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    How Internet Trolling is Cultivating Culture of Hate?

    Posted in Cyberbullying by Mike

    How Internet Trolling is Cultivating Culture of Hate

    Trolling has become a headache for internet users. But don’t let them crawl over you. Therefore, it is better to learn about internet trolling and discourage trolls and bullies from returning to you. The internet has blessed us with multiple wonders of technology like social media, online movies, games, and whatnot. However, with the advancements in said platforms, negative communication also came forward.

    What is Trolling?

    Trolling is a slang word used for a vicious person. So, the troll intentionally instigates and sows the seeds of arguments, conflicts, and hatred. It includes off-topic insincere notes.

    What is Internet Trolling?

    The trollers use internet space to satisfy their negative needs of emotions. Internet trolls are similar to trolls in storybooks. They are anti-social, angry monsters hiding to grab the goats. However, internet trolls hide behind their screens and grab negative attention from people anonymously.

    Trolls go-to online social communities to display their provoking and inflammatory thoughts, such as YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, Chat forums, etc.

    What are the Types of Trolls?

    Many websites and public forums allow users to create an account anonymously. Unfortunately, this anonymity creates a breeding ground for trolls. Thinking they can escape with everything, they say.

    There are two types of trolls.

    Attention Seekers:

    These trolls mostly target a famous personality, public figure, or people having a significant number of followers. They are seeking a response from the celebrity. When the victim or any follower responds to them, their hate speech is amplified. This is what they are after.

    Negative Social Potency:

    It is human psychology to get motivated by positive social rewards like helping others. However, this second type of troll possesses negative social potency. It is a fancy term used to describe how they feel. It means that they enjoy upsetting people. They like hurting people, and the response from the target encourages them.

    What Are Some Attributes?


    Trolls are constantly posting hateful messages on people’s walls or posts. However, they have no specific reason to post bitterness.

    Always Offended:

    Some trolls are always offended. They can even be offended by a butterfly. Such trolls are famous for filling funny content with sour and insulting comments.

    Showing Off:

    Trolls like to brag about their knowledge. It does not matter how inaccurate they are. They like to throw their opinions into the discussions without having expertise on the subject.

    Why Do People Troll?

    There are plenty of causes for a person to troll. They want to;

    1. Revenge a person
    2. To seek attention
    3. To fill their boredom
    4. For amusement purposes.
    5. Out of jealousy
    6. They insecure themselves

    What are Internet Trolling Signs?

    Not everyone who disagrees with you online while debating a particular topic is a troll. However, look out for sure signs to differentiate between a troll and a genuine person. These signs are the telltale about a troll.

    Blind to Facts:

    They ignore hardcore evidence. Or facts and figures. Instead, they will ignore all that and keep arguing. Trolls are ill famous for neglecting everything true. Instead, they would redirect the conversation to another topic.


    Usually, internet trolls will take on another ongoing trend to make insulting statements. For example, they use the trendy names Karen, Becky, and Stacy.

    Drive to Off-Topic:

    There is an old-fashioned technique frequently used by internet trolls. They love to redirect the entire topic to distract the audience. Trolls can deliberately make insensitive remarks or post unrelated memes. In addition, trolls will use images to reply to long posts.

    Acting Innocent:

    To add fuel to the argument, they will suddenly start behaving innocently. Sentences like, “why are you so annoying? I was just telling the truth.” can be used by trolls to make people more furious. In addition, they will use condescending tones to provoke anger.

    Over Exaggeration:

    Trolls don’t settle in the middle grounds. However, they will always be on the extreme side. For instance, people would use words like “sometimes” during an argument. But a troll would use “never” instead.


    Internet trolls are normally not normal. You can hardly provoke them. Instead, they seem to be oblivious to people disagreeing with them.

    What are Trolling Effects on People?

    What seems like a joke to trolls can have dire consequences.

    1. It causes higher levels of anxiety
    2. Lower self-esteem issues
    3. Mental health is affected
    4. It can cause insecurities in victims
    5. Increase in self-doubt about body images

    Are Trolling and Cyberbullying Same?

    The answer is yes. They are the fruits of the same tree. Trolling is a kind of cyberbullying. People use the internet to cause harm to their targets. Both can be done on online posts, chatting forums, and social media. Trolls want to be famous or want to be noticed. They like attention, just like cyber bullies. Hence, both foster disturbing and provoking attributes.

    How to Protect Yourself from Trolling?

    Trolls don’t have a specific victim. A business can become its target. The next prey could be a celebrity or a politician. So if you become one of their targets, don’t take it to heart. Hence, where there is the internet, there are trolls on it.

    But luckily, there are ways you can shut them off and defeat them at their own game.

    Don’t Feed Them:

    No response is the best response is an old cliché. It still carries merit. Internet trollers feed off emotional reactions. Avoid replying to them. We know it is hard but try it; it will help you. Trolls wait for the response if you do not engage with them; they will eventually leave you alone.

    Take Control:

    Set the guidelines straight and clear in your social media profile. Similarly, along with other no-go zones, you should include no trolling will be tolerated. Such policies create unbiased rules for everyone. In case of violation, remove their comments and point them to the privacy rules section.

    Add Moderators:

    As your network grows, the infestation of trolls also increases. Therefore, call in backup. A moderator of your page will help you keep it clean. Moderator’s job is to manage the policy violators so that you can focus on essential things.

    Many social media accounts offer tools to help as well.

    For instance,

    1. YouTube has comment settings
    2. Instagram and Twitter give the option to report
    3. Facebook and WordPress have comment moderation tools

    Ask For Evidence:

    Internet trolls are not rational debaters. They don’t have logic in their arguments. Therefore, they can lose at their own game. Hence, they go to uncivilized conversations.

    When trolling takes place, ask them politely to prove their statements with solid facts. It will put them off as they were looking for heated debate.

    Show Kindness:

    It’s hard to wrap your mind around this one, but trust us, it works every time. Trolls are usually asking for a fight. But if you deny them and approach them with kindness, they will stop bothering you. Anger will only fuel things up.

    Use Some Humor:

    Just like kindness, you can get rid of trolls quickly. Trolls want to make people furious, not to make them laugh. However, stay vigilant because there is a fine line between humor and offense. And you don’t want to cross that.

    Social Profile Limitations:

    Keep your personal social media profile private to avoid random trolling.

    Report, Block, and Delete:

    You can report the troller and block them from your community.

    Think Before Responding:

    In any case, remember the objective of a troll is to make you upset. So, beat trolls by not responding to them abruptly. Instead, take a break, think about it, and respond wisely with a clear mind.

    Be Professional:

    Don’t confuse an unhappy mom with a troll. Instead, stay focused and talk professionally. If someone points out a typo, thank them, fix it and move on. Rather, ask for facts and talk in a private chat. Remember that it’s not only a troll who is reading your comments. It’s the entire community watching your response. So handle it professionally.

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    Departing Words:

    Don’t give the drama a troll is looking for. Rather, it is not about winning or losing. Don’t fall to their level by engaging in arguments with trolls. You will face trolling when you have a bigger audience. Don’t let them get into your head, as most trolling is not personal. They are sad people who want others to be sad as well.

    Remember, trolls are not worth your time and energy. They want an emotional response. So please don’t give them one. Instead, just laugh it off and ignore them.


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