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  • Mobile App Usage Consumer Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic [INFOGRAPHIC]


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    Mobile App Usage Consumer Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic [INFOGRAPHIC]

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    The global pandemic has made us rely on technology more than ever before. Stats show that during the COVID-19 epidemic, people worldwide spent 1.6 trillion hours using mobile devices. The Android screen usage time has now increased by 20%.

    Is There Any Change in Mobile App Usage Behavior During COVID-19

    The simple and precise answer is Yes! mobile app usage consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot.

    We all are dependent on smart devices, whether it is schooling or shopping.

    Let’s have a look at top mobile app categories that have increased demand during the COVID-19 epidemic.

    Gaming Apps

    Such apps include board games, adventure games, card games, etc.; gaming apps have reached 858 million downloads during this pandemic.

    Health Care Apps:

    The health care industry has also gone online. As socializing and contacting people is a significant risk, people are now consulting on telemedicine services provided by health care organizations. Moreover, there has been observed a 3x increase in home-based workout apps.

    HomeSchooling Apps:

    Homeschooling is now a necessity because skipping school and doing nothing is not an option here. However, homeschooling and parenting apps have guided parents during the present epidemic. There has been a 128x increase in parenting tips searches.

    Beauty & Self Care Apps:

    Lockdown does not mean to overlook your self-care routine. People worldwide have searched for self-care tips. Among that, there have been observed around 5% increased searches for DIY haircuts.

    Entertainment & Hobbies Apps:

    YouTube, Disney+, TikTok, Netflix, and many other apps have been a great entertainment source this year. Search stats show a 125x increase in family movie queries.

    Food Apps:

    People are trying new recipes.. Fresh and unique recipes have been searched worldwide. Among that, a 45x increase has been observed in yeastless bread recipes.

    eCommerce Apps:

    We all prefer shopping online, especially when there is a deadly virus hovering outside. In mid-May, a 44% increase in eCommerce apps has been proved to change consumers’ buying behavior.

    Events & Holidays Apps:

    It is better to have a virtual meeting rather than meeting a bunch of people during pandemic times. Apps like Zoom and others have flourished during this year for meeting purposes. Moreover, stats show a 20x rise in virtual graduation parties.

    With such a massive trend of mobile app usage, the global market has ascertained a 366% increase in mobile app development popularity.

    Did you spend your lockdown time on mobile apps too?



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