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  • 10 Best GPS Tracker Apps To Track Real-time Location 2022 [Updated]


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    10 Best GPS Tracker Apps To Track Real-time Location 2022 [Updated]

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    GPS tracker apps are available all over the internet. But to select the best location tracking app, you must do some market research. Before you go for mobile tracking with an IMEI number, let us assure you that there is a better and efficient way to track cell phones.

    Use GPS tracker software!

    To save your time, we are going to reveal the 10 best GPS trackers for kids with the best-selling location tracking features.

    10 Best GPS Tracker Apps with Best-Selling Location Tracking 2022

    GPS tracking uses the Global Positioning System to discover the exact geographical location of the target device. We all have somehow interacted with the location tracking technology via navigation systems. Today, GPS location tracking benefits us in many other ways, including; child tracking, employee tracking, and others.

    The Gen-Z of today is much tech-savvy beyond our imagination. Modern kids try to hide their routines, especially their whereabouts, from their parents. As a parent, you must get anxious about the safety of your young ones. Instead of restricting loved ones from going outside, parents can use a GPS tracker for kids to monitor their whereabouts anytime they want.

    Don’t you know how to track kids’ GPS location?

    No worries.

    You can install a genuine location tracker app on your target phone/tablet and track the whereabouts of your loved ones.

    Below is the list of 10 best GPS phone tracker software that can help you track the Android phones of your children.

    1. TheWiSpy GPS Location Tracker
    2. FamiSafe Mobile Tracker App
    3. Find My Kids – Location Tracker
    4. Where’s My Droid
    5. FlexiSpy – Cell Phone Tracker
    6. Family Locator & Safety
    7. Kids Phone Tracker
    8. ESET Phone Tracker App
    9. Family Locator – Cell Phone Tracker
    10. My Family GPS Tracker

    Let’s explain mobile GPS location tracking feature, details and prices as well.

    1- TheWiSpy GPS Location Tracker:


    TheWiSpy is a secure GPS location tracker app. Using TheWiSpy app, you can track a cell phone location anytime you want. TheWiSpy cell phone tracker can be used best for child tracking, employee tracking, and personal use. Furthermore, TWS GPS tracker helps parents to locate their kids and loved ones anytime remotely.


    • Set geo-fencing alerts and create boundaries for safe and unsafe zones.
    • Track the real-time location of your target Android device.
    • Monitor the location history.
    • Track mobile activities and block inappropriate content from kids’ screens.
    • Monitor app usage and limit screen time remotely.

    Price: $19.99/Month

    2- FamiSafe Mobile Tracker App:

    Famisafe prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    FamiSafe phone tracker app is an ultimate software delivering high-end GPS tracking features. Parents can install FamiSafe on their kids’ phones and track their real-time location without any suspicion. As the name indicates, FamiSafe app comes among the 5 top mobile tracking apps to keep tabs on kids’ whereabouts. It is designed to ensure your family’s safety by providing detailed reports on location history and active pinpoints.


    • Track cell phone location with complete location history.
    • Get real-time GPS location history.
    • Track online and offline activities of cell phones.
    • Geo-fence secure and dangerous zones.
    • Monitor App usage and restrict violent games/apps.

    Price: $9.99/Month

    3- Find My Kids – Location Tracker

    FindMyKids child locator

    If you are looking for a free cell phone locator, go for the Find My Kids app. It is a free app to track the phone of your kids in real-time. Using this app, parents can keep firm eyes on the geolocation of their children.

    Find My Kids free GPS phone tracker provides you instant alerts on the live location of your child. Moreover, the app also enables you to get the location history details.


    • Easy to install phone location tracker.
    • Secure & reliable.
    • Track the battery life of kids’ phones.
    • Track location updates with active pinpoints and location history.
    • It does not require any registration.

    Price: FREE

    4- Where’s My Droid:

    where-is-my-droid app location tracker

    Where’s My Droid is yet another free GPS phone tracker available in the market. Track mobile location for free with this incredible GPS cell phone tracker. Where’s My Droid is an Android tracking app capable of tracking the location of your target device. These free cell phone trackers can find your lost phone. Also, parents can track the whereabouts of their kids in real-time.


    • Advanced GPS tracking.
    • No battery drainage.
    • Geofencing using Google Maps.
    • Remote phone locking feature.
    • Passcode protection.

    Price: FREE

    5- FlexiSpy – Cell Phone Tracker

    FlexiSpy prices review on TheWiSpy android spy apps

    Among GPS cell phone tracker apps, FlexiSpy location tracking is famous around the globe. FlexiSpy cell phone tracking software allows you to track phone location in real-time. Using this fantastic mobile tracker, you can track other cell phone activities as well. If you want to track your child’s location, install FlexiSpy on his/her phone and let the incredible GPS locator do its magic.


    • GPS location tracking.
    • Location history monitoring.
    • Call recording and text message monitoring.
    • Internet usage tracking.
    • App tracking and screen-time monitoring.

    Price: $29.95

    6- Familonet – Family Locator & Safety

    Familonet – Family Locator & Safety is the most versatile free location tracker app available for Android devices. The app ensures the safety of your loved ones by providing a complete report on location history. This free GPS cell phone tracking app offers a panic button that kids can press in the case of insecure or tricky situations.


    • Always get updates on the live location of your kids.
    • Track the location history.
    • Get notification alerts when your kids enter or leave a locality.
    • Enable kids to share location with parents via the panic button.
    • No battery drainage.

    Price: FREE

    7- Kids Phone Tracker:

    Kids Phone Tracker is yet another app among best mobile location tracking apps that tracks the location of Android devices for free. For parents who are curious regarding their kids’ whereabouts, no app can work better than Kids Phone Tracker. The app tracks the live location and extracts the location history of kids’ phones, making parents aware of their children’s every move.


    • Track the live GPS location of kids.
    • Monitor location history of visited places.
    • Secure GPS tracker.
    • Easy to install with a user-friendly interface.
    • Track phone activities, i.e., calls, SMS, and more.

    Price: FREE

    8- ESET Phone Tracker App:

    ESET Android phone tracker app is an advanced phone locator tool. This free GPS phone tracker empowers parents to get the real-time location details of their children. Using the ESET free cell phone locator, parents can discover the location history and track other mobile activities, including calls, SMS, browsing history, and more.


    • Get details on location history.
    • Track the current location of your kids and employees.
    • Easy to use interface and download.
    • Track web browsing history.
    • Track mobile app usage.

    Price: FREE

    9- Family Locator – Cell Phone Tracker

    Family Locator - Cell Phone Tracker

    Family Locator is yet another GPS cell phone tracker that ensures parents about the physical safety of their young ones. It is a free app to track cell phones legally. Using Family Locator GPS tracker Android, parents can get the location history and track their kids’ live location. Also, the app allows parents to set alerts. Notification alerts keep parents updated about the entry and exit of kids to a specific area. Anyone can install this location tracking app for free and ensure the safety of their family.


    • Enjoy real-time mobile tracking.
    • Get notification alerts on the Geo-location of children.
    • Monitor the location history of your family.
    • Track more than one person with a single account.
    • Get help from extra efficient customer support services.

    Price: FREE

    10- My Family GPS Tracker

    My Family GPS Tracker app for kids free

    My Family GPS Tracker is a reliable GPS tracker for Android to ascertain family safety in the outside world. This Android GPS tracker is a secure phone tracking software that enables parents to track their children’s live location. Moreover, parents can stay in contact with their kids using the app’s built-in chatting service.


    • Track kids’ location anytime you want.
    • Using kids mode, forbid kids to disable GPS location tracking.
    • Get location history details.
    • Use the built-in chatting service to stay in contact with your kids.
    • Monitor other mobile functions and listen to the surround recordings.

    Price: FREE

    Why You Need a GPS Tracker App Right Now?

    GPS location tracking is a handy feature to keep track of the whereabouts of your loved ones. With rising cases of abduction outside, it is convenient to track the geographical location of your kids.

    If you are a parent, location tracking can help you find out if your child is at school or wandering in parks or other public places. Whereabouts history is another main thing If you own a company with multiple employees, you must start tracking the work phones. By tracking the GPS location of company-owned devices, you can navigate your employees anytime anywhere.

    The Final Words:

    Lots of kids go missing every year. The reason behind missing and abduction cases is kids not telling their parents about their actual or real-time location. Children dawdle around the streets without letting their parents know. The only practical solution for parents is to use a mobile tracker tool to track the mobile devices of their kids. By using a location tracking app, parents will have all the details about their young ones’ whereabouts. We have discussed the top 10 GPS tracker apps with best-selling location tracking features. Hopefully, this piece of article will assist you to choose the best Android GPS tracking app.


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