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    How to Hack Google Pixel Smartphones?

    Posted in How to by Julie


    Google Pixel and Pixel X are the greatest inventions of the present century. The advanced features of the Google Pixel series have challenged the throne preoccupied with iOS devices. Now that the Google Pixel smartphones have millions of users, the online searches “how to hack Google Pixel smartphones” have increased.

    Does your child spend hours playing video games on his Pixel phone?

    Or, you want to check your employees’ work phones?

    Online cybersecurity has been a debatable topic for many years. However, with the uprising cases of internet scams, infidelity, sexual abuse, cyber predation, people have become more conscious regarding their loved ones’ online security.

    However, cell phone spy apps have allowed users to spy on Android phones and tablets with a few accessible commands. But, for spy apps, you need to purchase the spyware app from an authentic source and install the monitoring program on your target phone or tablet by yourself.

    If you’re looking for any other way to monitor Google Pixel phones, this article is for you.

    How to Hack Google Pixel Smartphones?

    Multiple ways can help you spy on Google Pixel devices; you can either hack a Google Pixel smartphone by coding or using a spy app. But, if you’re a newbie to technology, using a spy app to monitor Google Pixel smart devices is the better option for you.

    Let’s find out how you can hack Google Pixel smartphones with or without using a spy app.

    How to Monitor Google Pixel Phone without Using a Spy App?

    If you ever wanted to spy on someone’s phone, you must have wished for a convenient way to do so. Well, some methods would help you monitor the Google Pixel phone without using a spy app.

    Let’s see what options you have.

    Option 1: Android Device Manager:

    You must have heard about Android’s Find My Device feature. Android device manager is somehow not a full-fledged spy tool, but it helps you track GPS location. Moreover, you can make your desired device ring, lock the phone, and remove all the stored data remotely..

    Android device manager is pre-installed on all Android smart devices by default; it means you don’t have to set it up manually. But first, you must know the credentials of the Google account associated with your target device.

    Here is how Android device manager works;

    • Open the web browser, and go to
    • Log in to your target’s Google account.
    • Now, you can monitor your device’s location and control other features with remote access.

    Android device manager will only provide a limited whereabouts monitoring toolset.

    Option 2: Google Timeline:

    You can monitor your Google Pixel account by tracking its “Route History” or timeline. For this, you also require the Google account credentials of your target user. Make sure your target smartphone or tablet is connected with a stable internet connection so that you can monitor its details remotely.

    Here is how Google timeline tracking works:

    • Open your browser and visit
    • Sign in to the Google account linked to your target device.
    • From the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see a menu option (three vertical lines); click on it.
    • Now, click on “Your Timeline.”
    • You can see the timeline of the target person.

    Unlike Android device manager, Google timeline only provides you with location details. Moreover, it does not let you lock your target device or erase its data remotely.

    Option 3: Sneak into the Target Device in User’s Absence:

    Here is a tricky yet effective spy hack to monitor your target Google Pixel phone. The options, as mentioned earlier, are limited to track the whereabouts or location history of your phone. However, suppose you want to read text messages, monitor call details, or spy on social media. In that case, you must sneak into your target’s phone. But make sure you know the device unlock password/pattern. Also, it would be best if you sneaked into your target’s phone in their absence.

    This option has some disadvantages; you can only access the device when its owner is away, and you only get a limited time to spy on mobile activities. And if you get caught sneaking into someone’s phone, your trust relationship with that particular person will get destroyed.

    Now, let’s jump to the next section and see how spy apps can help you hack Google Pixel phones with secret and remote access.

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    How to Hack Google Pixel Phone using a Spy App?

    Today, more than 129 million people use Android smartphones. Our lives depend on technology, as the combination of the internet and smartphones helps us book a cab, navigate routes, watch movies, and search for information online. There are countless benefits of smart devices, but we mainly use smartphones for communication purposes.

    Unfortunately, kids use smartphones to connect with strangers, and that’s where spy apps help parents keep their children secure. Spy apps, however, empower businesses to record employees’ phone usage to assess their productivity.

    If you want to hack Google Pixel smartphones with spyware, here are the steps to follow.

    Registration – Buy the subscription of an authentic android monitoring app and get registered.

    Installation – Set up the spy app on your target Google Pixel phone.

    Monitor – Open the spy app dashboard and monitor your target Google Pixel phone remotely.

    What Can You Monitor with Google Pixel Spy Apps?

    You must be wondering which mobile activities can you monitor with spyware apps. Some Android spy apps let you monitor basic mobile activities such as calls and messages. In contrast, some advanced Android spy apps allow you to record online activities, including social media actions, search queries and other details.

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    With high-end functionality and exceptional features, Google Pixel phones have been the star of the show at present. Although the Google Pixel smartphones are much more secure, still you can hack Google Pixel phones with some technical tricks.

    We hope that the monitoring hacks mentioned above will help you spy on Google Pixel smart devices like a pro.


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