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    Commercial Sexual Exploitation – How Screen Recording Can Help Parents?

    Posted in Cyberbullying by Mike

    Commercial Sexual Exploitation Parents-to-Save-Kids-from-Sexual-Abuse

    Commercial sexual exploitation is a growing nuisance to us. A considerable number of children are forcefully getting engaged in sexual acts by pimps or exploiters.

    Unfortunately, internet space is the central hub for sexual predators to target juveniles.

    Technology surrounds us, and we can’t just stop kids from using mobile phones and the internet. Instead, parents can restrict the screen and internet usage of children.

    This article covers all the haunting details about commercial sexual exploitation that parents need to know. Don’t worry, as we will also share the solution to keep kids away from sexual predators.

    What is Commercial Sexual Exploitation?

    Commercial sexual exploitation of children includes a series of offenses involving kids’ sexual exploitation in exchange for monetary benefits. Kids can get sexually exploited on the streets, at home, or even online.

    What are the Forms of Commercial Sexual Exploitation?

    Commercial exploitation of children involves the following crimes;

    • Sex trafficking
    • Prostitution
    • Sex Tourism
    • Pornography
    • Online Predation
    • Stripping
    • Sexting/Nude Messages
    • Early Marriage

    Traffickers, pimps, and exploiters actively search for vulnerable kids and trick them into engaging in such haunting crimes. The online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, etc., are also used to target kids for catfishing and online molestation.

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    Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Statistics:

    Sexual assault for commercial purposes is growing furtively. No country around the globe is pure from such an extreme menace.

    According to a UNICEF report;

    • 1.39 million people get abused by forced commercial sexual exploitation. From such a number, 40-50% of victims are minors.
    • 12,000 Nepalese juveniles (mainly girls) are trafficked every year for prostitution and other sexual purposes.
    • 28,000 to 30,000 kids are engaged in the sex industry in South Africa. Among these children, approximately half are 10-14 years old.

    Isn’t it scary?

    Well, for parents, we have concluded some significant signs. These signs can indicate if their kid is being trapped in unlawful activities.

    Signs and Red Flags of Sexual Exploitation Among Kids:

    Sexual abuse and exploitation of children leave irreversible emotional and psychosocial trauma. If you are a parent, you must worry about your child’s social circle. There is no safe place for kids, not even the internet.

    Hence, as a parent, you must keep an eye on your kids.

    Here are some red flags that indicate commercial sexual exploitation of children;

    Social Signs:

    • Friendship with older adults.
    • Having an older boyfriend/girlfriend.
    • In-person meetings with people whom kids met online.
    • Possession of expensive clothes, accessories, pieces of jewelry, gadgets, etc.
    • Ammunition Possession.
    • Possession of illicit drugs.

    Emotional Signs:

    • Change in behavior.
    • Expression of hypervigilance, fear, and exhaustion as trauma response.
    • Mixed emotions or feelings.
    • Distrust or suspecting nature.
    • Mental breakdown and stress.

    Physical Signs:

    • Physical injury.
    • Marks of sexual assault and physical assault.
    • Multiple STIs.
    • Multiple pregnancies or abortions.
    • Change in appearance; tattoos or branding stamps.
    • Substance use.

    Behavioral Signs:

    • History of escaping or fleeing.
    • Inappropriate online presence.
    • Use of slangs.
    • Use of text abbreviations in chats.
    • Sexting.
    • Reporting false personal information, e.g., catfishing.
    • Spending time at hotels.
    • Traveling a lot out of state.

    Sexual abuse or molestation cases are increasing every passing year. And now, technology and mobile freedom have given kids unlimited access to befriend strangers.

    How can parents control such torment?

    Let’s find out.

    How Can Parents Save Kids from Commercial Sexual Abuse?

    It is quite worrisome to know that your child is engaging in forced adult activities. Many parents don’t even recognize that their kid is in need of help.

    The foremost thing a parent can do is to educate children about sexual predation. Parents must start training their kids about their private body parts from an early age.

    If your children are schoolgoing, teach them to avoid talking to strangers and never give them personal details. E.g., home address, contact number, etc.

    For parents to teenagers, it is vital to save them from physical and cyber dangers. Tell them to respect their privacy, both online and offline.

    Commercial Sexual Exploitation – The Hidden Online Truth:

    Living in digital times, it is challenging to keep kids away from using mobile devices. We all spend a significant amount of time on cell phones. Kids, especially teens are cell phone addicts.

    Cell phones and tablets engage kids from the very age of 2-3 years. Such exposure make kids comfortable with mobile devices and urge them to explore the online world.

    Kids can connect with a stranger online with only a few clicks.

    Parents around the globe are concerned about theright age to give kids their personal smart devices.

    Online predators can easily reach juveniles using social media platforms.

    For parents, cell phone text messages and instant messaging chats are useful evidence to know. If their children are not in bad influence.

    How can parents reveal the suspicious online activities of their children?

    Using a kids’ monitoring app!

    Do you know about the mobile screen recording?

    If you don’t, then continue reading to find out.

    How Screen Recording Help Parents to Save Kids from Sexual Abuse?

    Screen recording is the ability of a kids’ monitoring tool that actively records the ongoing mobile activities secretly and remotely. Using a remote kids’ monitoring app like TheWiSpy, parents can reveal every action that is happening on their child’s phone. From live chats to social media activities, parents can now find out every digital move of their kids. They can also record their mobile activities remotely.

    Here is what parents can monitor using the Screen Recording feature of THEWISPY app;

    • Call logs history
    • Incoming and outgoing call durations
    • Sent, received, and deleted text messages
    • Ongoing social media activities
    • WhatsApp chats
    • Instant messengers’ activities (Viber, Skype, Line, etc.)
    • Contacts information
    • Media gallery
    • Installed apps
    • And many more.

    TheWiSpy screen recording feature imitates every online and offline activity of kids’ phones. Enabling parents to discover if someone is grooming their kid or not.

    Sexual exploitation and abuse can rob the childhood of innocent kids. To keep juveniles safe, it is our responsibility as a parent to create a safer environment for children.

    The Final Words:

    Commercial sexual exploitation threatens the well-being of our society. With increasing physical threats, parents must never leave their kids alone. The best and ultimate way to protect children from the wicked world is using child monitoring software. For instance, if you use THEWISPY kids monitoring app. You will get instant notifications on your kids’ mobile and surrounding activities.

    So, why take risks when you can protect your teens and tweens remotely?


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