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    How to Track Kids GPS Location?

    Posted in Parental Control by Mike


    Do you want to track kids’ GPS location?

    Of course, you must have given a thought to it at some stage of your life.

    The increased rate of kidnapping and missing children around the world makes people worried about the safety of their kids. The stats of child abduction and kidnapping, by strangers and family members, are quite daunting. Also, parents get anxious about whether their teens go to a prohibited place like bars and pubs, etc. after school. 

    Do you know that in 2019 there were 421,394 missing children cases reported at the National Crime Information Center as per the stats of the FBI?

    Well, physical dangers outside are uncountable, that is why parents concern about tracking their child’s GPS location to ensure their safety. 

    If you are a tech-savvy parent, then you must know that you can track your kid’s GPS location via their social media account settings. But, for that, you need access to their social media accounts. Likewise, if you know the credentials of your teen’s Google account, then you can also track the GPS location of your child’s device through Google Maps.

    In this article, we are going to cover some easy steps to track the GPS location of kids.

    So, listen up parents, this article is for every one of you who get anxious when their child comes home late.

    Stop worrying and adopt digital ways to track your children.

    How to Free Track Kids GPS Location?

    We can understand that waiting late hours for your teen to come home makes you paranoid. Parents indeed care about the safety of their children. No matter how old they get, kids always remain babies for their parents. 

    Today, parents look for tracking devices that help them trace real-time locations free of their children. A GPS tracker must be handy so that kids can carry it wherever they go. 

    Child trackers come in diverse forms including; baby monitors, tracking watches, and famous parental control apps.

    If your child does not own a mobile phone, then a GPS location tracking gear would be outstanding. 

    But if you want to track kids’ GPS locations, then there is nothing more convenient than using mobile tracking software. Thanks to technology for providing so many GPS tracking solutions and enabling us to remotely trace the location history and active pinpoints of our children.

    5 Reliable Ways to Free Track Kids GPS Location

    The following are some useful ways that help parents to track their teen’s location using reliable child monitoring application.

    Live Location Tracking:

    A GPS tracking app helps parents to locate the exact location of their kids. Parental control app traces the location of the target device using GPS satellites and towers. Using a GPS tracker, parents can track the active pinpoints and location history of their child’s whereabouts. Interestingly, parents can save the location history of their target device. The location tracking feature of cell phone trackers provides a detailed report on pinpoints and routes along with the date, time, longitude, and altitude etc. on a map or satellite view. 

    Tracking GPS location of kids, digitally, is the best way to stay updated about their whereabouts. 


    Top child tracker apps are getting smarter with the advancement of technology. Now, parents can mark safe and unsafe zones on the map using cell phone tracking software. Such best top mobile tracker apps send updates to the end-user when the target device user enters or leaves the marked area. Geo-fencing relieves parents by ensuring them that their kids are at school or playground. Likewise, parents can mark pubs, bars, clubs, etc. as unsafe or prohibited zones and see it their teens go there or not. The minute your child breaches the safe zone boundary, the tracking app immediately send a notification update. It helps parents to know about the real-time location of their kids.

    Location History:

    Tracking apps for cell phones are designed to record the location paths or routes taken by the target device user. Parents can find out where their kids go and which path they take for school or playground. Also, location history tracking update parents about the unusual stops taken by their kids on the way to home or school.

    WiFi Logins Tracking:

    WiFi logins monitoring can be a useful source to track kid’s GPS and find out the location history of your children. Connected WiFi logs to a public or private network can help parents to foresee the possible locations visited by their kids. 

    Check-Ins History:

    As a modern parent, you must know about how check-ins posting works. Kids post everything on their social media account, including; location check-ins. But, if your kid is tech-savvy, then it is possible then he/she might hide the location check-in from you. 

    But no worries! 

    A cell phone tracking solution provides you with complete access to your target device. So that you can track social media, emails, SMS, calls, and many other digital activities remotely.

    So, why waste your time worrying on your child’s safety while you can effortlessly track them anytime you want?

    TheWiSpy Location Tracking Solution:

    While talking about the exclusive features of the cell phone tracking app, it feels incomplete not to mention TheWiSpy location tracking software. 

    TheWiSpy is quite an equipped app to provide parents with digital monitoring and tracking of their kid’s devices. With a range of various mobile spying features, this app is getting popular among parents to control and monitor the mobile phones and tablets of children.

    The Last Words:

    Parents around the world are looking for a solution to track children without them knowing, when not around. Maintaining work and home routines is indeed a difficult task for modern age parents. Considering the need of the hour technology has introduced so many mobile tracking solutions to keep track of the whereabouts of children. The most efficient way to track a kid’s real-time location is using a cell phone tracking app. TheWiSpy mobile tracker offers dynamic features enabling parents to stay updated with the location history of their kids. So, are you ready to track kids GPS location with TheWiSpy mobile tracking software?


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