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    OnePlus 10 Pro

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    oneplus 10 pro op3

    OnePlus has consistently released the most advanced and attractive mobile phones in recent years. Now 10pro 5G is the latest flagship killer smartphone of OnePlus with Os version Android 12. This mobile is processed by premium quality Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1.

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    This mobile has a dimension of 6.42×2.91×0.34 inches, and its weight is 201g. Due to its light-weight, it is easy to carry—moreover, It has front and back gorilla glass body with an aluminum frame.

    This mobile phone has AMOLED large 6.7 display, and a resolution of 1440 x 3216 pixels make it easy to see videos on a large screen. OnePlus 10pro is available in two colors Forest Emerald and Volcanic Black.

    OS and CPU
    Its operating system is Android 12, oxygenOS 12.1, and colorOS 12.1. This mobile also has a chipset of Advance Qualcomm’s Snapdragon8 Gen 1.

    Calibration with unique Second-Generation Hasselblad color has a three-megapixel camera, 48MP, 8MP, and 50 mp and 32MP selfie camera. Other specifications are panorama, HDR, and Dual-tone LED flashlight.

    Its RAM range from 8GB to 12 GB, RAM and internal storage from 128GB to 12G. This mobile has an sd card slot.

    OnePlus 10pro has a 5000mah non-removable battery.

    Spy app Oneplus 10 Pro:

    oneplus 10 pro op1

    Spy apps promote friendly relationships between parents and children without interruption of child’s activities. Parents can save their kids from online sexual predators, cyberbullying, and awful internet habits.

    Since the OnePlus Pro operating system is Android 12, it supports spy app. There are many Spy software available in the market. But, TheWiSpy is the best and most affordable spy app that helps you to monitor your child, employees, and friend mobile phone online or offline.

    Apps Features:

    oneplus 10 pro op2

    The TheWiSpy has so many features for your safety. These features are GPS tracking, watching and recording around the target device’s places, listening and recording voice calls, tracking emails and SMS, browser history and social media activities, and monitoring the screen remotely to control screen time. Moreover, You can check saved photos and videos.

    Through TheWiSpy, You can also check the activity of your office workers, whether at the workplace or not through GPS tracking, check about their work progress on-site and social media activities and save your data from stealing. You can protect your business from internal fraud and online scams.

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