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    10 Top Parental Control Apps [2022] Updated

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    Do you think top parental control apps can find what your child is hiding something fishy from you?

    Many kids do tuck their mobile screens when parents are around. Such suspicious activities make parents worry about the digital space of their kids. Parents want to be sure that their children stay safe from the improper content and other online threats of the online world.

    Parental control apps help parents to monitor and control the online space of their kids. Using such software, parents can block inappropriate apps, webs, and other content.

    What are the Top Parental Control Apps

    Before you get to know about digital parenting apps, one must be aware of what parental control app is and when and how parents can avail parental monitoring features.

    What features must be present in remote parenting apps and is it legal to use parental control apps to keep safe teens from cyber world dangers.

    In this article, we are going to cover 10 top parental control apps providing state-of-the-art parental monitoring solutions.

    10 top parental control apps are listed below. Let’s get started.

    1. TheWiSpy
    2. Qustodio
    3. Norton Family
    4. KidLogger
    5. Kaspersky Safe Kids
    6. Screen Time
    7. Net Nanny
    8.  FamiSafe WonderShare
    9. MM Guardian
    10. Spyrix Keylogger

    TheWiSpy Parental Control App:

    TheWiSpy top parental control app is a complete tool to monitor and control the online activities of kids. The app offers extensive parental control features to block bad content from the screens of your kids. Parents can now limit screen usage, block apps, filter content, and monitor all the mobile activities of their kids with the help of TheWiSpy parental control app. TheWiSpy parental monitoring tool is an ultimate solution for busy parents to stay updated with the internet activities of their children. From GPS tracking to mobile monitoring, TheWiSpy does it all.

    Compatibility: Android Operating System

    Free: 2 Days Trial

    Price: Starts from $29.99/month.


    Parents seeking digital help to create a safer online environment for their kids can confidently trust Qustodio parental control software. Qustodio Parental controls enable parents to block pornographic sites, addictive games, explicit or violent content from the mobile and desktop screens of their children. Parents can set time limits for the screen usage of their kids with this app. Moreover, GPS tracking, content blocking, mobile monitoring, etc . are some of the best-selling features of Qustodio parental controls.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS / Windows / Mac / Amazon Kindle / Nook

    Price: Starts from $4.58.

    Norton Family:

    Norton Family is an affordable yet robust parental control app for Android devices. You can monitor multiple devices with this app. Offering advanced parental control features, Norton Family app is enabling parents to control the smart devices of their kids. The best-selling features of this app include; time scheduling, content filtering, mobile phone monitoring, GPS tracking, etc. Norton Family provides some features to monitor iOS devices, but those features are limited i.e. you can’t monitor text messages and control app usage with Norton Family on iOS devices.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS / Windows.

    Price: Starts from$4.16.


    If you are looking for an app to track the keystrokes on your child’s device, then KidLogger is for you. The app provides parents with a complete record of what their kids type and search online. KidLogger parental control app takes screenshots and helps parents to monitor the mobile activities of their kids. Not only this, but parents can listen to the sound recordings of inbound and outbound calls of their kid’s cell phone.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS / Mac.

    Price: Starts at $9.

    Kaspersky Safe Kids:

    Kaspersky Safe Kids is a versatile parental control app, providing device control and monitoring solutions for almost every operating system. The app offers both free and paid versions of its parental control tool. The free version of Kaspersky Safe Kids lets parents restrict content, app usage, etc. Parents can also manage screen time using the free version of Kaspersky Safe Kids. The paid version of this app offers advanced features including; GPS tracking, battery tracking, social media monitoring, and many more.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS / Windows / Mac.

    Price: Starts from $14.99.

    Screen Time:

    Screen Time is an app designed to manage the screen usage of your kid’s smart devices. Some of the features such as web filtering, app management are only functional for Android devices. Scream Time is an easy to use parental control app, and as the name indicates; the app works great for controlling the screen time of kids. Parents can schedule and limit the mobile usage of their children using this app.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS

    Price: Starts from $6.98.

    Net Nanny:

    Net Nanny is an exclusive parental control app that functions great on iOS devices. However, the setup process of this app is quite tricky, Net Nanny is best suitable for content filtering, app blocking, time scheduling, etc. for Android and iOS devices. The only drawback of this app is that it can not help you monitor calls logs and text messages. Net Nanny is best for younger kids, as parents can create a safer online environment for them using this app.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS / Windows / Mac / Kindle Fire / Chromebook.

    Price: Starts from $39.99.

    FamiSafe WonderShare:

    FamiSafe is a popular parental control app in the mobile monitoring industry. The app is a complete packaged tool that provides parents with remote access to their kid’s devices. As the name indicates, FamiSafe is an app to keep your loved one’s safe from the harms and dangers of the online world. Parents can block apps, restrict content, track real-time location, manage screen time, etc. Also, FamiSafe delivers a detailed report on everything happening on the target device.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS / Amazon Kindle

    Price: Starts from $9.99.

    MM Guardian:

    MM Guardian is a parental control app used to monitor and manage the screen usage of kids. If we talk about its features, then the app provides efficient parental control features for Android, but the functionality of this app limits it with iOS devices. Using this app on Android, you can read text messages, block calls, filter content, restrict screen usage, etc.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS.

    Price: Starts from $3.80.

    Spyrix Keylogger:

    Spyrix Keylogger is an ultimate way to find out what your child types on their cell phones or tablets. Parents can discover what their kids search or what message they type with Spyrix Keylogger. The app offers advanced mobile monitoring solutions too. Parents can remotely view typing activities of their kids anytime they want.

    Compatibility: Android / iOS.

    Price: Starts from $59.

    Wrapping Up:

    Parents today must not compromise on the digital security of their kids. As the time evolves, new and new cyber dangers threaten the well being of children. Parental control apps work the best to secure the online environment of kids. There is no other way to keep kids safe from online predators, cyberbullying, and explicit content than controlling their digital space. All the above-mentioned parental control apps provide outstanding usability and functionality and provide parents with complete access to their kid’s devices.

    So as long as you have a parental monitoring tool installed on your child’s phone, there is no need to worry.

    Stay safe and secure your kids from cyber dangers!


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