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Memos, Reminders, & Notes Secretly

Find out saved notes and planned events stored in the targetdevice. TheWiSpy lets you read saved descriptions, reminders,voice memos, and other content of your target phone or tablet.

Spy on Reminders & Memos without Being Detected

  • View All Notes
  • Monitor Reminders
  • Listen to Voice Memos
  • Check the date & Time Stamps of Created Notes, Memos,and Reminders
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Installation Process

How All These Features Helps You

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Sign up for a Cocospy account with an existing email ID.

Install The App

For Android target device, download Wispy and hide the app icon after installation. th

Track Phone Calls

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TheWiSpy Memos & Reminders

How Spying on Memos & Reminders Can Be Useful?

Memos and Reminders

Mobile devices contain personal as well as social information ofthe user. Memos & reminders hold details about daily plans andupcoming events. TheWiSpy phone tracking app helps parentsand employers to monitor the saved reminders of their childrenand staff members.Although providing children with devices such as tablets havebecome a necessity for learning and educational purposes.Children use mobile phones and tablets to set reminders ofupcoming special events and to save notes, voice memos, etc.Explore what your kid is planning or view their schedule for thecoming week with TheWiSpy mobile spy app. Monitor markeddates and listen to voice memos to ensure your kid’s safety.
Make sure that your employees are aware of upcoming meetingsand company events by spying on their work phone. Ensure yourstaff productivity with the TheWiSpy employee monitoring app.Check reminders, notes & memos of your employees to monitortheir work routine.

Parental Control

Spy Mobile Calendars of your Teens & Ensure their Protection

Employee Monitoring

Find Out Planned Activities of Your Employees with Efficient Calendar Spying

What We Can Do

Remotely Monitor Everything

Remotely Spy

Daily and Planned Activities of YourKids & Employees without Letting Them Know

Reminder Spy

Find out Planned Holidays of Your Employees withReminder Spy Feature of TheWiSpy

Spy Memos

Spy on Memos & Reminders and Discover What Your Kid is Scheduling for the Coming Week

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TheWiSpy works under 100% stealth mode and facilitatesparents and employers to spy on the
mobile phones of theirkids and staff.


TheWiSpy Desktop and Cell Phone Spy app are designed for legaluse only. The software is intended for the ethical supervision ofemployees and children with their consent. Using the software forintrusion and stalking purposes is highly discouraged by us. Wereserve the right to cancel your license if any illicit or illegalactivity is reported. The user will be solely responsible if anyviolation in the state law occurs.