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    Press Pause to Netflix Binge Watching – TheWiSpy Guide

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    Ask yourself, can you stop Netflix binge watching? After the pandemic, the world around us has changed drastically. And binge-watching is one of those changes. Binge-watch is best described as watching all series episodes one after another, in one sitting. It has become normal to the point of being problematic. Every day there is a constant addition of a new episode or whole new series at Netflix. The easy access to the whole series and its seasons has got people and kids glued to their screens.

    Although some people may be fascinated with the concept (which was not present two decades ago), it is a growing concern among health experts. The amount of content available 24/7 online is multiplying at a breakneck pace. Ultimately, it causes an increase in screen time. The time which was supposed to be divided among fitness, socializing, work and rest; is now shared by binge-worthy shows online.

    Binge Watching Meaning:

    Binge-watching is also known as binge viewing or marathon watching. When a person watches a series of content online or on tv for hours, it is called binge-watching. People and kids can sit all night binge-watching their favorite season.

    Short videos or episodes chips into binge watching addiction. It is due to the reduced attention span of humans. Our attention span is shortened to 8 seconds only. And goldfish have 9 seconds of attention span. Now do the comparison yourself; where do we stand?

    Binge Watching and Addiction:

    Binge-watching is not classified as an addiction. Instead, it has far more concerning effects on human’s life. People may find themselves enslaved to their screens, and despite knowing the issue, it is hard to get over it. This is a sign of addiction.

    However, you may also be surprised to know that a kind of depression is termed binge-watching depression. It causes a horrible down-like feeling after you have consumed too much screen time.


    Binge Watching and Mental Health:


    The side effects of watching too much on your tv, mobile, computer, or tablet impact mental health.

    Social Isolation:

    Binge-watching takes away the sense of excitement in meeting people and socializing in real life. People who binge on Netflix find it more amusing than enjoying the real-life company. Therefore, it badly affects the communication skills of a person. Human beings are social animals, and they need to be socially active. However, this deprivation is unnatural and leads to psychological issues. Therefore, we can easily wind up that binge watching bad.


    Behavioral Addiction:

    Behavioral addiction is a dependency upon a non-substance thing. Similar to gambling, you may find yourself craving for the next episode of a series on Netflix. Or you may have an irresistible desire to keep watching short videos on your mobile.

    It affects the brain which generates pleasure and satisfaction. Thus, leading a person to indulge more and more in that thing. It results in poor academics, social and work life. Behavioral addicts find it challenging to quit, just like drug addicts.


    Cognitive Decline:

    A study done in 2019 reports that binge-watching leads to impairment in cognitive thinking. People watching too many screens (more than 3 hours per day) have declined verbal memory and thinking processes. To refresh your mind, you have to give up your Netflix addiction. The adverse effects of Netflix addiction on your brain can be long-lasting.


    Lacks Interest in Other Affairs:

    People, especially young kids who binge-watch Netflix, often neglect other tasks and meetings at hand. The absorption into a series on Netflix throws them away from social interactions and other responsibilities. Including home chores, homework, office tasks, etc., it is hard for them to get out of their comfort zones.


    Bad Academic Results:

    It is not uncommon to find the kids binge-watching with bad academic results. Skipping classes, incomplete assignments, losing project deadlines, and poor exam preps are typical among those kids.

    Moreover, the motivation for school participation drops as your kid keeps thinking about finishing the last episode. If detected early on, these signs can easily save your child’s life and grades.


    Applying Characters to Oneself:

    Let’s talk about a Netflix series released in 2017 named “13 reasons why”. After its release, many health services pointed out the graphic nature of the series was concerning. Kids started searching for “how to commit suicide”, and the search rate was jumped by 26%. Similarly, the suicide rate was increased by 12.4% in boys and 21.7% in girls.

    A study on the binge viewers of television and mobiles has concluded that they possess higher stress and anxiety levels.


    A Habit of Lying:

    To stay in a social circle, people and kids are developing the habit of lying about a popular series or show they never saw. These days to participate in such conversation, it becomes necessary to either watch the trendy show or at the very least lie about it. The most-lied about Netflix show was “Breaking Bad”.


    Binge Watching and Physical Health:


    People addicted to binge-watching Netflix are prone to a sedentary lifestyle. And with sedentary living comes many health risks, not to mention high blood pressure, heart diseases, osteoporosis, anxiety, obesity and depression. Therefore, it is highly recommended by doctors to stop Netflix binge watching.


    Physical Inactive Routine:

    A study in 2020 showed devastating health conditions in younger kids who were non-active while sitting and watching T.V. It linked those kids to 25% increased B.M.I. and fat.


    Eating While Binge Watching:

    Binge-watching promotes unhealthy habits of eating. People who like to eat while watching a program tends to be distracted from their meals. Eventually, they end up eating more or making unhealthy food choices. It then leads to weight gain and problems associated with it. They eat junk food while binge-watching and drinking sugary beverages. It is common among people who binge-watch.


    You Sleep You Loose:

    Binge watchers like not to sleep a wink. Your favorite show might keep you hooked with Netflix for hours, and you resist sleeping as much as you can. Sleep is indispensable for better health and mental peace. It promotes better brain function and a child’s development.

    Fatigue, poor sleep quality and insomnia is associated with binge-watching, as the brain cannot shut down itself. Sleeping late or in the early morning hours causes the body to get less of a chance to repair itself.


    Heart Health:

    The person sitting idle, watching T.V., compared to a person doing a desk job, is more likely to become a heart patient. Researchers have claimed that binge watching addiction leads to cardiovascular diseases.


    Steps to Break Binge Watching:


    Everyone knows that old habits die hard. However, you have to adjust a little to your lifestyle, and you can easily avoid binge-watching. The top 5 reasons why you should set parental controls on your child’s phone include Netflix addiction.


    Set Limits:

    Your time is precious. It is more valuable than wasting time on a T.V. show. Start by limiting the number of episodes or shows you will watch per sitting. It is better to set a time limit so that you stay focused. Do something productive if you have outstretched the limit. Time management is one of the primary ways to distract yourself from hooking on your T.V. and binge-watching Netflix.


    Here is how you can set limits on your kids’ smart devices.


    Find Balance:

    Balance your life by including healthier activities other than watching T.V. Read a book, do your chores, exercise, be more social with friends and family, and pursue your hobby and talent. Install a good monitoring app to give you reminders. Being more productive releases more dopamine hormones in comparison with binge-watching. Stay more active and communicate with your old friends. Pursuing your hobby also releases the “happy hormone” that motivates you to be happier.


    Watch With Family:

    Watching with your friends and family helps you stop lingering on the T.V. making it a social event. You can only watch until everyone agrees. Moreover, you can not push every person in the circle to keep watching you. It helps you get over the urge to want to see more, and you can have a chit-chat session after the movie. It distracts your mind, and you can engage in more productive conversation.


    Ensure Your Quality Sleep:

    Don’t sacrifice your beauty sleep. The human’s mind and body need rest. The body heals itself while you sleep. A good night’s sleep affects your mood, and you are refreshed for the following day after you wake up. It helps when you set up an alert for bedtime and go to sleep timely.


    Snack Healthy:

    Add food to your diet that has quality nutrient value. If you want to snack, opt for fruits, fresh juices, or vegetables. And don’t eat your meal while watching T.V. it is not only beneficial to your overall health, but also your brain doesn’t think of the snacks as a reward for watching too much Netflix.



    Experts recommend we stop Netflix binge watching immediately. There is little to no good for binge-watching. In fact, the health issues are becoming more evident with all research done. Anything that exceeds its limit is unhealthy. Watching a Netflix movie or a show is not bad until you overdo it. Watch your favorite season over the weekends or twice on the weekdays when you have time. It is better to invest your precious time in productive things and spend quality time with your friends and family.

    Exposure to excessive viewing of screens can lead to dangerous physical and mental issues. Behavioral addiction includes gambling, gaming, sex, and binge-watching.

    Suppose you think you are losing track of your deadlines or continuously turning down social gatherings. In that case, it is time you start limiting binge watching. You can use a monitoring app to help you with a guide.


    1. Is Netflix binge watching good?

    Everything consumed too much can become a serious threat. It is beneficial to hold it in the middle ground. Overwatching can cause damage to your physical and mental health. God did not design humans for a sedentary lifestyle. Expect the unexpected when you have developed an addiction to Netflix. It can take over your emotional and physical capabilities. Binge watchers tend to move into an imaginative world. Experts suggest that Netflix binge-watching is not good for human health.

    2. How many hours can count as Netflix binge?

    If you are watching Netflix for over two hours or continuously watch more than two episodes of a Netflix series, it counts as Netflix binging. Regardless of the content, experts consider Netflix binging injurious to health. Especially for kids. Not to mention it reduces the productivity of a person, but it is noted that it can seriously affect overall mood.

    3. Netflix binging causes what affects our brains?

    Long hours in front of the screens binge-watching Netflix can have serious mental deterioration. It can lead to intellectual decline. Not to forget the decrease in the ability to process the information. Many studies have unveiled the impact on overall brain functions. They recommend moderately watching Netflix avoid any dangerous and long-lasting impact on the brain.

    4. What causes Netflix addiction?

    Experts believe that watching a series in a go or more than two episodes can cause Netflix addiction. When you watch your favorite show, series, or movie, your brain releases dopamine chemicals. This chemical acts like a drug in your body. Hence, it intrigues a person to know more about what is about to happen next. This can keep the watcher hooked to their screens. Netflix addiction is real, and to get out of its clutches, a person needs to stay focused and self-controlled.

    5. Is Netflix binge linked with depression?

    The answer is simply yes. Countless researches have shown the direct link between Netflix addiction with depression. Extensive Netflix watching is the first step into loneliness. People get insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other problematic issues. Moreover, binge-watching can trigger already existing problems. The depressed person experiences more anxiety attacks and tends to be confined to their loneliness.


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