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    Using WhatsApp Can Be Dangerous – Here is how | TheWiSpy

    Posted in Social Media by Julie


    Do you know WhatsApp can be dangerous for your kids?

    WhatsApp is a popular instant messenger with more than 2 billion users, within 180 countries.

    Being a top-rated messenger app, WhatsApp users utilize this platform for communication and entertainment purposes. WhatsApp has upgraded its features as the technology advances.

    Now, you can share your location, do video/audio calls, send multimedia, documents, etc. using a single app – WhatsApp.

    If you look around, there will be no smart device which has not installed WhatsApp in it.

    Kids find WhatsApp fascinating, as they share pictures, videos, and other content with their peers. Parents concern the kids’ security on WhatsApp and worry if over-sharing on instant messengers can harm their kids in any way.

    Is WhatsApp safe for children?

    WhatsApp, like other online apps, can be a gateway for potential internet dangers like cyberbullying, sexting, etc. Kids can send inappropriate content, talk dirty, bully someone, using WhatsApp instant messenger.

    Parents must make themselves aware of the fact that online exposure can invite unlimited threats to their kids.

    Let’s discuss how using WhatsApp can be dangerous for teens and tweens, and how parents can safeguard their kids from such online threats.

    Using WhatsApp Can Be Dangerous – A Parental Guide

    WhatsApp is a user-friendly messenger app. The robust functionality and incredible accessibility of WhatsApp make it the most used instant messenger around the globe. Using the app, you can call, text, or send documents for free.

    Kids get lured to WhatsApp as it provides them with limitless content sharing space.

    Teens using instant messengers is not a problem; the issue arises when such online messaging apps become the source of doing unlawful activities. Either for a bully or the victim, WhatsApp can be the medium to ignite online threats.

    Here, we are going to explain some main threats of WhatsApp that every parent must know.

    WhatsApp Safety Issues – Know How WhatsApp Can Harm Your Child:

    WhatsApp service providers claim that all the calls and text conversations are end-to-end encrypted. However, some drawbacks can invite potential online dangers.

    Let’s have a look at this matter.

    • Who Can See Your Online Status on WhatsApp?

    Any person who has your number can see if you are online or offline. WhatsApp indeed enables you to hide/conceal your last seen status. But, you can not hide your online availability status from anyone. Whether or not the person is in your contact list, as long as someone has your contact number; he/she can see if you are online on WhatsApp.

    • Is WhatsApp Safe from Malware Threats?

    No. Unfortunately, using WhatsApp, anyone can send you malware-infected links. Once the user opens the virus containing the link, it crashes the target device. Using WhatsApp, anyone can send you a file or link that holds a virus or malware. Kids can easily fall into malware traps, that is a red flag for parents.

    • Can Someone Hack WhatsApp?

    Hacking attempts have become easy by sending a corrupted file to the target user via WhatsApp. Kids are vulnerable to such threats and can open any received link they find attractive.

    • Can You Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

    Yes. You can read someone’s WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp claims to provide end-to-end encryption. But in reality, such encryption is foolproof. With the launch of WhatsApp Web and its QR code, it is now easy to open WhatsApp on a website or in your phone.


    There are apps available online that run following the functionality of WhatsApp Web. Such apps scan the QR code of the target WhatsApp account and allow you to read someone’s conversations without any suspicion. Due to such vulnerability, it is significant to keep the digital space of kids secure.

    • What are the Possible Dangers Kids Can Encounter Using WhatsApp?

    The severe drawbacks of WhatsApp messenger that can hurt kids include;

    • Scams – Online perpetrators including; hackers seek vulnerable victims on the internet for scamming purposes. Kids can be the potential target because they download random games without giving it a second thought.
    • Cyberbullying – It is the most dangerous threat that targets juveniles. Cyberbullying is so intense that it can make the victim attempt suicide.
    • Online predation – No one is safe from molesters, not even online. Strangers contact kids via WhatsApp and ask for sexting. Due to such reasons, parents must not give their underage unsupervised mobile access.

    Parents must keep track of their kids’ WhatsApp activities and make sure that their children do not misuse the instant messenger apps.

    How Can Parents Save Their Kids from WhatsApp Dangers?

    WhatsApp is indeed vulnerable to security threats. The app is yet addictive for teens. Kids spending hours on WhatsApp make their suspect if they are indulging in sexting, catfishing, or other unlawful activities.

    There is a solution!

    Parents can view WhatsApp messages of their kids using third-party spyware apps such as TheWiSpy. Using a monitoring tool can help us discover all the activities happening on the WhatsApp messenger of our teens and tweens.

    Let’s take the functionality of TheWiSpy as an example;

    TheWiSpy app enables worried parents to check the WhatsApp activities of their teens. With TheWiSpy, parents can monitor the ongoing text conversation, contacts, status read recipients, sent/received files, and many more. Parents can find out what their kids do on WhatsApp.

    What Else?

    TheWiSpy gives full control of the target device to parents. That means, parents can now monitor instant messengers, social media activities, call recordings, GPS location tracking, and many more online tasks of their children.

    Wrapping Up:

    WhatsApp is the most popular and demanding messenger app that has billions of users around the world. Unfortunately, WhatsApp can be dangerous as it is the active medium for sexting, cyberbullying, and other online threats due to its easy accessibility. For parents, it is a necessary task to track the WhatsApp messenger of their kids. Otherwise, kids will have to suffer from uninvited online dangers that can harm them in multiple ways.

    So arm yourself with TheWiSpy app and secure your kids WhatsApp space without any suspicion.

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