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    Is Your Partner Cheating? 5 Signs to Catch a Cheater

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    Is Your partner Cheating

    Love is in the air. You always feel happy when you are with your loved ones. It is blissful to know that someone is there for you and loves you with all their heart. But sometimes promises do not last forever. Sometimes all the warmth of your partner fades away. It doesn’t happen in a day; instead, it is a slow process where all the connection between partners vanishes.


    Cheating is always considered the bridge breaker of relationships. Do you think your partner is acting weird now? Or there is some sixth sense indicating that your partner is cheating on you. Are there continuous fights between you and your partner? 


    Cheating may vary from partner to partner. Some think that using the phone and giving no time to a partner is cheating; watching inappropriate websites like porn is cheating. Some think being alone and not involving partners in day-to-day conversations is cheating. Others may think texting the opposite gender is cheating.


    So it always depends on partners what they believe cheating is. But there is always hope between two loved ones after massive fights.


    Are you the one looking for warnings of cheating? You can save your relationship from further damage by looking for some signs of infidelity.



    5 Signs They’re Cheating on You:

    5 Signs they're cheatinf on you

    There are always some signs that let you know about the suspecting partner. Below are the five significant signs you should look for if you think your partner is cheating. But, of course, it is better to identify odd behaviour of your partner as soon as possible.


    1.They Show Lack of Interest in You

    they show lack of intrest in you

    The primary sign that your partner is cheating is their lack of interest in you. A person who seems to be available for you all the time is now unreachable. This sudden behavioural change is the root sign of something going wrong. Those who love you constantly make an effort to give quality time no matter how busy their schedule is. They always try to make you feel loved. They love to listen to what’s going on around you.


    Cheaters don’t want interruptions in their new relationship. So they ignore you and show no interest in you to avoid detracting from their new commitment. Moreover, they become unavailable to refrain from unnecessary voices from you.   


    Relationships always demand time and effort. But if you notice that your partner is not taking an interest in you or not putting effort into being close to you, it’s a clear sign that they may be cheating on you.


    Likewise, if your husband or boyfriend is interested in some other women, he will start losing interest in you and will become unreachable. Cheaters are into new commitments and spend most of their time dating. So if you notice consistent unavailability from your partner’s side, it is evident that your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating. 


    2.They’re Conscious About Their Physical Appearance

    they about their physical appearance

    The other sign indicating a cheating partner is their sudden possessiveness towards their looks. It is a sign of infidelity  that your spouse is attempting to seem more appealing to someone. If they suddenly start exercising and eating healthier, it’s time to get alarmed.


    Likewise, it may signify an affair if your partner smells nicely suddenly. They changed their wardrobes and started wearing slacks with matching socks and trendy shirts. The same goes for getting a new haircut and undergarments, especially if your partner looks the same around you but much better for work or particular social occasions.

    It is a clear-cut sign that your spouse is not interested in you.


    3.They’re Spending More Time on Cell Phones

    they're spending more time on cell phones

    The key to a happy and long-lasting relationship is to share everything with your partner. The element of trust is what keeps the relationship working. Loyal partners share every detail of their lives, including phone passwords or pin codes.


    So all of a sudden, when your partner changes their phone passwords and is reluctant to tell you their passwords, it indicates that they might be cheating. Hiding passwords without any solid reason always seems like the person doesn’t trust you, and there’s something in their phones that they want to hide. 


    The situation is alarming when your partner used to tell you every detail about their phone’s behavior, like whom they are texting, their passwords, etc., and now they hide everything from you.


    Moreover, they are always with their phones and never leave them by their side. All these are the signs that your partner is not loyal to you. Secretly using more phones or computer usage is another sign. Cheating a person is a choice.


    Does your partner gets mad at you when you ask for their phone or ask whom they are engaged with on the phone? If such questions trigger them, it is a clear sign that your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating.


    4.They Avoid Meaningful Conversations

    they're avoiding meaningful conversations

    Your lover is less likely to pick up the phone or reply to your texts if they cheat on you. Furthermore, you could hear plausible explanations like they were at a conference, driving, or in a “dead zone” and were unaware that you were attempting to contact them. It’s only good if your spouse is accessible while working late or away on business. So a sudden decrease in communication indicates that your spouse is cheating on you. Most individuals follow consistent schedules, and even when they do alter, there is typically a good explanation. Communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship. If your long calls and text messages suddenly vanish from your relationship, it is a clear sign to consider.


    5.They’re Acting Strange

    they're acting strange

    The lovey-dovey relationship that you and your partner hold suddenly disappears. Confronting a cheating person may result in a defensive reaction. They mostly blame the issues that come up from their sides on you. They get offended when you question their sudden behavior change and why they behave so coldly when you are around them. They respond to your questions in a very aggressive way. They get triggered more if you ask any question about their behavior change. 


    To your questions, they answer like this

    • This issue wouldn’t exist if you had greater faith in me.
    • Why are you bothering me again and again?
    • You are acting weird with your daily questioning about my day.
    • Why are you asking for my phone?
    • Could you give me some space? I don’t want to be with you.
    • You’re simply envious.
    • Why are you invading my privacy? 
    • I don’t want to answer any of your questions.


    If, upon asking, they get triggered by you, it is a sign that your better half is cheating. A healthy relationship is one where there is more communication, and they sort out matters together. If a person is aggressive around you, ignoring you, it clearly indicates that something is not going well. 


    It is always disturbing to know that the one you trusted is cheating on you. It is traumatic and painful whether you caught them directly or indirectly.  You can read text messages on their phones or check browsing history of their tablet. Relationships take a toll on our mental health and working performance. So when you know that your significant other is cheating, it’s high time to ponder its primary causes.

    Final Thoughts

    People mostly cheat because of the ignorant behavior of the partner towards the other partner’s needs.

    Have you caught them red-handed? What to do next?

    It would help if you were wondering what to do next when you catch the cheating person. It’s simple; cheating doesn’t mean the end of a relationship. You still give the suspecting partner a chance to change.

    It would help if you considered the following.

    • With love and harmony, you can change anyone. 
    • Both partners should reflect on their behaviors and adopt the necessary changes to build the relationship.
    • In case of extreme disagreements, it is better to consult relationship experts.

    In short, you better remember all the happy moments you spent together instead of giving up on your partner and loving relationship. As a precautionary measure, you can use TheWiSpy to clear all your doubts and suspicions.


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