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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Set Parental Controls on Your Child’s Phone


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    5 Reasons Why You Should Set Parental Controls on Your Child’s Phone

    Posted in Parental Control by Mike


    Do you know that you can set parental controls to control your child’s mobile usage?

    Living in the digital era has made our kids tech-savvy. Now, kids can operate cell phones quite efficiently. We all depend on technology, whether it is an automatic machine or smart devices. Interestingly, the use of cell phones has become so common in our routine lives that no one can think of living without their mobile phones.

    If we talk about kids, they have developed cell phone dependence. From poem learning to school tasks, kids do everything using cell phones. Even educational institutes ask parents to give their kids smart devices for better learning.

    The digital era has impacted our lives a lot. However, parents must consider the positive and negative side of the digital world while giving their children the freedom to use mobile devices.

    The Positive & Negative Sides of The Cyber World for Children:

    The cyber-world contains every type of content. From informative posts to improper media, the internet has it all. As a modern parent, you must not overlook the bad side of the internet just because it is helping your child to learn things faster.

    Here are some positive and negative effects of the cyber world every parent should know:

    Positive Effects of The Cyber World for Kids:

    • Pile of information available on the internet.
    • Effective communication.
    • Online learning.
    • Great source of news and updates.
    • The hub of scientific information and achievements.

    Negative Effects of The Cyber World for Kids:

    • Improper content e.g. offensive videos and images.
    • Dangerous games and challenges e.g. BlueWhale, Momo Challenge, etc.
    • Dark Web
    • Cyberbullying
    • Online molestation and predation.

    So, what do you think about giving your child internet freedom?

    If you are scared or confused from such online threats, don’t be.

    Using the best parental control software is the ultimate way to help you monitor and manage your child’s mobile devices and keep them safe from the nuisances of the internet.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Set Parental Controls on Your Child’s Phone:

    The internet is not a secure place for kids. Stats show that kids in between 8-16 age have seen online pornography, accidentally or deliberately. It is recorded that almost 50,000 sexual predators are always online to prey on juveniles.

    The only way to avoid such dreadful threats is by keeping eyes on the internet usage of kids.

    Here are 5 reasons why setting up parental controls are important nowadays.

    1- 24/7 Mobile or Tablet Monitoring

    2- Actively Track Their Child’s Real-Time Location

    3- Limit Screen Usage

    4- Block Inappropriate Apps and Games

    5- Content Filters and Safe Search      

    Continue reading and explore details on the above-mentioned reasons to get an insight into the benefits of using parental controls.

    24/7 Mobile or Tablet Monitoring:

    Working parents must know how difficult it is to keep tabs on the routine activities of their kids. School-going kids meet several people every day; including friends and total strangers. Teens are always busy on their phones.

    Are you sure that your child is not sexting someone?

    Or can you guarantee that your kid might not open an inappropriate website?

    Asking your child about their daily routine can offend them. To balance your work and parenting, using a parental control app would be the best option. A parental monitoring app allows parents to monitor their child 24/7. Parents can view social media, listen to call recordings, track GPS location, read messages, monitor browsing history, and spy on mobile activities without any suspicion.

    With a parental control app, you don’t need to worry about the daily activities of your kid as you can track them down anytime you want.

    Actively Track Their Child’s Real-Time Location:

    Are you aware of our child’s whereabouts?

    Do you know where our kid goes after school?

    Well, kids do wander around the streets without knowing the possible dangers of the physical world. Kidnapping, molestation, and many other serious crimes have threatened the life of juveniles.

    But, don’t worry.

    Parental control applications have got your back.

    Limit Screen Usage:

    It is a fact that spending hours on mobile devices harm the eyesight of the user. Other side effects of too much screen usage include neck strains, lack of concentrations, bad posture, etc.

    No parent wants their child to develop such health problems at such an early age. It has also been observed that too much screen usage can affect a child’s grades.

    Well, you can’t take your kid’s phone or tablet forcefully. Instead, you can turn your child’s device off and set parental control app up.

    Parental control software allows parents to set a screen limit on their child’s phone. The device gets automatically shut down when the limit reaches. By this, kids will learn the importance of other tasks rather than spending hours using a cell phone.

    Block Inappropriate Apps and Games:

    The internet is indeed filled with explicit and violent content. Today, installing a dating app is just a few clicks away. Teens can easily engage in random dating and sexting without the knowledge of their parents. Also, certain games hold sexual and violent content.

    Parents can avoid such a nuisance just by controlling the mobile devices of their teens. Parental controls help in blocking inappropriate apps and games from the kid’s device without any suspicion.

    Content Filters and Safe Search:

    Have you heard about the safe search option on web browsers?

    Search engines like Google offer safe search browsing options to limit bad content from kid’s devices. Likewise, YouTube and Netflix provide parents with content filters so that parents can create a secure cyber environment for kids.

    With advanced technology, parental controls enable parents to set content filters and safe search secretly.

    Wrapping Up:

    The use of best-rated parental control apps is getting common as parents are getting aware of the potential cyber threats. Nowadays, it is risky to give your child internet freedom. That’s why parents are utilizing technology to manage and monitor their child’s devices. So, when are you getting a parental control app to monitor and manage your child’s phone?


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