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Monitor Saved Photos

Secretly View Photo Gallery of Your Target Device

  • View All Pictures Taken from Camera
  • See Saved Pictures in Photo Album
  • Access Photo Logs
  • View Pictures Received from Instant Messengers
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Why You Should Monitor

Photo Gallery of Your Teen’s & Employee’s Phone?

The internet is a huge venue that connects people around the globe. Unfortunately, hackers exploit the use of the internet. Sexual predators & cyber criminals target teenagers and steal their personal information, including photos and images to blackmail and bully them. Also, corporate data faces a great risk of getting leaked or compromised. TheWiSpy photo monitoring software allows easy access to the image gallery of the smart devices of your kids and employees.

Photo monitoring software helps to spot suspicious pictures saved in your target phone and enables you to take immediate action on it.

Why You Should Monitor
Photo Gallery of Your Teen’s & Employee’s Phone?

What Can You Reveal with TheWiSpy Photo Monitoring Feature?

View All Pictures Taken from Camera

View All Pictures Taken from Camera

Spy on the photo gallery. View all pictures captured from the device camera with TheWiSpy photo monitoring.

See Saved Pictures in Photo Album

See Saved Pictures in Photo Album

Monitor saved images from the photo gallery of your target device. View screenshots, cards, and other pictures remotely.

View Pictures Received from Instant Messengers

View Pictures Received from Instant Messengers

Spy on photos received from instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

Access Photo Logs

Access Photo Logs

Monitor date and time stamps of photos captured by the camera or received from any instant messenger. View photo logs without any suspicion.

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Spy on Your Teens’ Photo Gallery & - View All Multimedia Saved

Spy on Your Teens’ Photo Gallery &

View All Multimedia Saved

Sexting and sharing nude images has become more familiar with cell phone independence. 1 in 7 teens share nudes with people online. Sexting can lead to non-consensual or revenge porn sharing. Parents can view pictures downloaded, captured, or shared by their teens. TheWiSpy photo monitoring helps parents to spy gallery online under complete stealth mode.

Monitor Pictures Stored on Work Phones & - Catch Shady Multimedia Remotely

Monitor Pictures Stored on Work Phones &

Catch Shady Multimedia Remotely

Businesses are always at risk of internal fraud. Ill-intentioned and deceitful employees can take pictures of corporate details and office buildings and trade business secrets with company rivals. A single image containing sensitive business information can cost ventures a lot. TheWiSpy photo spy app records all the clicked and shared pictures of work phones to ensure data security at the corporate level.

Monitor Pictures Stored on Work Phones & - Catch Shady Multimedia Remotely
Superlative Photo Spy App to - Monitor Android Media Gallery

Superlative Photo Spy App to

Monitor Android Media Gallery

Enjoy photo monitoring with advanced and robust multimedia tracking tool TheWiSpy. Using the TWS app, you can view all the saved multimedia on your target Android device. You can also monitor the timestamps and date on which the photos were taken, downloaded, or shared by the target device.

FAQs Photo Monitoring?

Of course, you can. To view the photo gallery of your child’s device, you need to install a phone monitoring software in your kid’s smart device. For instance, TheWiSpy photo monitoring app allows parents to view images from their kid’s phone with advanced multimedia spying. You can view saved photos, captured pictures, screenshots, and other image-related material remotely and secretly with TheWiSpy.

SnapChat allows you to post stories for a limited time. But every SnapChat story leaves a digital footprint of it through which tracking SnapChat photos is easy. You can track SnapChat pictures with the help of a data recovery software or a photo monitoring app.

TheWiSpy enables you to spy on SnapChat photos of someone without having the physical access of the target device. You can view all SnapChat stories of someone via an online web-based dashboard of TheWiSpy.

There might be two reasons you cannot see the WhatsApp picture of someone:

  • Your number is not in the contact list of that particular person
  • That specific person has blocked you

To view Instagram pictures of your daughter, follow these steps:

  • Buy TheWiSpy License
  • Install TheWiSpy in your daughter’s phone
  • Open your web-based dashboard
  • Click Photos from the sidebar menu
  • Choose the Instagram folder
  • Monitor Instagram photos remotely and secretly

Employers can monitor the mobile devices of their staff members only if they mention this specific phone spying activity in the job contract. Otherwise, spying is an illegal activity.

TheWispy Helps You to Protect, Monitor, and Manage

Get help fast. TheWiSpy app assist you to access calendar activities to make sure online safety of your loved ones.

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What is TheWiSpy Photo Monitoring Feature?

TheWiSpy photo monitoring helps you view all the images present in the picture gallery of your target device. The app virtually uploads all the saved photos of your target device on the web-based dashboard so that you can view them all anytime you want.

How Can TheWiSpy Photo Monitoring Help You?

The world out there is full of cyber dangers. TheWiSpy Android monitoring app allows parents to access and view the image gallery of their teen’s mobile phones and tablets. Juveniles are an easy target for cybercriminals. Make sure that your teenagers are not sharing personal images with random strangers with a spy camera app.

Enterprises use spycams to view photos saved in the work phones and desktops of the employees. TheWiSpy enables employers to see if their workers are not leaking sensitive information of the business with the competitors by taking pictures from the company-owned mobile devices.

Parental Control:

Remotely View Photo Gallery of Your Teen’s Cell Phone.

Employee Monitoring:

Spy on the Photo Album of Company-Owned Mobile Phones to Detect Malicious Activities.

Protect Your Kids from Online Sexual Predators:

Make sure that Your Teenagers are Not Involved in Sexting and Has Not Victimized by Cyber Harassment & Bullying.

How to Set up TheWiSpy Photo Monitoring App in Your Target Device?

TheWiSpy photo monitor enables you to monitor saved photos of your target device.

Here is how to start with TheWiSpy:

  • Sign up with TheWiSpy
  • Choose Operating System
  • Click on Photo Gallery from Dashboard
  • Monitor Photos Secretly
  • Rooting or Jailbreaking not required

TheWiSpy works under 100% stealth mode and facilitates parents and employers to spy on the mobile phones of their kids and staff.
Top Benefits of TheWiSpy Best Photo Spy App:
Spying on photos is a difficult task for people who don’t know how to spy on photo gallery of Android devices. TheWiSpy app is an efficient solution for every parental and corporate spying requirement. The photo gallery spy app fetches all pictures saved on the target device and uploads the data to a web-based dashboard in seconds.
Here are some photo monitoring actions you can do with TheWiSpy app:

  • View captured and saved photos on your kids’ phones and tablets.
  • Track work phones’ multimedia activity.
  • Download the photo gallery of the target phone to your device with remote commands.

TheWiSpy app instantly updates its users whenever a new photo is captured on the target device. It also enables its users to monitor the dates and timestamps of the stored pictures. Today, almost every person owns a smartphone, making it tougher to secure personal space as anyone can take photos and share over social media. With TheWiSpy, you can view the deleted pictures from the media gallery. And take appropriate actions if you find something shady.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews 1 Kelly Mulvihill
Kelly Mulvihill

“ TheWiSpy has helped me in monitoring my kids. Being a working woman it’s hard to keep eye on every digital activity of your children especially teens. TheWiSpy has also provided me easy and remote access to my daughter’s phone. ”

Customer Reviews 2 David Spinks
David Spinks

“ I must say TheWiSpy has proven to be the best employee monitoring software I’ve ever used. Great features, functionality, and user-friendliness. It helped me monitor the staff team of my company more efficiently. ”

Customer Reviews 3 Cary Alard
Cary Alard

“ Impressive parental control features. I always wondered how can I listen to calls my child receives which I can surely do with TheWiSpy. It has enabled me to remotely monitor and control my kid’s online activities. ”

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