online and physical risks. 

    Do you want to know how TheWiSpy helps you to spy on your kids’ Viber?

    On the Internet, many spying apps provide limited features and have bundles of ads. But, TheWiSpy is a reliable parenting app that enables you to spy on your children’s Viber remotely by providing the following features:

    • Keylogger: With the help of TheWiSpy’s keylogger, you can see each word that your kids type on their phone keyboard. 
    • Viber Tracker: Its’ Viber tracker helps you to see your kids’ hidden Viber chats. You do not need to enter a PIN to see hidden chats. You can remotely monitor your kids’ activities on Viber. It allows you to listen to their calls and voice messages, see what they send to their friends, and block contacts without them knowing.
    • Call And Messages Recorder: TheWiSpy also offers a high-quality call and messages recorder that helps to track your kids’ calls and messages on different social media platforms.
    • Screen Recorder: A screen recorder assists parents in tracking their kids’ activities on phones. TheWiSpy provides high quality screen recorder. 

    You can easily track or spy on your kids’ Viber without any hassle because it runs in the background of the targeted device.

    TheWiSpy also provides the following features to enhance digital parenting:

    • GPS locator
    • WhatsApp Tracker
    • Facebook Tracker
    • Instagram Tracker
    • Snapchat Tracker
    • Geofencing
    • Content Filtering
    • App Management
    • Screen Time and much more 

    You also do not need to worry if you have a low budget, TheWiSpy offers an affordable plan for its subscription. It enables you to buy its subscription according to your needs. TheWiSpy does not contain complex processes to operate, it is easily installed and operated by everyone. 


    In conclusion, the Viber app also has a dark side. You should keep monitoring your kid’s secret Viber chat for their digital safety. Parents are anxious about how to maintain their kids’ safety on social media apps, like Viber. 

    TheWiSpy enables you to track your kids’ social media apps remotely. Buy a subscription to TheWiSpy, and efficiently read your kids’ hidden chats on Viber.


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