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    CyberSecurity 101 – The Ugly Truth About Catfishing and Online Deception

    Posted in Cyberbullying by Julie


    Catfishing is increasing day by day, So the practice of digital kids monitoring is booming.

    It has a simple reason.

    You must be familiar with the concept of getting a date from Tinder?

    Online dating apps have made seeking a partner much easier. Just a few clicks on dating apps can help you meet the person of your dreams, or we can say your “perfect match”.

    But is it really safe to date strangers?

    The very first rule we learned while growing up was never trusting strangers. The online community has made it so obvious to find and date people we don’t even know in real life. And the worst outcome of such activities is online deception or catfishing.

    Do you know what catfishing is?

    If you don’t, continue reading as we are going to discuss the phenomenon of catfishing and online deception with its worst effects on teens and adults.

    So, let’s get started.

    What is Catfishing? How Bad Online Deception Can Get?

    Catfishing involves creating fake identities on social networking sites and dating apps. It is an online deceptive activity in which the people pretend to be someone, they actually are not, to gain interest or to impress others. Such a sock puppet presence on social media can attract any target person.

    The online space is limitless, providing infinite opportunities to meet strangers. If we consider the online relationship statistics, one in every five love affairs starts from an online encounter.

    You might not have been victimised by this cyber threat, but keep in mind that your children might get into catfishing while surfing online. Yes, teens are most vulnerable to catfishing. And the worst part is the increasing cases of child abduction and sexual predation.

    Let’s throw some light on the shocking facts of catfishing and its impact on youth.

    Shocking Facts About Catfishing and Online Deception Everyone Should Know:

    We live in a world where online dating is usual. Dating apps are getting so common that every single person is trying to mingle with their perfect match. And those who do not use dating apps, find friends and lovers using social networking sites.

    Do you know that 53% of people lie on their dating profile?

    Yes, it’s true.

    Catfishing victims explained that the perpetrator either wanted sexual favours or demanded money from them.

    It does make sense, people targeting others for money cons and sexting. Doesn’t it?

    According to research, 43% of the men reported being catfished online, while 28% of women have become victimized by catfishing.

    Altogether, around 5% of the social media profiles are fake.

    Here are some more details about catfishing;

    • Among 60% of the victims, they do not face major harm.
    • 25% of the victims get humiliated.
    • 20% of the victims do not take catfishing seriously.
    • 13% of the victims feel heartbroken.
    • 13% of the victims feel emotional distress.
    • 9% of people develop mental health problems.

    Catfishing is an illegal activity, but people involved in such crimes do not bother to consider the side effects because the rate of catfishing is exploding nowadays.

    Catfishing & Online Deception in Teens – Beware What Your Kids Do Online:

    We all know how stubborn teenagers can be when parents put restrictions on them. Teens are curious and ready to explore every inch of the world. But such curiosity can invite many dangers. For instance, a public social media profile can attract cybercriminals and other offenders to disturb teenagers.

    Teenage kids or younger adults are more vulnerable to catfishing. The reason is quite obvious, teens mingle with strangers to make new friends. Single teen community seeks partners online to start a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.

    It is significant for parents to keep track of kids GPS location and online/offline activities, especially teenagers. Catfishing can ruin a child’s life very swiftly.

    Signs To Detect Catfishing:

    To most people, catfishing and online deception seems an extra word.

    But, let us tell you that the online world is full of bait like catfishing.

    Everyone must know if the people they meet online are genuine or not.

    Here are some tips for every parent and individual out there to detect catfishing before it harms their loved ones.

    1. Perpetrators, who catfish online, have a very secret or unusual social media presence. Their social profiles look perfect, but when it comes to social identity, you will find nothing. Such people are busy catfishing more than one individual, and that’s why they can’t leave any clue of who they really are. Hence they can’t risk any of the details online.
    2. An individual with a fake online identity never picks up video calls or meets you in person. Such people avoid meeting you or revealing their true selves because that will vanish all the fake online pledges they made to impress you.
    3. If you sense that something is a little off about a person you talked to online, trust your gut feelings. People with false identities do not have much friends or followers. Always do some research about people before befriending them via internet. 
    4. As soon as you attach with a wrong person online, you will see that he/she starts demanding things from you. A person who catfishes people does it on purpose. And that purpose can include money exchange or sexual favours. You can detect such a peril before it’s too late.
    5. If your relationship starts online and you are afraid of becoming a victim of catfishing, then keep your eyes on everything that disturbs you. Don’t just fall into the relationship by ignoring the red flags. Don’t get into intimacy before completely trusting the other person. If they ask for sexual favours too soon, it’s time to give up the relationship. Because relationships are all about affection, not lust.  

    If you are a parent who worries about your kid getting victimised by catfishing, then take some action and secure teens digital space.    

    How to Save Teens from Catfishing?

    Catfishing takes place through popular social media networks, including; Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Chatrooms, etc. If your child uses one of such platforms, then make sure they have a secure online presence. Because kids can be victimised by catfishing before you know it.

    For parents, it is necessary to keep a check on the online space of your kids. Using a kids monitoring app can be a great option for parents to control and spy on their kid’s mobile screens.

    There are a lots of remote spyware available online. Such top mobile spy apps provide great monitoring features to enable parents to view the online space of their kids.

    Teens seek attention, and if someone gives them care and affection, they start trusting the person. Catfishing is just like that, in which the perpetrator offers something the other might be interested in. Teens would never know if the other person is using them.


    Catfishing is a menace affecting a number of lives online. If your child is an attention seeker, make sure he/she does not find comfort in talking to strangers, because sometimes, all we need is a cozy shoulder and an ear to hear. Make your child confident and gain their trust, so that they won’t find comfort in other people.

    If you are seeking an advanced solution, go for the kids monitoring app. We recommend you to use TheWiSpy among all the best free teens spy apps. The spyware allows you to dig into the online space of your children and find out what they do online. With the robust features, you can explore the digital space of your kids remotely. So, what do you think is the best way to secure your teens from catfishing?


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