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    SMH Meaning in Text- Find Out Its Examples & Uses

    Posted in Teen Slang by Sam Adams

    SMH meaning in text

    Social media keeps us busy with scrolling which helps us know about trends. If we talk about teens, they are the most active users on social media platforms, like Snapchat, TikTok, etc. Today’s online communication is way different than we used to do a few years ago. Teens have their own modern language slang words they use for online communication. Being a millennial, it is challenging to understand what these slang words actually mean. Parents are concerned about their kids’ online safety, as using vulgar or inappropriate slang can impact their personality.  One of the modern slang terms is SMH. Let’s find out the SMH meaning and why kids use these slang words.

    What Does SMH Stand For?

    Understanding the modern slang language helps you learn what your kids talk about. SMH is a slang word that means “Shaking My Head”. It is an expression that online users use to show their disapproval, frustration, or disappointment. 

    When a person wants to show disapproval over something, SMH is short-term to use in chat or texting. There are other variations of SMH that teens also use on social media platforms, such as SMDH.

    The meaning of SMDH is “Shaking My Damn Head”. This slang word shows a stronger reaction to something that does not sound cool. Teens should avoid such slang language that can impact their behavior or personality.

    Why Parents Should Know Modern Slang Words?

    Research says that 80% of online users are teens on social media. Parents should monitor what their kids do online and how they communicate. Learning the SMH & SMDH meaning helps parents what their kids talk about on social media platforms. Social media has made it easy to get in touch with people around the world. Meanwhile, there is a high risk your kids may become friends with strangers and learn slang terms that may be vulgar or inappropriate in meaning. It is also possible that their peer or friends may bully your child using harmful slang words. It makes it necessary that parents know modern communication methods that can reduce the age gap.

    SMH is not an inappropriate slang word but SMDH is its variation that reflects a stronger reaction. How do kids learn slang language if their parents don’t use it at home? Online interaction with strangers can put your kids at high risk of developing rude behavior. Let’s learn more about SMH uses.

    What are the SMH Uses & Examples?

    You can use SMH in multiple ways while texting, such as:

    • “She forgot to bring my bag
    • SMH”


    • “I can’t make it today…. Plan Cancel
    • SMDH”

    How Parents Should Protect Their Kids Online?

    It is a fact that internet freedom is not safe for kids. They are vulnerable to online threats and influenced by everything they see online. To control their online presence & behavior, it is crucial for parents to take safety steps. The very first step is to educate your kids about how to interact with online users. When you openly communicate with teens and share the dangers of the online world, it will help them to take every action carefully. It is also beneficial for teens as they will learn to avoid people online who use slang language and try to be frank with them.

    The other effective way to monitor the online activities of your kids is a spy app. However, not every spy app is reliable but we have got your back!

    Fortunately, TheWiSpy is a reliable and secret spy app that you can use to monitor your child’s online activities. The advanced features of TheWiSpy allow you to see social media apps and read their hidden chats. It helps you explore their contacts and whom they are in contact with. Parents can also determine if their kids are learning slang language.

    The Bottom Line

    Slang language is a modern way of online communication these days. Many online users often use inappropriate short-term words. Teens are the most common users of social media. It is a fact that internet freedom increases the chances of your kids’ exposure to these online threats. To reduce the risk of the dark side of the internet, parents should use a reliable spy app, like TheWiSpy. It helps you control the online behavior of your child and monitor who they are in contact with.


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