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    Can I Monitor Teens Phone Without Them knowing?

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    Parents should confess about how they monitor teens phones. They set directions for kids to protect from cyber dangers without them knowing.

    We have to admit that our kids are way much smarter than us. Advanced technology has impacted our children in both good and bad ways.

    The positive influence of technology is certainly remarkable; enabling kids to learn in a better and efficient way.

    The negative impact of technology is quite horrific leading to digital addiction and many other cyber threats. But still, parents can control the situation by keeping their eyes on the online activities of their kids.

    Child monitoring is not a challenging task in today’s modern world. All you need is a kid monitoring app and you are ready to go.

    The most popular query search engine got by parents is;

    Can I monitor my son’s/daughter’s phone without him/her knowing?

    As a parent, you must have been worried about your child’s digital space.

    But let us tell you something amazing.

    Now, you can monitor teens’ phones remotely, despite their physical location.

    Isn’t that great?

    Allow us to explain more about how parents can monitor their kids digitally.

    How to Monitor Teens Phone Secretly?

    Are you concerned about your child’s protection?

    Regardless of how mature your children get, they will always remain your babies. We know that teens become agitated when they start inquiring about their daily routine.

    You might check their phones in two ways:

    Certainly, you can’t ask them, again and again, to hand over their phone or tablet to you so that you can clear your doubts about your kids being in bad company.

    Don’t worry it is said that “when one door closes another opens”. If you think your child is keeping things from you, start monitoring your kids with the help of a child monitoring app.

    Another question that parents ask frequently is; how to spy on my Kid’s cell phone remotely?

    As mentioned before, technology has made it easier for you to monitor your child’s mobile activities even if they are far away.

    Let’s see what you can do with a Child Monitoring App:

    • Track your kids
    • Monitor Their Mobile Activities
    • Know Them Better

    The major reason for employing a kid’s monitoring app in your child’s phone is to ensure their physical location. Child tracking software helps parents to track the active location as well as the location history of their kid’s devices.

    If you want to monitor teens phone secretly, using a kid’s monitoring app would be the best option for you.

    Keep Track Teens Phones with Kids Monitoring App

    If you search online about the best kids monitoring app, you will see several options on your screen promising the finest and advanced kid monitoring.

    But, before jumping to the conclusion, ask yourself; is that particular app safe to use?

    Remember that, whatever software you choose, you will trust it with your kid’s personal information. That is why it is always better to do proper market research before getting a child monitoring app.

    Let us ease you by putting our share in it.

    The following are some proficient third-party child tracking apps that can help you monitor your kids without leaving a trace.

    1. Xplora 2
    2. Mama Bear
    3. Qustodio
    4. FamiSafe
    5. Life360

    Xplora 2:

    If you are worried about your child’s location, Xplora 2 is going to be your savior.

    Xplora 2 is a kid tracking watch with advanced features including;

    • Voice Calling
    • GPS Tracking
    • Geofencing

    This child tracking watch helps parents know the current location of their children with advanced GPS tracking features. Amazingly, Xplora 2 doesn’t require a SIM card to function. As long as your child is wearing the watch, he or she is traceable. All you need to pick up your phone and check the active location of your kid.

    Cost: $169without hidden monthly charges

    Mama Bear:

    Mama Bear’s child monitoring app enables parents to keep hawk eyes on the digital activities of their kids. Here are some remarkable features offered by the Mama Bear app:

    • Monitor Social Media
    • Track GPS Location
    • Get Speeding Alerts

    It is a strong child monitoring application that ensures parents that their kids are doing fine outside. Mama Bear is an all in one app when it comes to ensuring family protection.

    Cost: Starts from $5.99/month


    Qustodio is a powerful kid’s monitoring app with diverse features to manage your child’s mobile usage. Despite monitoring digital activities, parents can control the device of their children.

    The features offered by Qustodio are:

    Supervise Social Media

    • Track Calls
    • Read SMS
    • Monitor YouTube
    • Track GPS Location
    • Control Screen Time
    • Block Apps and Games

    Qustodio provides parents with extended reporting on their kid’s digital usage on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Cost: Starts from $54.95/year, costing $4.58/month


    FamiSafe, as the name indicates, is an app designed to ensure your child’s protection in both online and real world. It is a powerful app that helps you protect your child from cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and other cyber threats.

    Here are some top features of FamiSafe:

    • Location Tracking
    • Geofencing
    • Web Filtering
    • App Blocking
    • Screen Time Monitoring

    FamiSafe is a reliable child monitoring app with several users worldwide.

    Cost: Starts from $9.99 per month. If you want to buy the annual package, the app will cost you $4.99/month.

    Life360 – Family Monitoring App:

    When it comes to family protection, Life 360 is an ultimate option. It helps parents to track the real-time location of their children. This app supports other mandatory features to monitor teens phone and ensure a better kid’s monitoring.

    Here is a glimpse of the main features:

    • Location Tracking & Sharing
    • Notification Alerts
    • Driving Report
    • Crash Detection
    • Emergency Alerts

    From child monitoring to family sharing, this app is all in one solution to ensure the protection of your loved ones.

    Cost: Some features are free and other starts at $2.99/month


    Monitoring your teens and keep tabs on whatever they do is quite challenging if you try to do it manually. But, with the help of a kid’s monitoring app, child monitoring is like a piece of cake.

    So, if you are a busy parent who can’t keep up with your kid’s routine then digital monitoring is the best option for you.

    What are your opinions about child monitoring?


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