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  • Enjoy THANKSGIVING Festivities & BLACK FRIDAY SALE During Global Pandemic 2020? [INFOGRAPHIC]


    Enjoy THANKSGIVING Festivities & BLACK FRIDAY SALE During Global Pandemic 2020? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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    Learn precautionary measures to celebrate the holiday season safely. Enjoy the virtual Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale this year, and keep people around you safe and healthy.

    Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. And Black Friday too.

    Now that the holiday season is about to get started, we must not forget to take precautionary measures to avoid exposure and spread of COVID-19.

    Have you planned out a Thanksgiving dinner for this year?

    Speaking of COVID-19; Are you prepared for the holiday season 2020?

    The holiday season 2020 is going to differ from the past years.

    CDC SOPs Considerations for Hosting or Attending a Gathering

    CDC recommends us to follow SOPs and avoid in-person gatherings to minimize the spread of Coronavirus.

    Ensure you sanitize your hands and wear a face mask during Thanksgiving gathering, even with the household.

    Are you planning to see your grandparents this Thanksgiving?

    Try to avoid traveling, as it can increase your chances of getting exposed to public places hence catching the deadly virus.

    Don’t worry; you can still enjoy Turkey, Cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes with your loved ones.

    However, you have to celebrate Thanksgiving eve virtually. Greet Thanksgiving to your friends and family online. Host a small dinner for the household, prepare a meal together, and watch parades and football.

    Black Friday is also here. Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

    We all are excited to buy holiday gifts, but in 2020 everything has gone digital.

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    You can avail of Black Friday sales and cyber discounts online. Fill up your shopping cart with exclusive online deals and avail of the most significant discount sale online.

    All we gotta do is to stick to the safety precautions suggested by the CDC. And we are ready to enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. Stay healthy and relish the holiday season virtually. Don’t forget to keep your friends and family in prayers this Thanksgiving.

    We are here with the Holiday season survival guide to help you celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 and Black Friday sales with tranquillity. We hope that the next year will bring health and prosperity to our lives.



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