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    Is Using Parental Control Apps Legal?

    Posted in Parental Control by admin


    Do you want to use legal parental control apps in order to track the mobile usage of your kid?

    Or you think controlling your teen’s digital space might be illegal?

    We live in a world where kids have more knowledge of technology than us. Children use the internet for various purposes. For instance, the internet assists kids to learn new things. But it is always risky to give your kid unsupervised access to the internet. For that, top parental control apps are available to restrict the online space of kids and teens.

    Well, being living in the technical world, it is quite difficult for kids to overlook the online world. We all know that the internet contains all types of content. Though using the internet can be useful in many ways but still, it is not a safe place for juveniles. Hence, parents need to control the internet usage of their kids.

    The Legal Parental Control Apps Aspect:

    Kids are curious all the time to explore different things in life. But, when it comes to the online world, parents should imply some limitations. The internet holds content that might harm your kid, including pornography, violence, etc.

    Also, anyone can reach your kid using different chat groups, which is not right.

    It is true that when parents start restricting their teens, they get snubbed. Asking too many questions from them about how their day went, makes them offended.

    Here is a true example, some underage teen asked on Quora “Do my parents have the legal right to put legal parental controls on my computer if I bought it with my own money?”

    No matter who buys what, parents have the legal right to control the mobile and tablet usage of their underage children. Every state has a different age limit of being adult, till then parents can legitimately control and manage the screen usage of their kids.

    Remember that monitoring your child’s online activities is not considered as spying. For parents, who think parental controls might violate the privacy of their kids, keep in mind you are just protecting your teens from the online threats of the online world.

    So, why getting worried while you can take control of the smart devices of your kids?

    What Can You Do with Legal Parental Controls?

    It is a myth that minors rarely possess a smartphone. According to research, 53% of children own smart devices by the age of 11. And 84% of teenagers own their smartphones.

    Well, it must be alarming for parents, because the internet can exploit kids with improper content. Today, parents are aware of the harms and teens dangers of the online world. That is why the demand for parental control software is increasing day by day.

    If you are a parent, here is how a parental control app can save your kids from cyber dangers:

    · Block Addictive Games: 

    Kids easily get addicted to games. This obsession is somehow bad because playing too many games can affect their academic grades. When a teen or kid develop obsession towards a game, it becomes hard to for them to leave that particular game.

    Well, before that time comes, parents can block games that they think are inappropriate for their kids. Parental controls enable parents to approve games and apps and restrict content that might harm their child’s brain.

    · Restrict Improper Content:

    The internet holds every type of content. There are productive and educative things present online. On the other hand, mind destructive content is also present.

    Do you want your teen to watch adult content?

    No parent wants that. But you can’t guarantee that your kid will encounter an adult site or not with unsupervised internet session. To save children from improper content, parents can install parental control software in the mobile devices of their kids. Parents can block content by restricting age limits.

    · Control Screen Time:

    Using too much smartphone is hazardous for the child’s brain. The radio frequency radiations coming out from mobile devices directly affects the brain of your kid. Not only this, but poor eyesight has also been observed in children who spend long hours using cell phones or tablets.

    Parental control software helps parents to limit screen usage by setting time limitations. moreover, parents can switch off their kid’s device whenever they want with the remote-control feature.

    · Locate Kids Anytime:

    For parents, it is significant to keep eyes on the social activities of school going kids and teens. As a parent, you don’t have to worry about your child’s whereabouts if you have already installed a parental control app in his/her smartphone or tablet. A parental control app enables parents to locate their teens anytime they want. Furthermore, parents can view pinpoints and location history to find out the places their kids went after school.

    · View Browsing History:

    As mentioned earlier, the internet contains everything. Your child can access any website if you don’t supervise their online space. No parent wants adult or violent content exploit their kids.

    A legal parental control app helps parents to monitor the browsing history of their children. It helps parents to find out which type of content engages their children. As a parent, if you find an unsuitable website, you can immediately block it.

    Legal parental controls are important to keep a safe digital environment for your kids.

    Top Parental Control Apps:

    For parents seeking parental control app for android, here is a treat.

    The following are top parental control apps to help you manage your child’s online presence:

    • TheWiSpy
    • Qustodio
    • Kids Place
    • Kaspersky Safe Kids
    • Norton Family

    There are numerous other parental control apps available in the market. But the above-mentioned software offers advanced parental controls. Parental controls surely help you to manage and maintain your child’s digital environment.

    Final Thoughts:

    Keeping your child safe from cyber dangers is your sole responsibility as a parent. Certainly, every parent tries hard to protect their kids from possible threats of online as well as the physical world.

    Thanks to technology for easing our lives. With the help of parental controls, parents can now efficiently manage and monitor the online activities of their kids. What do you think is using parental controls a good idea?


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