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    Why is Instagram So Addictive? Let’s Find Out

    Posted in Social Media by Julie

    Why is Instagram So Addictive?

    Do you find Instagram addictive?

    The social media world is getting upward with people’s reliance on it. That includes Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. Although social media applications do not satisfy a clearly defined need; but, people simply find them attractive. Therefore, everyone must have a clear concept of Instagram. With the rapid increase in demand, Instagram owns more than 1.074 billion active users worldwide. The people to Insta use the application for hours and hours.

    Internet users are getting addicted to Instagram especially, IG posts, IG Videos, and stories. Instagram addictive dependence has destroyed human lives badly.

    What is the reason?

    IG stories disappear after 24 hours. Meanwhile, likes & comments on Insta posts make people anxious not to miss any current topic.

    Do your children also get anxious about their Insta stories?

    Do they spend more time on Insta?

    This article will explore Instagram addiction, and why Instagram is so addictive? Let’s find out;

    What is Instagram Addictive?

    A social app Instagram attracts users towards its valuable features, and its filters help users to stick to the application for multiple hours. However, similar to Snapchat addiction, Instagram dependence has many drawbacks. The continuous use of Insta affects the creativity and productivity of the users.

    The facts and figures say that the abundance of anything can be harmful. So, when it comes to Instagram and cell phone addiction, people develop a sense of anxiety and annoyance. The addicts feel uncomfortable when the app or mobile is out of reach. They and their remote activities get disturbed. The game of more followers can have various drawbacks and effects.

    Keep reading on with us; the next part of the article will help you determine the reasons for Insta addiction:

    Why is Instagram So Addictive? Let’s Find Out

    The addiction to social media has an absolute presence in human lives– but why do the users find it so addictive?

    We human beings are blessed with countless wonders of technology, like online games, social media, movies, and everything. However, it brings forth some negative impacts. Several applications and websites enable users to make an account uncertain. Sadly, that uncertainty provides an open space to online predators for cybercrimes or bullying.

    Here are some reasons that can impact an addicted person;

    #1: Fear of Missing Out:

    The first and foremost reason people are getting addicted to social sites and applications is an acronym primarily associated with them. The full abbreviation of FOMO is – “Fear of missing out.” Insta creates a sense of community, where people build associations and links with people sharing the same interests. And follow them with great attention, even in their busy schedules.

    #2: Recognition and Verification:

    The value of an object lies in its responses, which links to another critical reason social media networks can be so addictive. Instagram stimulates its users to focus on recognition and verification.

    Whenever you post something on Instagram, your notifications inform you how many people have liked it and commented on it. Intrinsically, the more likes and comments you have, the better your post is.

    The busy lives of modern humans, or lately, the lockdown period, have lessened chances to meet and engage with folks and relatives, like no face-to-face recognition. Instead, social media presents us with a virtual opportunity through comments, likes, shares, and even negative interactions.

    #3: Helps in Publicity and Advertisement:

    Social media networks are more than a neutral site to follow, intercommunicate, and link with peers and others. Instead, they are diminutive broadcasting networks.

    Not so long ago, the idea of ​​​​a star or social media celebrity’s career was unthinkable. But, now, social networking influencers or celebrities are a vital part of mainstream businesses.

    Threats and Effects on a Person Addicted to Instagram:

    A socially addicted user disrupts his personal life unknowingly. While dependence can provoke aggression, insomnia, mood swings, and other psychological effects in an addict. 

    #1: Poor Academic Performance:

    Addiction to Instagram can affect children’s academic performances and make them hostile. Similar to this, kids start distancing themselves from the actual world. Therefore, parents must not allow their children to use such applications unrestrictedly and take preventive measures immediately.

    #2: Low Self Esteem:

    Instagram dependence doesn’t make us more social but isolates us from our families and near ones. When the Insta addict gets abused by someone, it urges them to spend more time developing their curated Instagram accounts. They always try to approve of their self-worth.

    #3: Psychological Impacts:

    The amount of time users dedicate to social applications can have a psychological impact on them. For instance, the psychological effects of jealousy are primarily seen in the younger generation and adults as social media is fueling humans with several negative sentiments.

    What are Instagram Addiction Signs?

    Whether your kids are full-blown Instagram addicts or not; these signs would help you apprehend if they are glued to the app.

    There are sufficient signs that will help you detect Instagram addicts better. It includes,

     1: Instagram reliance stresses out the addicts.

     2: They constantly check the profiles of the individuals they dislike.

     3: Addicts delete posts with fewer likes and comments.

     4: They start scrolling after a shorter while.

     5: Show aggression and frustration.

     6: Nothing matters (unlike meetings, work pressure) for an addictive user.

     7: Urges to earn more and more followers.

     8: Instagram obsession makes a person mentally sick, while academic performance is also affected.

     9: Instagram addicts keep checking on every single notification.

     10: An addict of Instagram posts pictures and videos with more extended captions and hashtags to get more views.

    So, suppose your peer or a family member indicates signs of Insta addiction. In that case, it’s time to help them overcome this deadly dependence.

    How to Beat Instagram Addiction?

    As you know the consequential reasons for social media obsession, you can comprehend how poorly it can affect your family and colleagues’ work and intimate life. If you want to beat the overuse of Instagram, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

    #1: Physically Detach Yourself from Mobile Phones:

    Place your device in another room for some time; you’ll be capable of focusing and being present with your activity. Just like out of eyesight, out of mind.

    #2: Block Hate-Follow:

    If you follow people who constantly send you hateful comments or messages, block or unfollow them and make your life peaceful.

    #3: Digital Detoxification with Your Friends:

    You will need a support system to break your Instagram dependency; that support can be your friend or sibling’s who desire to overcome it. So sit with them and make a plan to detox social media addiction.

    #4: Plan Other Creative and Productive Activities:

    Before cutting back on social media, determine ways to spend your time in productive activities instead.

    What’s that thing that you’ve always desired to do?

    Indulge yourself in more and more creative and productive activities, and it will help you avoid the overdrive of Instagram.

    #5: Use Monitoring Apps:

    Multiple monitoring tools are functioning online, such as social media monitoring apps and digital parenting software. These apps enable you to restrict or set imitation on Instagram of the target device.

    Employ apps like TheWiSpy to block Instagram on your target device. Meanwhile, you can use it to block inappropriate apps remotely and secretly.

    Finishing Lines:

    We would not advocate quitting engaging with and using social media. If we protect and encourage our offline life and relationships in the real world, we should enjoy a gig rather than watch it through our smartphones. We should stay at a distance and relish a sunset rather than aiming to grab a picture and share it on Instagram. That’s how we can overcome Instagram addiction.


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