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    IYKYK Meaning in Text: Social Media Slang Explained

    Posted in Teen Slang by Sam Adams

    IYKYK Meaning in Text

    Slang language is challenging for millennials but yes, teens or Gen Z are quite familiar with this modern chatting trend. Using short-term words makes it easy to communicate but kids often use these slang words to hide their communication meaning from parents. One of the most common slang words is IYKYK and teens use it a lot while texting. Do you know what is the meaning of IYKYK? Let’s find out. 

    What Does IYKYK Mean in Text?

    From Snapchat to TikTok to Instagram, you see everywhere slang words that can be confusing. One of the popular slang words is IYKYK which can leave you scratching your head thinking about what IYKYK means here. 

    The IYKYK stands for If You Know, You Know.” It indicates that someone is talking to a specific person or a group of people to share an experience.

    Sometimes, a person shares a social media post to target a specific audience to let them understand what they mean.

    People may use IYKIYK in different ways. How? Let’s find out.

    What are the Examples & Uses of IYKYK?

    The understanding of IYKYK is important as many people on social media share the post with this tag. It is crucial to learn modern slang language. Here are some examples and uses that will help you understand the meaning of IYKYK more effectively.

    • Just watched the show & it was terrific… #IYKYK
    • It was my worst experience, IYKYK
    • I saw that girl yesterday (IYKYK)

    These examples give us a clue that this slang word is used to reference “Get It” or You Know What I Mean….

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    Why Parents Should Learn Slang Language?

    Parents need to maintain open communication with their kids to ensure what they are up to. Meanwhile, parents also should stay updated with online communication trends to reduce the age gap with their kids. A research study says that social media users especially children are at high risk for behavioral problems, sleep difficulty, burning sensation, blurry vision, etc. Slang language is a modern social media communication trend especially for teens as they are the most active social media users. Teenagers use slang words to communicate which can make you confused about what they are talking about. Certain slang words reflect a negative meaning.

    Meanwhile, parents should monitor the online activities of their teens as it helps parents to see what they do on social media and how they communicate. It is also beneficial to reduce the risk of potential online dangers, such as cyberbullying, online predators, harassment, etc.

    How to Monitor Online Activities of Your Teens?

    Parents need a reliable solution to track their kids’ online activities. TheWiSpy is the best spy app that allows them to track teens on social media secretly. You need to install the spy app on the target device as it will help you track all activities on your own device remotely. From call recording to social media tracking, TheWiSpy never disappoints you as it gives an in-depth monitoring analysis of the target device.

    Parents can see their messages and social media posts. Tracking their kids’ activities helps you find out if they are involved in any illegal activities. The use of IYKYK in texting does not reflect any negative expression but there are many other slang words your kids can use, such as SMH abbreviation. In such a situation, you can educate your kids to avoid the use of negative words that can impact their behavior development.

    The Bottom Line

    Slang language is a modern communication that is popular on social media. Learning the meaning of slang words helps parents to understand what their kids talk about. In addition, it is also crucial to monitor what your kids do on social media and what type of communication they have with their online friends. Monitoring their online activities with TheWiSpy helps parents to develop positive behavior. It will also let you learn if any online predators try to trap your kids or bully them. It’s time to take action with TheWiSpy Parental Control App and keep track of your kids’ online activities.


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