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    Top 10 Best Hidden WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

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    WhatsApp spy apps

    Do you want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp?
    Are you seeking the leading authentic WhatsApp spy app?
    There could be multiple reasons to consider spying on the WhatsApp messenger of a family member or employee. But, with multiple WhatsApp spy apps available, it is quite tough to pick the right one.

    The internet has granted us multiple options to connect with people living miles away from us. Therefore, smartphones have become an elementary need for telecommunications nowadays. Speaking of instant messaging software, WhatsApp is the most popular communication app around the globe, with over 2.5 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp offers premium quality messaging, calling, and multimedia sharing services that make it stand out as the best instant messenger app in the present times.

    Top 10 Best Hidden WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

    The need for WhatsApp spying apps is increasing with the increasing number of its users. And when you search the online market, you will find several free WhatsApp spy apps that claim to hack WhatsApp like a pro.

    But are these claims true? Or pick up lines to gain traffic?

    There are indeed many WhatsApp spy apps for Android available online, but only a few apps work.

    To save your time and money, we will discuss the top 10 best hidden WhatsApp spy apps for Android in this article.

    Continue reading to discover the best WhatsApp spy apps in 2021.

    1. TheWiSpy
    2. mSpy
    3. XnSpy
    4. iKeyMonitor
    5. FlexiSpy
    6. GuestSpy
    7. Highster Mobile
    8. MobiStealth
    9. CocoSpy
    10.  Spyic

    Let’s get right to the point and explore top WhatsApp spy apps for Android in detail.



    TheWiSpy is the #1 WhatsApp spy app that is affluent with top-quality WhatsApp spying features. It is the most affordable spy app to monitor WhatsApp messenger in real-time. Using TheWiSpy WhatsApp spy app, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp text messages, calls, and media sharing activities. The app records live WhatsApp activity and send all the subtle details to an online server. From the TWS control panel, the end-user can spy on every move of the target device. The good thing about TheWiSpy app is that rooting is not a prerequisite for WhatsApp monitoring. At the same time, other WhatsApp spying apps require rooting the target device.

    TheWiSpy Compatibility:

    TheWiSpy app can hack WhatsApp on almost every Android phone. But, there is a minor limitation, the target device must have Android OS 4 or above for proper functioning of TheWiSpy app.

    TheWiSpy Price:

    TheWiSpy offers three subscription editions, known as basic, premium, and starter plans. The basic subscription costs $19.99 per month, whereas the premium subscription costs $29.99 per month. The platinum package of TheWiSpy app costs $49.99. In general, users can enjoy TheWiSpy app by spending as low as $0.4 per day. In addition, TheWiSpy app offers monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual subscriptions.

    • TheWiSpy app is a very robust WhatsApp spy app that comes at a very affordable price.
    • Rooting is not required at all.
    • Other than WhatsApp monitoring, TheWiSpy can track other mobile activities like calls, text messages, social media actions, etc.
    • The tech and customer representatives are online round the clock to assist users with their requests.
    • TheWiSpy offers advanced spying features like geofencing, keylogging, ambient recording and many others.
    • TheWiSpy currently does not offer iOS monitoring.
    • Android phones that don’t run OS version 4 or above can not be tracked by TheWiSpy.


    mSpy is a famous app to track WhatsApp messenger. It can track WhatsApp messages, calls, shared documents and multimedia files. mSpy is primarily a parental control app that offers many other spying features other than WhatsApp spying. Parents can use this amazing WhatsApp tracker and monitor WhatsApp chats, call details, and media sharing activity of their kids secretly.


    mSpy app strongly supports Apple and Android phones and tablets. For Android, rooting the Android devices is necessary. While for iOS devices, mSpy offers jailbroken and non-jailbroken versions. Android devices with OS 4 and above, whereas iOS devices with OS 7 and above can be tracked with the mSpy app.


    mSpy app offers basic, premium, non-jailbreak, and computer editions. The basic subscription starts at only $29.99. Premium subscription of mSpy app costs $69.99 per month. The non-jailbreak version is available at $69.99 per month. mSpy computer edition starts from $29.99.



    Here comes the best WhatsApp hacker. XnSpy is a well-known brand. It is an advanced spying tool to track WhatsApp messenger and other mobile phone activities in real-time. XnSpy app records WhatsApp chats, tapes WhatsApp calls and helps you spy on multimedia files shared by WhatsApp instant messenger. The end-user can also view call logs and complete contact details using the XnSpy app.


    For Android devices, the WhatsApp monitoring feature works perfectly with rooted devices. You can partially monitor WhatsApp without rooting the Android device. Also, the Android device must run OS 4 or higher for XnSpy installation. For iOS devices, XnSpy offers jailbreak and non-jailbreak editions. Users can track iOS devices that run OS 6 to the latest with the XnSpy app.


    XnSpy app is available in two editions; basic and premium. The XnSpy basic edition costs $29.99 per month. In contrast, the XnSpy premium edition starts from $35.99. XnSpy app can be subscribed with monthly, quarterly, and annual packages.


    Next on our list is a famous spy app for WhatsApp monitoring and tracking other digital activities. iKeyMonitor comes among the best spy apps for WhatsApp spying. It can fetch WhatsApp chats, contact details, call logs, and other WhatsApp activity details in real-time. iKeyMonitor app also delivers other advanced mobile tracking features such as call recording, keylogging, etc.


    iKeyMonitor for Android devices is compatible with OS 2.4 and above. For iOS devices, iKeyMonitor supports OS 9.x up to the latest versions. Note that the iKeyMonitor app offers rooted/non-rooted and jailbreak/non-jailbreak versions for Android and iOS devices.


    iKeyMonitor offers two subscription packages, basic and business plans. It is to mention that iKeyMonitor is one of the free WhatsApp spy apps that offer advanced monitoring and spying features. In addition, the iKeyMonitor app allows its users to use add-on features to advance their spying experience. The add-on features start from $16.66 per month. The iKeyMonitor business plan costs $9.9 per month, with all add-on features included.


    FlexiSpy is another powerful spy app in the online market. It allows the users to spy on WhatsApp messenger of Android and iOS target devices. FlexiSpy can help you read WhatsApp chats, monitor calls, and view media files shared or downloaded via the WhatsApp messenger. Furthermore, using FlexiSpy, you can get contact details and complete reporting on WhatsApp usage by your target person. Apart from WhatsApp monitoring, FlexiSpy offers call spy, camera spy, text tracking, GPS locator, and many other features to fulfil users’ spying needs.


    FlexiSpy app supports Android and iOS devices. For Android, 4-11 OS versions are compatible. Almost every iPhone and iPads from OS 6.0 up to 14.x is supported by the FlexiSpy app. FlexiSpy app also supports desktops, including Windows and macOS. So if you want to monitor WhatsApp with FlexiSpy, the good news is, you don’t have to root your target phone or tablet.


    When it comes to pricing, FlexiSpy is a bit more expensive than other WhatsApp monitoring apps. Its 1-month lite version costs $29.95. The premium edition starts from $68 per month. Finally, there is an extreme version of the FlexiSpy app with all the advanced spying features; it costs $199 for a 3-months subscription.


    GuestSpy is another popular name in the list of best spy apps for WhatsApp spying. It offers regular spying features like GPS tracking, calls and SMS monitoring as well. The WhatsApp spy quality of the GuestSpy app makes it stand out as robust spyware among users. The app constantly records WhatsApp chats and calling activity and transfers all the details to an online dashboard. You can remotely monitor WhatsApp messenger of your target device.


    GuestSpy app supports both Android and iOS devices. Android-powered smartphones with running OS version 5 or higher are compatible with GuestSpy. However, rooting is required for GuestSpy installation. GuestSpy supports all Apple devices, but they must be jailbroken.


    GuestSpy app comes in three different subscriptions; standard, premium, and gold. The standard edition costs $21.99 per month. Premium edition costs $25.99 per month, and gold edition costs $30.99 per month.

    Highster Mobile:

    Highster Mobile is a user-friendly spy app with high-end features to track WhatsApp in real-time. Users can get WhatsApp message history, call details, and other activity details with this amazing spyware. Highster Mobile not only gives its users access to target’s WhatsApp. It also allows text message monitoring, call logs tracking, GPS tracking and many other mobile activities.


    Highster Mobile does not require rooting Android or Jailbreaking iOS devices. Smartphones with Android OS 4 and higher are compatible with the spyware app. On the other hand, Apple devices running iOS 6 and higher can be tracked using the Highster Mobile app.


    Highster Mobile app offers basic and pro subscription plans. For WhatsApp monitoring, users must get the pro subscription. The basic edition costs $2.99, whereas the pro version costs $6.99. Highster Mobile app requires only one-time payment to get started.


    MobiStealth is a functional app for WhatsApp spy. Still, there is a drawback that it does not effectively work on the latest Android and iOS devices. The good thing about the MobiStealth app is that there is no prerequisite of rooting or jailbreaking the device for WhatsApp monitoring. Using this app, users can read WhatsApp messages, track call details, and access contact information remotely. MobiStealth offers other mobile monitoring features as well.


    MobiStealth app is compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets. For Android monitoring, the target device must run OS 2.3 or higher. And for iOS tracking, all the apple devices up to the latest operating system are compatible. 


    MobiStealth app offers distinct packages for Android and iOS devices. For Android, MobiStealth pro and pro-x subscriptions are available, costing $59.99 and $69.99 per month, respectively. iOS monitoring comes in a premium plus package that costs $16.66 per month.


    CocoSpy is a premium WhatsApp monitoring app reviewed brightly by its customers. It offers standard phone monitoring features to advanced tracking tools with a user-friendly interface. The app enables you to read individual and group chats, call logs, and view WhatsApp activities remotely. Moreover, CocoSpy allows its users to track other instant messengers such as Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc.


    CocoSpy supports Android and iOS devices. Luckily, there is no need for rooting or jailbreaking the target phones and tablets. Android devices with OS 4+ and Apple devices with OS 7 or higher are supported by the CocoSpy app.


    The CocoSpy app is somehow affordable than many WhatsApp monitoring spyware. CocoSpy Android subscription starts from $39.99 per month. The iOS plan starts from $49.99 per month. So it is recommended to subscribe for premium packages to avail WhatsApp monitoring feature.


    Spyic is yet another great app to track WhatsApp and other IMs. It has a proven record of providing fully functional spying tools that help parents and employers to keep track of their families and businesses at the same time. Spyic app spies on WhatsApp activity and delivers comprehensive reporting on its usage. In addition, the end-user can view messages, call history, and shared media files remotely.


    Like other top WhatsApp spy apps, Spyic also supports Android and iOS devices. Users can install the Spyic app on Android phones and tablets that run OS 4 or plus versions. In contrast, almost every iOS device is compatible with this stunning app. The cherry on top, there is no such prerequisite of rooting or jailbreaking.


    Spyic app has three plans; basic, premium and family kit. The Android monitoring subscription starts from $39.99 per month. For iOS tracking subscriptions, Spyic prices start from $49.99 per month.


    In the United States, the number of WhatsApp users is expected to rise by 85.8 million.

    The increasing number of teenagers using WhatsApp worry parents regarding their privacy and online security. Kids can share personal images on WhatsApp groups and get into serious trouble. But, thanks to WhatsApp spy apps in 2021 for providing the advanced solution to such problems. You can now keep sharp eyes on your kids’ or employees’ WhatsApp account and secretly monitor their online chat activities.


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