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    How to Spy on My Child’s Android Phone?

    Posted in Android Spy by admin

    How to Spy on My Child's Android Phone?

    Leaving kids on their immoderate is not safe. Due to some serious threats including child molesting and bullying, parents should step up and spy on their child’s daily activities.

    As a parent, you cannot be with your child every time. Neither you can go to places such as school, college, etc. like a shadow.

    So, how you are going to keep an eye on your children?

    How would you ensure that they are safe outside?

    Well, there is a two-word answer to it, “Mobile Spying”.

    Yes, it does work.

    Android spy apps have revolutionized digital spying.

    Parents can monitor their kids and teens remotely from work or home. Cell phone spy apps for Android are getting famous among parents who want to make sure that their kids are safe and sound, even if they are not physically present with them.

    Many of you wonder if spying is an illegal activity or it violates the privacy of children. But, when it comes to the child’s safety, mobile spying is the only option for parents to ensure their kid’s protection.

    Why You Should Spy on Your Teens & Kids?

    Spying your juveniles is the only solution that keeps you updated with their social circles and helps you take immediate action in case of any mishap. Every kid now owns a cell phone or a tablet; it becomes easy to utilize these digital devices for spying purposes.

    In the case of kids under teenage, parents should ensure that they don’t get exposed to inappropriate content such as:

    • Pornography
    • Violence
    • Adult Games
    • And many more

    Content like these damages the pure mindset of children and badly affect their thinking. Underage kids can also be targeted by online predators that can make them share private information and so on.

    When it comes to teens, the following threats commonly occur:

    • Bullying
    • Harassment
    • Sexting
    • Blind Dating
    • Social Media Addiction

    Parents should keep tabs on their children’s online and physical security.

    So, here we mentioned some of the threats faced by kids currently, now let’s take a look at the solutions to protect your kids from online dangers.

    Mobile Spy Apps – A Digital Way to Ensure Your Kids Safety:

    Technology has rescued us in case of monitoring the activities of our children. Now, the best mobile spy apps are getting so common that every parent employs it in their kid’s smart devices for monitoring their activities.

    Mobile spy apps enabled parents to spy on the following:

    • Incoming and Outgoing Calls
    • Call Logs
    • Text and IMs Messages
    • GPS Location
    • Social Media Accounts
    • Time Stamps
    • Screen Usage
    • Media Gallery
    • Browsing History
    • WiFi Logs
    • And Lots of More Digital Activities

    Parents can now track the real-time GPS location of their kids and find out whether they come straight to home or go somewhere else after school. Android OS is the most famous operating system today. Android spy apps have made it so easier to view everything your child does.

    Let’s see some popular phone spying apps and find out their best kid’s monitoring features.

    Top 5 Mobile Phone Spying Apps to Monitor Your Kid’s Activities:

    When you look around for the best spy app for mobile devices, you might get confused because there are so many competitors out there. Every cell phone spy app ensures that they offer the best features but only a few prove it true.

    So, how will you discover the best one?

    Don’t worry; we are here to get you through it. Just continue reading this article.

    1. TheWiSpy:

    Want a complete mobile spying package?

    TheWiSpy is an ultimate mobile spy app that allows parents to monitor their kid’s digital activities, secretly and remotely. It is an effective Android spy app, enabling parents to watch out for their children without their physical presence.

    With the top-notch and remarkable monitoring features of TheWiSpy cell phone monitoring app, parents can:

    • Listen to Phone Call Recording
    • Read SMS
    • Read IMs Messages
    • View Call Logs
    • Track Active GPS Location
    • Monitor Location History & Visited Pinpoints
    • View Media Gallery
    • Monitor WiFi Logs
    • Block Inappropriate Webs & Apps
    • Check Browsing History
    • Monitor Downloaded Apps
    • Watch Screen Usage

    TheWiSpy ensures efficient tablet and mobile spying for kids and is secure to use. All your data is encrypted and unreachable to anyone except you.

    2. FamiSafe:

    FamiSafe is a very popular kid’s monitoring software, ensuring remote spying without any suspicion. It runs effectively on both Android and iOS devices. As the name indicates, FamiSafe is designed to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones.

    Below are some of the features offered by FamiSafe:

    • Mobile Tracking
    • Read SMS & IMs
    • Web & App Blocking
    • Call Recording
    • Web Filters
    • Browsing History Monitoring

    Using the FamiSafe iOS and Android spy app, parents can effectively spy on smartphones and tablets of their children, and save them from cyber dangers including online predators, cyberbullies, molesters, etc.

    3. Phone Sheriff:

    Phone Sheriff is your savior when it comes to monitoring your child’s internet usage. This app is specifically developed to spy on the online presence of your kids and teens. Phone Sheriff is easy to install. Interestingly, this app has won the Gold Award in 2015 due to its great customer support services.

    Let’s explore some of the main features of it.

    • Enables Monitoring of Web Logs History
    • Notifies When a New Contact is added
    • Enables Screen Time Limits
    • Sends Geo-Fencing Alerts
    • Allows Remote Access to Lock & Unlock the Phone
    • Gives Access to Remove Phone Data Remotely
    • Alarming Alerts in Case of Phone Intrusion

    Phone Sheriff helps parents to effectively spy the internet world of their kids. Further, it is secure to use and explore the digital space of children, remotely.

    4. Screen Time:

    Worried about your kid spending too much time on the smartphone or tablet?

    Well, you don’t have to be anxious because the Screen Time app is available in the market to enable restricted screen usage for your children. Screen Time works as both parental control and an Android spy app and has ultimate features for screen monitoring.

    Let’s check some of its features:

    • Set School Time Restrictions
    • Limit Bed Time Use
    • Pause the Target Device
    • Multiple Controls
    • Block Webs & Apps

    Amazingly, Screen Time is strongly compatible with Android, iOS, and Amazon devices. Parents can enjoy advanced control features with this outstanding software.

    5. Kids Place:

    Gear up and make any smart device childproof with Kids Place. This app received great feedback in terms of controlling the devices of children. Parents around the globe prefer this app to ensure that any device their child uses is properly secured.

    Want to know its features? Here they are:

    • Customize Home Screen with Allowed Apps
    • Select Time Limit for Screen Usage
    • Block Any Number
    • Censor Inappropriate Content
    • Disable Wireless Signals

    Kids Place is well-suited for toddlers and underage kids. It is free and proved to be the top-notch parental control app in terms of spying and device management.

    Final Thoughts:

    Every spying app is unique, but all works on the same principle; to protect kids from online dangers. Mobile spy apps help parents to effortlessly monitor what their kids were doing online.

    We have written detailed reviews about the famous-hidden monitoring apps for android.

    What do you think about which app would be perfect for your child’s monitoring?


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