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  • 10 Top Non-Intrusive Surround Recording Spy Apps for Ambient Listening [2022] [Updated]


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    10 Top Non-Intrusive Surround Recording Spy Apps for Ambient Listening [2022] [Updated]

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    10 Top Non-Intrusive Surround Recording Spy Apps for Ambient Listening [2020]

    Ambient surround recording is an advanced approach to discover what is happening in your loved ones’ lives. Teenage is an agile period of life, and kids do not bother to tell parents about their routine activities.

    Well now, parents can listen to phone surrounding noises live of their kids anytime they want. Using a remote surround recorder app will help you find out verbal communications and activities happening around your loved ones. Also, parents can discover if their child sits in a reckless community or gets bullied by peers.

    If you have decided to get a surround recording app, then you need to skim through a number of apps online. Because many spy app providers are claiming to deliver the best surround recording feature. It is not easy to detect the scams of mobile spy apps.

    For your ease, we are going to uncover the 10 top non-intrusive surround recording spy apps delivering ambient listening in real-time.

    So, let’s get started.

    10 Top Non-Intrusive Surround Recording Spy Apps

    Surround recording apps activate the built-in mic of the target device and record all the surrounding noises secretly. There are plenty of Android phone remote control apps available in the market, which can confuse to choose the right one.

    Here is a list of 10 top surround recording spy apps that provide ambient noise recording features to help you discover the live surround activities of your loved ones.

    1. TheWiSpy
    2. FlexiSpy
    3. XnSpy
    4. iKeyMonitor
    5. TheOneSpy
    6. Spyera
    7. MobiStealth
    8. GuestSpy
    9. TheTruthSpy
    10. Copy9

    Without further rush, let’s discuss these 10 top surround recording app and discover the main features and pricing details.

    1- TheWiSpy:


    TheWiSpy app retains the first position in our 10 best surround recording app list. TWS App offers a variety of power-packed spying features at affordable rates. The surround recording feature of TheWiSpy enables the user to activate the microphone of the target device with remote commands. With TheWiSpy Android spy app, you can record and listen to surround noises, live calls, etc.

    In simpler words, TheWiSpy surround recording is an advanced way to level up your parenting.

    Note that, TheWiSpy spyware for android does not require rooting for several features.

    TheWiSpy Main Features:

    • Surround Recording
    • Call Recording
    • SMS Spy
    • GPS Tracking
    • Media Gallery Spy
    • Email Tracking
    • Screen Recording
    • And many more.

    TheWiSpy Pricing:

    Basic Package: $19.99/month.

    Premium Package: $29.99/month.

    Platinum Package: $49.99/month.

    Buy TheWiSpy App Now >>


    FlexiSpy prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    In the world of surround recording apps, FlexiSpy is another popular choice for delivering high-end ambient voice recording feature. Using FlexiSpy, parents can record and listen to ambient voices and find out what is happening around their kids. Moreover, the call interception feature of FlexiSpy enables you to listen to phone calls in real-time. FlexiSpy is compatible with Android, iOS, and Symbian phones. Users can activate mic for surround recording via online control panel sending remote commands.

    FlexiSpy Main Features:

    • Ambient Voice Recording
    • Text Message Spy
    • Phone Call Recording
    • App Monitoring
    • GPS Tracking
    • Keystrokes Recording
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • And many more.

    FlexiSpy Pricing:

    Lite Package: $29.95/month.

    Premium Package: $68/month.

    Ultimate Package: $199/month.


    XNSPY prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    XnSpy is a famous non-intrusive spy app known for its cutting-edge Android and iOS monitoring features. If your teen is a porn addict, you can use XnSpy and reveal what your child does in his/her online and offline life. Using XnSpy, you can activate the microphone of the target device and hear the ambient recordings without letting the target user know. XnSpy allows you to record surround sounds for up to 30 minutes. However, users can send multiple commands and record the surroundings of the target device whenever needed.

    XnSpy Main Features:

    • SMS Monitoring
    • Call Recording
    • Surround Recording
    • Web Browsing History Monitoring
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • GPS Tracking
    • Email Tracking
    • And many more.

    XnSpy Pricing:

    Basic Package: $29.99/month.

    Premium Package: $35.99/month.


    iKeyMonitor is yet surround recording app that is popular among its users for great functionality. This spy app records ambient sounds on remote commands and delivers high-quality audio recordings. iKeyMonitor is also efficient in recording voice messages sent or received on WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, etc.

    iKeyMonitor Main Features:

    • Call Logging
    • GPS Tracking
    • Geofencing
    • App Blocking
    • WiFi Logging
    • Email Monitoring
    • Screen Time Limit
    • And many more.

    iKeyMonitor Pricing:

    Basic Package: $59.99/month.



    TheOneSpy is a powerful mobile monitoring app compatible with almost every operating system, including; Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. This hidden spy app fetches data from the target device without any suspicion. You can secretly turn on the microphone of your target device and let TheOneSpy app record everything happening around your target device. With TheOneSpy app, parents can record phone calls, video calls, and even the screens of smart devices.

    TheOneSpy Main Features:

    • 360 Live Camera Streaming
    • Surround Recording
    • Keylogging
    • Password Chaser
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Screenshot Capturing
    • Live Screen Recording
    • And many more.

    TheOneSpy Pricing:

    Android Lite Package: $25/month.

    Android Premium Package: $50/month.


    SpyEra prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    Spyera is a renowned mobile monitoring app. It delivers a variety of features that gives you complete control over the target phone/tablet. Spyera offers ambient surround recording and enables parents to discover the social gathering of their children. The app functions well with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Using Spyera, you can record incoming and outgoing phone calls as well. One of the incredible qualities of the Spyera app is that it offers a 10-days money-back guarantee if its user is not satisfied with the functionality of the spyware.

    Spyera Main Features:

    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Web History Monitoring
    • Ambient Recording
    • Keylogging
    • Multimedia Monitoring
    • GPS Tracking
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • And many more.

    Spyera Pricing:

    SmartPhone Package: $89/month.

    Tablet Package: $69/month.

    Computer Package: $49/month.

    All-in-One Package: $479/year.


    Mobistealth prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    MobiStealth is a remarkable surround recording software that works in a very discreet manner. You can record and hear the surrounding noises of your target phone/tablet whenever you like. The app offers a 15-days money-back guarantee. MobiStealth offers good compatibility with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

    MobiStealth Main Features:

    • Location Tracking
    • Call Recording
    • Surround Recording
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Screenshot Capturing
    • Keystrokes Recording
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • And many more.

    MobiStealth Pricing:

    Android Pro Package: $59.99/month.

    Android Pro-X Package: $69.99/month.



    If you are looking for an eminent spy app that can record surround noises of your target device without any interruption, go for GuestSpy. The app delivers quality audio recordings of surroundings as well as phone calls. GuestSpy also offers auto answering feature. You can also make spy calls using this app.

    GuestSpy Main Features:

    • Ambient Recording
    • Calls Recording
    • SMS Monitoring
    • Media Gallery Monitoring
    • Instant Messenger Tracking
    • GPS Tracking
    • Web Browsing History Tracking
    • And many more.

    GuestSpy Pricing:

    Standard Package: $20.99/month.

    Premium Package: $24.99/month.

    Gold Package: $28.99/month



    TheTruthSpy is a non-detectable surround recording app providing its users with easy access to spy on target devices. Using TheTruthSpy control panel, the user can turn on the target device mic via an online dashboard. TheTruthSpy lets you record ambient sounds so that you can reveal where your target user is and what is he or she talking about and with whom they are.

    TheTruthSpy Main Features:

    • Call Monitoring
    • Location Tracking
    • Ambient Recording
    • Multimedia Monitoring
    • App Blocking
    • Web History Tracking
    • Screen Monitoring
    • And many more.

    TheTruthSpy Pricing:

    Standard Package: $21.99/month.

    Premium Package: $25.99/month.

    Gold Package: $30.99/month.



    The reason why Copy9 spy app is gaining popularity is that it provides a user-friendly interface along with high-end features. Copy9 delivers good quality audio recordings of surround voices. You can listen to verbal communications without letting the target user know.

    Copy9 Main Features:

    • Call Recording
    • GPS Tracking
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Surround Recording
    • Email Tracking
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • IMs Tracking
    • And many more.

    Copy9 Pricing:

    Standard Package: $21.6/month.

    Premium Package: $25.9/month.

    Gold Package: $30.2/month.

    What are the Benefits of Surround Recording Spy Apps?

    Listening to the ambient recordings of your target device helps you assess the surrounding environment and discover where your child or employee is spending time. Moreover, surround recordings can help you track your lost devices. Yes, you can use a surround recorder for your personal phone as well.

    How to Choose the Best Surround Recording App for Android?

    Now that we have discussed multiple options to choose from you can decide which app you’d like for your surround recording purposes. To clear the air, let us tell you which factors you should seek spyware before purchasing an Android monitoring app;

    Check the following points;

    • Choose the app that meets your budget.
    • Go for the service provider offering 24/7 customer support.
    • Check the customer reviews online.
    • Confirm the compatibility.
    • Try the demo online.

    Once you get satisfied with all the points mentioned above, you can finally choose the best-suited app for you. No matter for what purpose you require a surround recording app, Android spyware can save your world anytime, anywhere.


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    Get TheWiSpy Licence Flat 40% Discount on all licenses. Coupon Code: promo-2022

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