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  • TheWispy vs mSpy

    TheWiSpy vs mSpy – A Comparative Review of Top Parental Control Apps:

    On the whole, TheWiSpy is a dedicated cell phone monitoring and parental control app capable of spying, monitoring, and controlling the target devices. Whereas mSpy is a steadfast parental control app with a minimal list of features for monitoring kids and tracking some of their cyber actions.

    Here is the index of this comparative review article.

    • App Rating
    • TheWiSpy Rating
    • mSpy Rating
    • Functionality
    • TheWiSpy Functionality
    • mSpy Functionality
    • Features
    • TheWiSpy Features
    • mSpy Features
    • Installation Process
    • TheWiSpy Installation Process
    • mSpy Installation Process
    • Compatibility
    • TheWiSpy Compatibility
    • mSpy Compatibility
    • Pricing
    • TheWiSpy Pricing
    • mSpy Pricing
    • The Verdict

    For better understanding, we have mentioned the winner of each section mentioned above to help users opt-in for the best parental control app matching their needs.

    App Rating:

    The digital world has made it much easier for app users to review mobile applications based on their performance. Before picking a parental control app, you must check its rating and reviews on the internet.

    The following section comprises TheWiSpy and mSpy rating and reviews users posted on a well-known website, SiteJabber.

    Let’s have a look at it.

    TheWiSpy Rating:

    TheWiSpy has attained a 4 out of 5 stars rating at SiteJabber. It received both positive and negative reviews. As per most of its customers, TheWiSpy is robust mobile monitoring and parental control app that helps them spy on children and secure their digital space. The critical comments mentioned the poor customer support services of the TWS app. As per the negative comments, TheWiSpy support team takes too much time to answer their client’s queries.

    mSpy Rating:

    The mSpy app rating is 3.4 stars. However, it has received mixed reviews. Some people are delighted by the kids tracking capabilities of this parental control software. In contrast, others say that the app features list is very narrow. Some other critical reviews of mSpy mentioned lousy customer support experience by the negligence of the mSpy team.


    Certainly, TheWiSpy is the winner. It has attained more positive reviews and a strong rating that exhibits the app’s credibility and reliability to its users.


    Apropos of monitoring capabilities, every parental control app is unique. Some best parental control software delivers high-end features, while some only offer standard features. It is the functionality of an app that determines its quality.

    Here are complete details on TheWiSpy and mSpy app functionality.

    TheWiSpy Functionality:

    TheWiSpy is a hidden parental control app that provides parents with easy access to their kids’ cellular devices. It works on a simple principle of recording and updating the fetched details to an online control panel. In addition, TheWiSpy offers cloud monitoring via a web-based dashboard. Parents can take control of their kids’ devices with online commands remotely. TheWiSpy parental control app requires to get installed and set up on the target device. Once it is configured, it starts interacting with the OS of the target phone or tablet. Then, it imitates all the actions happening on it.

    Note that you can only use TheWiSpy parental controls if you have its license. It means that users have to get TheWiSpy subscription from its official website. The parental control software will not work if you don’t have its subscription.

    TheWiSpy can secretly record saved and live data of the target device in no time. In addition, TheWiSpy app offers other monitoring solutions such as; employee monitoring, mobile tracking, and so forth.

    If you want to test the TWS app before purchasing it, you can run the demo app from its official website. It will give you an idea about TheWiSpy functionality.

    mSpy Functionality:

    The mSpy app is quite a composed parental control tool with quality monitoring and tracking features. The app functions as a parental control software; it does not provide other tracking products except for kids’ monitoring and parental controls. Parents must install the mSpy app on their kids’ phones or tablets to get started with it. One of the best attributes of the mSpy app is that it offers mAssistance service. It allows the users to purchase brand new mobile phones or tablets with mSpy pre-installed on them.

    Like TheWiSpy, mSpy also requires a license for its operations; and you can get it from their official website.

    The mSpy app records data from the target device and updates parents with the ongoing digital activities of their children in real-time. The mSpy control panel is accessible via any computer device. But, first, you need to get logged in to your mSpy account, and you will get details on monitored data.


    Here comes a minor contradiction. Suppose you only want a parental control app to monitor standard mobile activities. In that case, mSpy could be the right call for you. But, if you’re going to track your child’s phone or tablet completely, then TheWiSpy is the best option for you. Both the apps are superior in providing parental monitoring tools.


    This section will explore, discuss, and compare the monitoring and tracking features of the two most wanted parental control apps; TheWiSpy and mSpy. In general, both these apps have similar standard features, but when it comes to advanced monitoring tools, mSpy and TheWiSpy are diverse in nature.

    Here are the detailed features of TheWiSpy and the mSpy app.

    TheWiSpy Features:

    Call Recording:

    TheWiSpy app can secretly record phone calls of the target device. It can tape incoming and outgoing phone calls in complete stealth mode. Moreover, TheWiSpy lets parents monitor the contact information, call duration, dates, and timestamps of the corresponding calls. There is no need to set commands, as TheWiSpy can automatically start recording calls. Parents can listen to the recorded audio files anytime they want.

    Call Logs Monitoring:

    Parents can monitor phone calls and the most frequent callers of the target device in real-time. TheWiSpy call logs monitoring feature is designed to fetch call-related details and let parents be aware of the calling activity of their kids. The call logs monitoring tool enables parents to snoop into the call history of their kids’ phones remotely. Moreover, TheWiSpy app allows parents to monitor missed, dialed, received, and canceled call details with durations and timestamps. All the call details are only a few clicks away with TheWiSpy app.

    Saved Contacts Tracking:

    TheWiSpy app can hack phone contacts and provide parents with complete details of saved contacts. As a parent, you can monitor the whole phonebook of your child’s phone without even touching it. You can delete contacts that you find unsuitable for your children. TheWiSpy app never leaves a notification of the parental control activity on the target device, making parents blocking phone contacts with complete secrecy.

    Photo Monitoring:

    Parents having teenagers must worry about children watching pornography or inappropriate content in their absence. The photo monitoring feature of TheWiSpy allows parents to peek into the media gallery of their kids’ phones/tablets.

    Photo tracking feature records captured, saved, shared, and downloaded photos and uploads all on TheWiSpy control panel. In addition, parents can view the whole media gallery of their kids’ devices from the TWS dashboard online.

    Text Message Monitoring:

    Parental control software is incomplete without a text message tracking feature. TheWiSpy app secretly imitates the sent, received, draft, and even deleted text messages and transfers the data to the control panel. Using TheWiSpy text message tracker app, it is very convenient to spy on text chats of the target device. It provides contact details, timestamps, and dates, along with complete chat history.

    Surround Recording:

    TheWiSpy parental control app delivers an advanced tool of surround recording. It works on remote commands. Parents can turn on the microphone via TheWiSpy dashboard and record every sound surrounding the target phone or tablet. Teens carry their phones everywhere they go, and parents can explore their surroundings by listening to ambient recordings. The surround recording feature captures chit chats, voices, sounds, noises, and other background sounds like a pro. The sound quality of the recorded files is excellent, helping parents monitor their children’s surroundings in real-time.

    App Monitoring:

    TheWiSpy app tracking feature is best; it helps parents monitor installed apps and screen usage of the target device. For example, parents can detect bold apps which contain dating and pornography material. Using the app monitoring feature, it is effortless to block inappropriate apps from the device. With TheWiSpy remote access, parents can easily track app lists and restrict violent and addictive applications.

    Video Monitoring:

    Just like photo monitoring, TheWiSpy app lets you watch videos saved on your target device. In addition, parents can use video tracking to spy on recorded and downloaded videos of their kids’ devices. This way, parents can discover if their teens watch porn or disturbing content. Video monitoring also allows parents to watch shared video content through instant messengers.

    Voice Message Recording:

    Voice note monitoring is a simple solution to explore the digital behavior of children.TheWiSpy parental controls deliver a ravishing feature of voice message tracking. All the voice notes recorded or sent to contacts can be monitored using TheWiSpy app. In addition, parents can access all the voice recording files via the online TheWiSpy dashboard.

    GPS Tracking:

    The GPS tracking feature is a must-have in any child monitoring app. TheWiSpy GPS tracking tool follows the global positioning system and delivers the exact location of the target device. As kids take their cellular devices wherever they go, it is easier to track them down using a GPS tracking app. TheWiSpy location tracking feature delivers pinpoint location and whereabouts history exhibiting routes taken along with dates and timestamps. Nothing beats TheWiSpy GPS tracking app.


    Only a few best parental control apps offer geofencing. It is a tool that uses the electronic map for creating boundaries around certain geographical zones. TheWiSpy geofencing is designed for parents who constantly worry about their kids’ physical location. Using TheWiSpy geofencing, parents can set zones as safe and unsafe localities. Such as, if you don’t allow your teen to go to a bar, you can set it as a hazardous zone. And guess what? Whenever your child breaches the safe zone boundary and enters an unsafe spot, TheWiSpy will instantly update you regarding their location. In addition, TheWiSpy geofencing alerts send exact pin locations to parents in case of breaching boundaries.

    Screen Recording:

    Ever thought of watching your child’s phone screen and everything happening on it. TheWiSpy screen recording is a compact feature that allows parents to view all the cyber activities in real-time. It can record screens of the target devices and will enable parents to monitor them with remote access. From Facebook to WhatsApp to Tinder, screen recording captures every activity of the target device.

    Screenshot Capturing:

    Rarely, parental control software provides screenshot capturing tools. But, TheWiSpy is an advanced parental monitoring tool as it allows parents to capture screenshots of the target device’s activity. Often parents wonder what their kids are doing using cell phones. Using TheWiSpy app, parents can simply take random screenshots with remote commands. It can help you read text messages, monitor social media activity, and track other cyber details remotely.

    Camera Hacking:

    TheWiSpy camera hacking is a remote feature that helps parents to view the surrounding environment of their kids. With remote commands, parents can turn on the device camera to capture photos or record videos from it. TheWiSpy spy camera feature can hack both front and back cameras in real-time. Parents can use this luxury feature to monitor where their kids are and with whom they sit during school hours.


    Keylogger is a tool to record keystrokes of the target device. TheWiSpy provides parents with a keylogging feature that captures all the keyboard activity and delivers instant reports on keystrokes made by your target device. This feature is helpful for parents to explore the typed messages, search queries, and comments made by their kids’ smart devices.

    Calendar Dates Monitoring:

    Parents can track the upcoming events or plans marked by kids on their digital devices by monitoring calendar dates. For example, if your teen plans to go to a rave party and marks its date on the calendar, you can trace them and protect them from such unusual gatherings. TheWiSpy calendar dates tracking is an ultimate tool to monitor calendar dates and events from the target device.

    Wi-Fi Logs Monitoring:

    Public networks and other Wi-Fi connections can help parents explore the places their kids visited in the past few days. Wi-Fi logs monitoring records the connected network details and allows parents to discover where their kids had been the whole day. The recorded Wi-Fi logs are easily accessible through TheWiSpy dashboard.

    Memos/Reminders Tracking:

    Children often write notes about their lives and save them in the memos on their cell phones. Likewise, teens set reminders on their cell phones and tablets so that they won’t miss out on an upcoming event. TheWiSpy app records all the data saved in the memo or reminder folder of the target device so that parents can monitor what is happening in their kids’ lives.

    Additional Qualities:

    Apart from monitoring and tracking tools, TheWiSpy app exhibits advanced qualities that make it the best parental monitoring app in the online industry.

    Here are some extra capabilities of TheWiSpy app, making it stand out as robust parental monitoring software.

    • 24/7 Instant Alerts – TheWiSpy sends instant alerts following every mobile activity happening on the target device. It keeps parents updated 24/7 with notification alerts.
    • Remote Access – TheWiSpy control panel gives remote access to parents to control and monitor kids’ mobile space. Parents only have to log in to the TWS dashboard from any browser, and they are all set to explore their kids’ cyber world.
    • Device Information – Using TheWiSpy app, parents can extract device information from their kids’ phones or tablets. Such data includes; device model, OS version, manufacturer, network carrier, connected Wi-Fi, IMEI number, and battery percentage. Parents can also see TheWiSpy activation key and keep track of license expiry date.
    • Live Demo – TheWiSpy live demo is an excellent way for parents to test the app before paying for its subscription. By trying the live TWS demo, parents can get a clear idea about how the app works and what features they can enjoy as parental control tools.
    • Responsive Technical Support – TheWiSpy customer and technical support are available round the clock to solve clients’ queries and app related-problems. Suppose parents find any issue regarding app performance or operation. In that case, they can easily reach out to the TWS support team and resolve their matter in a flash.
    • Uninstall Alerts – TheWiSpy sends instant notification alerts in case kids disable or remove the app from their phone. Parents will get updates on app deletion activity in real-time.

    mSpy Features:

    Monitor Calls:

    mSpy app is a good call monitor app, especially for parents who want to know who contacts their children via phone calls. mSpy call monitoring feature allows parents to monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls with chronology, timestamps, and durations. Moreover, parents can view the caller’s contact details and call logs history with remote access to their kids’ devices.

    Track Text Messages:

    It is a handy feature of mSpy for parental monitoring. mSpy text message tracker records all the sent, received, and deleted chat messages and enables parents to read all text conversations from the mSpy dashboard. The text message tracking feature also provides parents with complete details of the text sender and the date and time of every message.

    Instant Messenger Tracking:

    As instant messengers are the primary source for communication these days, mSpy offers cutting-edge instant messenger monitoring features. It gives parents access to WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and other IMs to track text and multimedia messages.

    Here are the instant messengers that the mSpy app can track:

    • WhatsApp Monitoring – The mSpy app can track WhatsApp chats remotely. Parents can read conversations and view shared multimedia along with call details with the mSpy WhatsApp tracking tool.
    • Snapchat Monitoring – With the mSpy app, parents can view Snapchat stories of their kids’ accounts. Moreover, parents can monitor snap streaks and read messages with mSpy Snapchat monitoring.
    • Facebook Monitoring – The mSpy app enables parents to monitor Facebook messenger secretly. Parents can track group chats, individual messages, shared photos, videos, voice notes, and GPS location. Parents can also view contacts and their Facebook profiles with mSpy Facebook monitoring.
    • Instagram Monitoring – Instagram is the hub of media sharing in the present time. mSpy Instagram tracking enables parents to look through the DMs of their kids’ Instagram accounts. Also, mSpy helps parents to view Instagram activity with remote commands. Parents can get complete insights regarding their kids’ Instagram activities with a few clicks.
    • iMessage Monitoring – mSpy app can track iMessages allowing busy moms and dads to monitor the text message history of their kids’ iPhones with complete secrecy. It helps parents track shared multimedia, multimedia, and text chats.
    • Skype Monitoring – With mSpy, monitoring Skype calls and messages is like a piece of cake. Parents can use the mSpy Skype monitoring feature to monitor Skype chats and call details.
    • Telegram Monitoring – mSpy app is capable of tracking secret Telegram chats like a pro. It gives parents the access to monitor Telegram and read messages, track contacts, view multimedia under stealth mode.
    • Hangouts Monitoring – Hangouts messages are also trackable with the mSpy app. It lets parents view all Hangout chats with complete message history and contact details.
    • Tinder Monitoring – Parents must monitor dating apps to secure their kids from sexual predators. Luckily, mSpy Tinder monitoring helps parents monitor Tinder account activity, monitor conversations, and view profile matches secretly and remotely.
    • Line Monitoring – mSpy Line monitoring feature tracks Line messenger chats and shared photos, videos, and other files. It lets parents monitor contact information and call details remotely.
    • Viber Monitoring – Viber chats are easily trackable with the mSpy app. It constantly records call history and text messages to keep parents updated with the Viber activities of their teens.
    • Kik Monitoring – mSpy tracker provides parents access to their kids’ Kik messenger account. Parents can monitor Kik chats and call details using the mSpy app.

    Current Location Tracking:

    The GPS location tracking feature is one of the advanced tools of the mSpy app. It provides parents with detailed whereabouts history using their cell phones’ electronic map. The mSpy location tracking feature constantly follows the GPS of the target phone or tablet. It delivers comprehensive reporting on pinpoints and the route history of the monitored device. In addition, it allows parents to view visited addresses along with location time and other details.


    mSpy geofencing helps parents mark safe and forbidden zones on their kids’ devices. Upon breaching the safe zone, mSpy instantly sends a notification to parents so that they can secure their kids from potential harm. For example, parents can set discos, strip clubs, pubs, and other inappropriate places as forbidden zones. Geofencing alerts keep parents updated about their kids’ physical safety and allow them to live in serenity while their children are outside.

    App Monitoring:

    mSpy app monitoring feature comes in handy in providing complete details of installed apps the target device holds. Parents can view app lists, versions, and usage details with mSpy app monitoring. It also includes app restriction access using which parents can limit the use of improper time-wasters applications.

    App Blocking:

    mSpy app blocking is a wonder for parents as it allows app restrictions using remote commands. For example, it becomes easy to restrict porn or dating apps from kids’ screens using the app blocking software. Not only this, parents can limit the use of addictive games and other applications without even touching their kids’ devices.

    Keystroke Monitoring:

    The mSpy keylogger is designed to record every typed text stroke of the target device. It is a luxury feature, allowing parents to monitor every keystroke made on their kids’ phones or tablets. If you want to know what your child searches on the internet, the keylogger feature of mSpy would greatly benefit you.

    Screen Recording:

    mSpy screen recording app can tape all the ongoing screen activities to provide parents with extensive reports on live screen happenings of their kids’ phones. It is a comprehensive feature that can record everything that happens on the target device’s screen. Parents can monitor chats, social media activity, and other cyber actions with a mSpy screen recorder.

    Multimedia Tracking:

    Teens capture photos and record videos using their cell phones. Parents can monitor pictures and videos of their teens’ phones with mSpy multimedia tracking. It records the images taken from the target device, and lets parents view downloaded and shared multimedia of the monitored device.

    Browsing History Monitoring:

    Children can visit any website they want, especially when parents are not around. However, to save kids from watching porn or other improper media, parents must check the browsing history of their kids’ devices. By this, parents can get an idea about the search behavior of their juveniles. If you want to know if your child misuses the internet space, you can use the mSpy browsing history monitoring feature. It helps you discover what your kid does online. mSpy lets you filter web content and track visited sites along with dates and timestamps.

    Bookmarks Tracking:

    Bookmarked websites can tell a lot about children’s online activity. Parents can monitor saved web bookmarks with mSpy software. Being the best parental control app, mSpy lets you track complete logs of bookmarked websites along with timestamps. If you find any lousy website, you can remove the bookmark from your kid’s phone and block the site remotely.

    Wi-Fi Monitoring:

    mSpy Wi-Fi history tracker helps curious parents find the whereabouts history of their juveniles. Kids connect their phones with public networks, and mSpy uses such details to help parents locate their children remotely. This feature delivers details on visited places and connected hotspots. Moreover, parents can restrict the device from connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network.

    Keywords Alerts:

    mSpy keywords alert help parents set inappropriate word lists to get notified when any of the words is triggered. For example, you can create a blacklist of terms related to sex, drugs, porn, or other improper activities. mSpy will instantly notify you when your child uses such terms. It also enables busy parents to set specific words such as slang and curses. Then, every time their kids type such words, parents get alerts regarding keystroke activity.

    Email Tracking:

    Using the mSpy app, you can track the inbound and outbound emails of your teen’s device. Unfortunately, teenagers often hide emails containing their academic grades or other information that can make parents worried. Well, hiding is not the solution. That is why mSpy has introduced an email tracking feature to allow parents to read the email inbox of their kids. It helps parents view all the emails and attached files along with contact details remotely.

    Calendar Monitoring:

    If you want to know any upcoming event or plan of your kid’s life, buckle up and start monitoring the calendar activity of your child’s phone. mSpy offers calendar monitoring that tracks the marked calendar dates and events secretly and allows parents to monitor such details under complete stealth mode.

    Phonebook Monitoring:

    mSpy phonebook tracking enables you to monitor saved contacts of your child’s phone. It allows you to delete or block connections from the address book of the monitored device. With easy remote access, parents can keep a keen eye on the contact list of the target device without letting their kids know.

    Additional Qualities:

    Although the mSpy app is jam-packed with quality parental control tools, some other qualities present this app as the top parental control software.

    Let’s have a look at mSpy salient capabilities.

    • Device Info Tracking – mSpy lets you explore the essential details of your child’s device. Such as, you can monitor mobile operators, battery status, and connected networks.
    • Online Control Panel – mSpy control panel gives parents cloud-based access to the tracked information. Parents can watch their kids’ digital and physical activities with the mSpy control panel.
    • Comprehensive Reporting – mSpy app delivers detailed reporting on the target device’s activity. It allows parents to download monitored files and set tracking periods remotely.
    • Uninstall Alerts – The excellent thing about the mSpy app as the best parental control app is that it notifies the end-user if the mSpy app is damaged or deleted from the target device. mSpy instantly informs parents if their kids have disabled or deleted the app from their machine. Parents can also monitor the time when mSpy was disabled or removed from the target device.
    • Customer Support – mSpy support provides customers with thorough app-related assistance. mSpy clients can get help from tariff plans, live chat, and the technical support team of the mSpy service providers.


    Both TheWiSpy and mSpy have excellent features, but in some way, TheWiSpy is more advanced than the mSpy app:

    Here is why:

    • TheWiSpy offers call recording features that mSpy does not deliver.
    • Using TheWiSpy, parents can spy on cameras and control their activities.
    • Screenshot capturing is an elite feature of TheWiSpy app that is unavailable in mSpy.

    Thus, TheWiSpy provides more advanced monitoring features than mSpy and is a better parental control app comparatively.

    Installation Process:

    TheWiSpy and mSpy are both handy parental control solutions; there is no need for technical knowledge. Parents can easily install these parental control apps with a few clicks.

    This section defines the Android installation process of TheWiSpy and mSpy separately.

    Let’s take a look at the installation guides of top parental control software.

    TheWiSpy Installation Process:

    TheWiSpy is a parental control app designed for Android devices. The primary prerequisite to install TheWiSpy on your kid’s device is acquiring its physical access. No parental control app offers remote installation. Therefore, physical access is necessary to install an excellent parental control app on the target device.

    TheWiSpy Android Installation:

    To make the installation process more easy-to-understand for users, we have split the whole procedure into simple steps.

    Here is the step-by-step installation guide of TheWiSpy app.

    Step 1 – Get TheWiSpy License:

    Visit the TWS website and choose a subscription package. Then, sign up by creating an account on TheWiSpy website and purchase the parental control app license.

    Step 2 – Install TheWiSpy on Your Child’s Phone:

    Pick up your child’s phone. Unlock it. Now, open the mobile browser and enter the app download link provided to you upon the license purchase. Next, download the APK file and then install TheWiSpy on your child’s device.

    Note: make sure you disable Google Play Protect on your kid’s phone before installing TheWiSpy app.

    Here is how you can do it.

    Google Play Store > Menu > Play Protect > Settings > Disable “scan device for security threats.”

    Step 3 – Configure TheWiSpy App:

    Once you install TheWiSpy app on your child’s device, it’s time to set it up. First, tap the app icon and enter some information. Provide your child’s name and age to create a profile  Next, enter the activation key that has been provided to you by TheWiSpy upon registration. Now, authorize specific permissions asked by the parental control app to provide it the access to monitor and control the target device. At the end of this step, hide the app icon to ensure stealth monitoring.

    Step 4 – Sign in to TheWiSpy Dashboard:

    This step is effortless. From your device, open the TWS dashboard. Next, log in to your TWS account by providing your authentic credentials. Once logged in, get straight to TheWiSpy features list to monitor and control the target device.

    Step 5 – Enjoy High-End Parental Controls:

    From TheWiSpy dashboard, you will see a list of complete parental control features at the left bar menu presented vertically on the dashboard. Monitor mobile devices with remote access and cyber control actions without letting your child know.

    mSpy Installation Process:

    mSpy app is a trendy parental control solution. Its installation procedure is quite different from TheWiSpy. However, parents can still easily install the mSpy app on their kids’ phones.

    Let’s take a look at mSpy installation guides for Android devices.

    mSpy Android Installation:

    To set up mSpy on your child’s Android phone or tablet, follow this step-wise mSpy installation guide. Every step of mSpy installation is straightforward and can be done with quick clicks.

    Here we go.

    Step 1 – Register with mSpy:

    Visit the mSpy website and create an account on it. Accept the terms and conditions plus the privacy policy of this parental control app and register yourself on mSpy website. Now, log in to your mSpy account and choose the device OS you want to monitor. Next, you have to select a subscription plan depending on your parental monitoring needs. Pick a plan and pay for it. The minute you purchase your mSpy subscription, you will be given an app download link, activation key, link to the dashboard, and your control panel credential. Secure this information for future use.

    Step 2 – Disable Play Protect:

    Now, it’s time to access your target device. Hold your kid’s phone or tablet. The very first thing you need to do is disable Google Play Protect. Open the Google Play Store on your child’s phone and tap the menu button. Scroll down and tap Play Protect. Go to its settings and then disable the option “scan device for security threats.”

    Step 3 – Install mSpy:

    Open the browser on your child’s device and enter the app download link in the address bar. Next, download the mSpy installer on your child’s device. Next, you have to install the mSpy app from the installer you just downloaded. Next, tap on the file and install the mSpy app. Once installed, you can move to the next step, which is the configuration of the mSpy app.

    Step 4 – Set up mSpy App:

    Open the app file and acknowledge the license agreement. Allow all the permissions asked by the mSpy app to allow it to integrate with your target device. Enter the app activation key, and you’re done with configuring the mSpy app on your kid’s device.

    Step 5 – Start Monitoring:

    Opt into your mSpy dashboard with authentic credentials. Once you open the mSpy control panel, you can monitor, track, and control the digital activities of your kid’s target device with remote commands.


    We must conclude that both TheWiSpy and mSpy apps are easy to install and configure. However, unlike other top parental control apps, installing TheWiSpy and mSpy is very simple. Just a few clicks and parents can enjoy the world’s leading parental controls apps like a pro.


    Here is a quick tip for parents; always choose a parental control app compatible with your kid’s device. Otherwise, it will only waste your time and money if you invest in a parental monitoring app that is not supported by your target device.

    Let’s check the compatibility of top parental control apps in the following section.

    TheWiSpy Compatibility:

    TheWiSpy app is a fully loaded Android parental control app. It is precisely engineered to control Android devices. Of course, most parents don’t know how to hack an Android phone; no worries, as TheWiSpy not only spies on Android devices but also lets parents control digital actions.

    Android devices possessing the OS version of 4 and higher are compatible with TheWiSpy app. It offers parental control tools for top Android manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Oppo, and so forth.

    mSpy Compatibility:

    mSpy app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The mSpy app supports android phones that run the operating system version of 4 or plus. When it comes to iOS compatibility, the mSpy app supports OS 7-9.1 devices. Make sure the iOS device is jailbroken. Parents can always check device compatibility from the mSpy website.


    TheWiSpy only supports Android devices, but mSpy beats it here as mSpy supports both Android and iOS phones and tablets. Thus, we must conclude that compatibility-wise, mSpy wins.


    The pricing of a parental control app is an essential factor that no one should overlook. Nobody wants to pay for an overpriced parental control app that does nothing but waste time.

    Here, we are about to mention TheWiSpy and mSpy Android parental control prices so that parents can pick the best-suited parental monitoring software.

    TheWiSpy Pricing:

    For the convenience of its customers, TheWiSpy offers three subscription plans named:

    • Starter Edition
    • Basic Edition
    • Premium Edition

    Parents who need a parental monitoring app for a short period can subscribe to TheWiSpy starter edition. It delivers advanced monitoring and control features at the lowest price of $9.99.

    Here are the details of TheWiSpy subscription plans:

    Starter Edition:

    15-Days Subscription: $9.99 only.

    Basic Edition:

    1-Month Subscription: $19.99

    3-Month Subscription: $49.99

    6-Month Subscription: $79.99

    Premium Edition:

    1-Month Subscription: $29.99

    3-Month Subscription: $59.99

    6-Month Subscription: $89.99

    If you are wondering which TWS subscription would be best for you, here is a little advice. Always opt-in for a parental control plan that matches your budgets and provides essential features. And for that, you must go through the features provided by each subscription.

    mSpy Pricing:

    The mSpy app offers basic and premium plans with one-month to one-year subscription packages. Here are the complete insights on mSpy subscriptions:

    Basic Plan:

    1-Month Subscription: $26.99

    3-Month Subscription: $59.99

    1-Year Subscription: $99.99

    Premium Plan:

    1-Month Subscription: $69.99

    3-Month Subscription: $119.99

    1-Year Subscription: $199.99

    Note that the internet is filled with rumors like mSpy free subscriptions. Don’t fall for such false claims as mSpy is a paid parental control app that does not offer free subscriptions.


    Considering the prices of top parental control apps, it is pretty clear that TheWiSpy is a better option for parents. It is because it delivers high-end parental control features and offers a starter monitoring plan at a minimal price.


    mSpy is a well-known parental control app. It is famous for providing parents complete control over their kids’ devices with high-end monitoring tools.

    Yes, mSpy is a reliable and undetectable parental control app. It works fabulously on Android and iOS devices. mSpy helps parents monitor their teens and tweens with remote tracking.

    Indeed, mSpy is an undetectable and non-intrusive parental control app. Parents can hide its app icon to ensure stealth monitoring in real-time.

    Yes, mSpy is capable enough to retrieve deleted text messages. It recorded every sent and received text message and instantly uploads the chats on an online dashboard from where parents can read everything.

    Unfortunately, mSpy does not offer a call recording feature. However, with the mSpy app, you can only view call logs. However, you can also block callers from contacting your target device.

    mSpy app comes in basic and premium subscription with monthly to yearly licenses. You can get mSpy monthly subscription at $26.99.

    mSpy app installation requires a one-time access to the kid’s device. However, with the mAssistance service of mSpy, parents can purchase a mobile phone with mSpy pre-installed on it.

    mSpy is a legit parental control app. It is legitimate and offers quality parental monitoring features allowing parents around the globe to track and control their kids’ cyberspace.

    You can get mSpy license from its website. However, the app is not available on Play Store, so if you want mSpy subscription, get it from the official source.

    TheWiSpy and mSpy both are quality parental control applications. However, in terms of features, performance, and pricing, TheWiSpy is a better option for parents as it offers more parental monitoring tools than mSpy.

    The Verdict:

    As per the comparative review, TheWiSpy takes the lead in providing top-notch parental monitoring features. TheWiSpy is a geared tool enriched with high-end parental control capabilities and a user-friendly interface.

    Given the number of mSpy features, parents may only find a few tools in this app for kids’ monitoring. Whereas, with TheWiSpy app, parents can be more alert regarding their kids’ online activities. TheWiSpy app provides parents with greater access to kids’ lives with remote access and online device control commands.