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  • Refund Policy

    TheWiSpy Refund Policy

    Note that all the purchases of TheWiSpy, mobile spy software, are subjected to the terms of this refund policy.

    All the users need to read our refund terms very carefully. This refund policy explains the customer’s right Certain rules and restrictions may apply.

    Common Terms for Transactions

    Once you purchase our app, you will be expected to contact our customer care in case of any query or technical complaint. Our customer care representatives record and transfer your complaint to the support center. We take remedial actions to address and solve technical issues.

    Our technical support efficiently resolves most of the filed complaints. Users can not claim a refund if their complaint gets resolved. If we could not solve your technical issue, you can request for a refund.

    Our support team decides whether the complaint is commendable for a refund or not.

    You can reach our support center at (link).

    Terms for Refund

    All the claims for refund are subjected to our Refund Policy. Please read it carefully.
    If you are eligible, our customer representatives will process your refund request. No refunds are accepted and processed if they are beyond the terms of this refund policy.

    • Failure by the user, to ensure that his or her target device is compatible with TheWiSpy software. Symbian Belle & Bada are unsupported by the TheWiSpy app.
    • Failure in software access, due to lost internet connection or disruption in the user’s ISP connection.
    • Failure, to access software as a result of the updated operating system or reset target device.
    • The target device owner shows no consent to install TheWiSpy.
    • The user does not own the target device.
    • Failure, to access the target device physically.
    • Failure, to unlock the target device to install TheWiSpy app.
    • Disturbance in TheWiSpy access: due to change in location, roaming, inconsistency, or firewalls at the user’s residence.
    • Failure, to access TheWiSpy as a result of changed user ISP connection.
    • Disturbance in connectivity, as the result of roaming issues.
    • Fluctuations in the connectivity of the user’s device: due to the change of the carrier operator.
    • Failure, to access the software due to unpaid carrier subscription or insufficient balance in the payment account.
    • The owner of the target device refuses to install TheWiSpy software.
    • The target device sets back to factory status.
    • The operating system of the target device is updated.
    • Failure of the user, to understand the setup guidelines which are thoroughly explained by our Support Center Staff on the website.
    • Failure, to spy on devices before the installation of TheWiSpy.
    • Poor connectivity or too much disruption: due to installing TheWiSpy on multiple smart devices, with a single device subscription plan.
    • Terminating TheWiSpy subscription due to personal reasons e.g. “ I don’t want it anymore” or “I’ve changed my mind” etc.
    • Any damage to TheWiSpy software due to preinstalled antivirus or other software in the target device.
    • User’s Wrong Email (We update user’s email on request after verification)
    • Poor WiFi connection or failure to reconnect.
    • Insufficient space in the Android target device for backups.
    • Enabled Two-Factor authentication in the target device.
    • Advanced features of TheWiSpy including monitoring of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, etc. are available for non-rooted devices.
    • Non-refundable subscription prolongation.

    Refund Procedure:

    To claim a refund, the user must send a refund request to our Support Center at (support [ @ ] It takes seven business days to complete a verified refund claim.

    The Chargeback Effects

    In case, if the user’s credit card experiences any chargeback, we reserve the right to eliminate our services immediately. We reserve the right to suspend the user’s account if the user does not clear the due payment. Account activation and service restoration only depend on our discretion.

    The user shall bear all the legal fees if a conflict occurs due to the chargeback issue.