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    How Do You Stop Restricted Calls?

    Posted in Guides by Sam Adams

    how do you stop restricted calls on Android

    Restricted calls are a common problem, that people face and these calls are difficult to trace. Many scammers use restricted calls to fraud with people. In this blog, we will provide clear and accurate information about what restricted calls are, how these calls can damage your security, and how you block them.

    What Are Exactly Restricted Calls?

    Restricted calls are those that hide their caller ID from the receiver. These calls show as “private”, or “unknown” numbers instead of the actual identity of callers. Scammers or companies dial a special code before calling you. In the USA, if you dial *67 Before calling another, your call will pivot into a restricted call.

    Reasons Why People Use Restricted Calls:

    Do you think all restricted calls are only for fraud or scams? Not all restricted calls are scams. Following are the reasons why people use these types of calls:

    • Telemarketing
    • Frauds And Scams
    • Secure Personal information
    • Professions


    Many companies use restricted calls for their advertisement. Usually, people do not like to listen to unwanted calls. When they see unknown or private calls coming into their phones, they curiously pick up these phone calls. This is the tactic of employing telemarketers to do marketing effectively.

    Fraud And Scams: 

    The Federal Communication Commission stated that people are scammed by illegal, spoofed, or restricted calls at a very high rate. They fraud people by getting their personal information like credit card numbers, and bank details. 

    Securing Personal Information:

    Some people experience violence, harassment, and trolling, and they want nobody to know their personal cell number to blackmail. So, they use restricted calls to ensure their safety.

    Profession Requirements:

    Restricted calls are a requirement for some professionals, such as lawyers, police, and journalists. These professionals keep communicating and investigating confidential information, which they do not want to leak out. That’s why they use restricted calls.

    How to Block Restricted Calls?

    Restricted calls are anonymous, and everyone can easily be disturbed by these calls. Here are 3 ways to block or stop restricted calls on Android:

    • TheWiSpy
    • Phone Settings
    • National Do Not Call Registry


    You do not need to worry if someone bullies or harasses these annoying calls you and your loved ones. TheWiSpy parental control app provides cutting-edge features that assist you in staying informed about who contacts you or your family members.

    It allows you to block calls easily, and its GPS tracker helps to track the person who calls you discreetly.

    You can remotely access others’ phones and control their phones. When your kids do not want to share their social activities with you, there must be something not right. So, TheWiSpy enables you to control and monitor your children’s phones. You can also record their calls, view the contact list, and block contacts on your kids’ cell phones. If you see any suspicious calls, you can easily stop them using these features of TheWiSpy.

    It is simple to get a subscription to TheWiSpy, first, install the TheWiSpy app, create an account, and select a budget plan. Now you can easily utilize its reliable, fastest, and most accurate features to safeguard your loved ones. It has a user-friendly interface. TheWiSpy also provides a free trial of 3 days without any complex process. 

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    Phone Settings:

    Many smartphones have a built-in function to block or quiet unknown calls. Following is the process of how to block restricted calls ID:

    • Go to the “ Phone Call” app.
    • Click on the “3 dots” on the screen, and tap on the “calls settings’ option.
    • Then click on “blocking calls”, you can also add specific numbers that you want to block. 
    • Click on the save the changing option. Now you stop restricted calls on Android Phones.

    It is not the easier way like TheWiSpy, for this, you have to get access to your family members’ phones one by one and change the settings manually. But TheWiSpy is a perfect remote solution,  to block calls on multiple phones.

    National Do Not Call Registry:

    National Do Not Call Registry is an organization, that helps you register your phones or homes. It also provides a facility to block suspicious, restricted, or unknown calls. You have to make an account after registration. When you get an email of your registration completion, you can easily report the unknown caller or restrict unknown calls.

    If you still face these annoying calls, contact the FTC.


    Restricted calls are disturbing to everyone. It is difficult to trace the restricted caller ID. We have discussed 3 best methods to stop restricted calls on Android. The most reliable way to block restricted calls is TheWiSpy. It also offers other features that help you to save your loved ones. Install TheWiSpy now, and effectively block private calls.


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